13 Reasons to Bring Your Children on a Yearlong Adventure

Parents prefer not to take kids out on vacations for the fear of tantrums and general fuzziness. This is a major mistake. Kids need to go out there and experience the world. Going to the grandma’s for Christmas for two days doesn’t count. If you are an adventurist yourself, you might like to take kids on a yearlong vacation. That’s really a great idea, and here are the reasons why:

Education for children

Offer Them a Unique Type of Education

Most people do not want to take kids anywhere because they will miss school. Actually, vacations themselves can offer kids a unique type of education. If you are willing to homeschool your children according to standards set by your state, it’s really no big deal to take the kids out of school for a year.

That’s exactly what the Blaine family did with their kids. Sarah Blaine, a former school teacher, and a lawyer, is taking her whole family on an extended vacation around the world. It’s not just for mindless fun either. She’s making the vacation into an opportunity to “world school” her children. Her children will uniquely learn history, languages and cultural studies while experiencing them firsthand. There will be science lessons with museum tours included.

You too, can offer your children a new type of education that will enrich their minds in a well-rounded manner. The planning will be a bit exhausting, but the rewards will more than makeup for the trouble.

Meeting people from Japan

Expose Them to Different Cultures

Don’t let your children be frogs in a well. Show them around the world and let them experience by themselves just how diverse humanity is. It will be a marvelous, wondrous exercise for the whole family. Your children will be better prepared for the world if you don’t shelter them from it. Kids will definitely be excited to learn about all sorts of mannerisms, cuisine and clothing from different parts of the world.

Facilitate Foreign Language Learning

What’s a better way to learn a foreign language than the spend time with native speakers? Kids barely learn languages sitting in a classroom. They will be more interested in learning once they experience the language in real life. They will also get to enjoy organic conversations, instead of listening to prerecorded conversations in a classroom. Even if they don’t become fluent, travel will make kids curious enough to learn more.

Let Them Enjoy New Experiences

Adults are not the only ones who get to enjoy unique experiences when traveling. For kids, the experiences they enjoy on vacations shape them for life, often for the better part. They will learn more about themselves, and their abilities, traveling to new and exotic destinations. They will make memories that they can treasure for the rest of their lives.

Flying on an adventure

Spend More Time Together

Obviously, one of the top reasons to go on extended family vacations is because the whole family has more time to spend together in each others’ company. There will be no interruptions from work, other people or anything else when you are on the other side of the planet away from it all. Is there a better way to spend quality family time?

Get Along Better

Extended vacations are full of many different types of lessons. Going on a long trip, among other things, will teach your kids how to get along better with parents, siblings and other people. They will get valuable insight into interacting with others in a useful manner. A foreign place is better for learning interaction because it’s free of familiar distractions. The kids will feel closer to parents and siblings, and thus be more motivated to get along than pick fights.

Teach Them about Independence

Even if the kids are traveling with you, they will have some independence to enjoy wholly new things without anyone’s assistance. Kids can learn about living on one’s own on extended periods. They will learn about sleeping in new rooms, how to conduct themselves in foreign places, observe transactions, and pack their own bags. They will get a better understanding of what they need. Later, these learning experiences will prove useful when transitioning into an independent adult.

Cycling for the first time

Let Them Learn New Skills

Long vacations are full of spontaneity and adventure. It’s great for teaching kids skills they won’t otherwise learn at school or at home. Things like making a campfire, a makeshift tent, navigating with a compass and adapting quickly to change of plans cannot be learned in a standardized classroom. They will also be learning in a real-life scenario, not a simulated one, so the skills will last for the rest of their lives.

Break the Routine for Them

A prolonged vacation could definitely break routine vacation or kids. The small ones can get fussy on obligatory holiday season trips. They can enjoy a change of pace, a new environment and itinerary with a long vacation. When they don’t know what to expect, the kids will get curious and pay attention. Breaking the routine in this manner is quite important for making children resilient to change that is inevitable in life.

Allow Them to Break Out of the Comfort Zone

Going to a new place comes with a certain level of discomfort and unease, even for some adults. Kids will naturally feel a bit uncomfortable going to new places. However, rather than keep them inside, let them face the unease head on. It’s important for teaching kids to break out of their comfort zone, which all adults know won’t last forever.

Child on a small bike

Make New Friends

Kids can meet new people who exist outside of their social circles on extended trips. Making new friends from new places will broaden their perspective and expose them to new ideas. It’s a very important aspect of growing up. Plus, kids love new friends. They can talk to their new buddies on Skype or via email after coming back home.

Opportunity to Have Fun and Enjoy Adventures

Yearlong adventures are never predictable. There’s no better way to expose kids to adventures than with an extended vacation. They will learn that adventures can be fun and thrilling, and also sometimes very spontaneous. It’s the best way to have fun for the whole family. In addition to learning all sorts of new things, everyone can just let go of the routine and enjoy discovering new places, go to theme parks, and try cool new things like snorkeling, or kite surfing.

Sushi for children

Discover New Cuisine

You can’t pack sandwiches for a yearlong vacation, so even the pickiest eaters will have to try new dishes. Some kids will absolutely love tasting exotic dishes. Picky eaters may throw a fuss, but it’s a good way to try to get them to eat more things without throwing a tantrum. When you are on vacation, you can eat wherever you want, so everyone can enjoy a meal they like. The kids will definitely love sampling all kinds of dishes from different types of cultures.

Yearlong vacations can be incredibly rewarding for both adults and children. Everyone will emerge from the adventure with new experiences, invaluable memories and more knowledge. There really is no good excuse to take your little ones on vacation. Show them the world and give them the opportunity to become smart and thoughtful adults.

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