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Camelbak HAWG Review

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4.6 Rating based on 21 reviews
Camelbak HAWG
We have checked 21 reviews of the Camelbak HAWG. Having checked all the reviews, the weighted average rating is 4.6 out of 5.

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  • 77% choose the Camelbak HAWG nv (the most popular model)
  • 95 shops checked

We read and checked 21 reviews from experts and users. Here's what they think about the Camelbak HAWG bag:

Reviewers like these things about Camelbak HAWG

  • A lot of users have mentioned that Camelbak HAWG redefines the ultimate delivery system for an Operator's water supply.
  • They also noticed that it provides maximum adaptability for changing missions or combat environments.
  • Others thought that the size is perfect to carry all necessities.
  • Reviewers praised its quick link exit port.
  • Several users noted that the water inside the bladder stays cold for hours.
  • According to some users, the bag is really comfortable to carry.
  • A reviewer mentioned that its waist and chest straps are removable.
  • Testers noted that the bag has enough compartments to organize things.
  • Many wrote that all the zippers of the bag function well.
  • They also said that the bag is durable due to the materials used.

Reviewers don't like these things

  • A reviewer thought that the waist strap does not function well.
  • Another user had issues with the shoulder straps of the bag.


Camelbak HAWG popularity compared with 2101 other bags. The HAWG is a very popular bag.

The list below shows how many percentage choose the different HAWG models, from the most popular to the least popular model.

1Camelbak HAWG nv77%
2Camelbak HAWG mil20%
3Camelbak HAWG lr3%


Average rating 4.6 based on 21 reviews
5 star
4 star
3 star
2 star
1 star

Selected Reviews

Marathon MTB
Posted 7 February 2018
After 6 months or so I’m very content and have found a great companion for epic rides.
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Single Track World
Rachel Sokal
Posted 25 April 2017
Brilliant pack for its stability and weight distribution, the less-than-compliant buckles are its Achilles’ heel. If you need to carry a lotta gear for a single or multi-day riding trip, the H.A.W.G LR 20 is a very comfortable way to do it.
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Ultimate Survival Gear
Posted 9 March 2016
The final word on this bag? Highly recommended is all we can say!
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Ontario Geardo
Mike C
Posted 1 November 2014
I’ve beat the crap out of this bag and I bet if I threw it in the washer, it would come out looking next to new. The HAWG has proven itself over time to be the pack that I can bring anywhere, and do whatever I want to do without worrying about it failing. I’m actually fairly convinced that I’ll be using this pack for many more years to come.
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Bike Radar
Justin Loretz
Posted 11 May 2010
he HAWG NV is the slightly cheaper sibling of the HAWG Deluxe, and boasts a narrow back footprint while still offering a full usable 18-litre cargo capacity – enough to swallow everything and more for a big day out.
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Bike Radar
Justin Loretz
Posted 3 May 2010
Undoubtedly the best CamelBak that we’ve used in ages. As good as recent packs from CamelBak have been, there have been rumbles from some riders that the new NVIS system and heavier duty materials have made bags stronger, but at the expense of weight and load flexibility.
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Backpack Specs

Camelbak HAWG Lr

3% choose this model (3rd most popular choice)
DimensionsHeight21.3 in (54.1 cm)
Width11 in (27.9 cm)
Length10.8 in (27.4 cm)
Price range$$
Based on 2 reported specs.

Camelbak HAWG Nv

77% choose this model (most popular choice)
Capacity17 l (1037 cuin)
Price range$$
Based on 2 reported specs.


  • Raincover included
  • Compression straps
  • Helmet carry
  • Organizer panel
  • Reflective
Actual features depend on model

Camelbak HAWG vs similar bags

Camelbak HAWG
Camelbak HAWG (this bag)
Rating4.6 based on 21 reviews
Capacity17 l (1037 cuin)
Weight2.1-2.2 lb (1-1 kg)

Camelbak Fourteener
Camelbak Fourteener
Rating4.8 based on 156 reviews
Capacity20-24 l (1220.5-1464.6 cuin)
Weight2.2-2.6 lb (1-1.2 kg)

Camelbak Motherlode
Camelbak Motherlode
Rating4.6 based on 62 reviews

Camelbak HAWG vs Camelbak MULE

Camelbak MULE
Camelbak MULE
Rating 4.4 based on 109 reviews
Designed with mountain biking in mind, these two are perfect for those who want an uphill battle. Both are designed to keep you cool and hydrated throughout your cycling experience. The differences between the HAWG and the Mule are in their weight and stability.

The HAWG weighs more the Mule but happens to provide better hydration while the Mule weighs less but might be suited for someone looking to cycle for a shorter period.

Camelbak HAWG vs Osprey Manta

Osprey Manta
Osprey Manta
Rating 4.6 based on 87 reviews
The Camelbak HAWG is a low-profile pack but among the most preferred packs for mountain climbing. It has a few comparisons and several differences with the Manta, one of Osprey's great packs for school, day hike, extended trips and light loads.

The two bags are hydraulic compatible and come with a deployable rain cover for protection.

The Camelbak bag features a closely-sitting design that maintains low center of gravity for enhanced stability as you bike in bumpy terrain. On the other hand, the Manta has a rugged design and is more spacious. Ventilation is taken care of differently in either bag. The HAWG sports an airfoil back panel that provides both ventilation and cushioning while the Manta has a mesh back panel for improved air flow while the pack is on your back.

Camelbak HAWG vs Osprey Raptor

Osprey Raptor
Osprey Raptor
Rating 4.7 based on 369 reviews
Both the Camelbak HAWG and Osprey Raptor prove to be popular among those who like to bike or hike. They are solidly reliable for commuting. These are truly efficient bags for consumers.

The storage capacity of the Camelbak is quite impressive. This bag is comfortable to carry. The straps are designed with evident strength for maximum support.

The Osprey Raptor is all about storage. There is the provision of a front panel top pocket. And you can stay super organized with the provision of the side zippered organizer pocket.


Bronze medal
Ranks 9 (top 20%)
Best Camelbak bags

Camelbak HAWG photos from Amazon.co.uk, Eastern Mountain Sports and Sunny Sports. All specs and features are based on automatic shopdata reports. Please check the specs/features before buying.

Last updated on May 22, 2018

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