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Camelbak Lobo Review

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4.7 Rating based on 672 reviews
We read and checked 672 reviews from experts and users. Based on all the reviews, the weighted average rating is 4.7 out of 5.

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Here's what the reviewers think about the Camelbak Lobo bag:

Reviewers like these things about the Camelbak Lobo

  • Several users noted that the Camelbak Lobo bag is made of 100% Nylon, making it durable.
  • Reviewers thought that the bag is ideal for the rider who values external fill access to hydration and carries less gear.
  • Other reviewers felt that it was comfortable to wear.
  • According to those who have tried that pack, it features a quick link system which allows them to open and close the cap faster.
  • Reviewers thought that its magnetic tube trap is very helpful.
  • Users found that the bag has bike tool organizer pocket.
  • Users also praised its helmet hooks.
  • Testers noted that the bag was designed to carry Multi-tool, pump, Spare tube, phone, wallet, keys, energy bar.
  • Others said that the bag has three exterior pockets.
  • Several reviewers have pointed out that the back panel helps keep their back cool.

Reviewers don't like these things

  • A reviewer thought that the tube is too thick for the clip on the shoulder strap that keeps it in place.
  • Another reviewer noted that the bite valve does not allow a sufficient flow of water.

Camelbak Lobo vs similar bags icon  Camelbak Lobo vs similar bags

Camelbak Blowfish
Camelbak Blowfish
Rating4.6 based on 29 reviews

Camelbak Charge
Camelbak Charge
Rating3.4 based on 15 reviews

Camelbak Magic
Camelbak Magic
Rating4.2 based on 61 reviews
Weight0.8 lb (0.4 kg)

Camelbak Lobo vs camelbak mule

Camelbak MULE LR
Camelbak MULE LR
Rating 4.4 based on 109 reviews
The Lobo is designed for those who want to ride for as long as they want. It offers you hydration for up to 3 hours making it one of the best packs for those interested in endurance cycling. The Mule is designed to give you everything you and nothing you don't. It's perfect for somebody who wants only the essentials for their cycling experience.

Choose the Lobo if you're trying to experience more intense cycling and need the hydration to keep up. Buy the Mule if you want to try out cycling with a pack and develop a sense of what it's about.

The most popular Camelbak MULE LR

Camelbak Lobo vs camelbak rogue

Camelbak Rogue
Camelbak Rogue
Rating 4.4 based on 477 reviews
If you are looking for a new bag, then the Camelbak Lobo and the Camelbak Rogue will truly prove to be excellent choices. They are made well and they open and close with ease to allow easy and quick access to your items as needed.

The Camelbak Lobo is masterfully crafted. You will appreciate its great hydration capacity. This bag is not bulky, which allows you to be agile during your treks. The storage capacity is plentiful.

The strength of the Camelbak Rogue is truly evident. This is a bag that you will use for many years. And the capacity that it provides for hydration is impressive.

The most popular Camelbak Rogue

Osprey Raptor
Osprey Raptor
Rating4.6 based on 507 reviews
Weight1.4-1.6 lb (0.6-0.7 kg)

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Endurance Path
Steve Hamlin
Posted 27 March 2017
This pack was exactly what I was looking for when I bought it and have no complaints. It fit a little more gear than what they advertised, yet not too bulky for such a large capacity bladder.
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Bike Radar
Mark Mackarel
Posted 30 June 2014
Strikes a great balance between minimalism and practicality. Well worth considering for shorter stints.
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Check how much you can pack in the Camelbak Lobo:

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Average rating 4.7 based on 672 reviews
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