The 9 Best Board Games for Camping That Are Great Fun

Playing board game while camping

No one expects to be bored when on a camping trip. After all, there is just so much to do. Whether you are busy setting up camp, cooking, or going for a hike, the hours can just fly by. However, there is that point in the day when you, your family, or your friends are left with nothing to do. Since there is no Wi-Fi to take the edge off, this is where boredom can set in. Fortunately, there is a great way to make sure that this doesn’t happen – board games! Regardless of if you are an adult or a child, these following board games are sure to cheer you up:

1. Classic Trouble

Even if you have never played [amazon link=”B00EIJU40U” title=”Classic Trouble”], you have probably played a game of Ludo at one point or another. Well, think of Classic Trouble as a fuss-free version of Ludo, then. The concept is the same, it is just that the board makes it more difficult for the pieces to be upset. Therefore, you don’t really need a table or even solid ground to play this game on!

This really is a great camping game because all of the markers fit into snug little slots. Even the dice is placed in a little capsule so that it cannot escape. Also, all of the pieces are quite large and brightly colored, making it unlikely that you will misplace them. The board and the pieces are incredibly light and not difficult for you to carry. Furthermore, its size makes it great for travel and to set up even on the smallest of surfaces.

The entire board and all of the pieces are completely made of plastic. This means that this board can survive rain and wind without anything messing up your game. Classic Trouble really can be crowned the official camping board game with ease.

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2. Snakes and Ladders

[amazon link=”B00J7F141I” title=”Snakes and ladders”] is a game that never really gets old and is perfect for people of all ages. Even the littlest member of your group will not have a lot of trouble figuring out what to do. This means that you don’t have to worry about arguments breaking out just because people aren’t sure about the rules (we’re looking at you, Monopoly!).

Why this is such a great camping game, is because it is lightweight and really portable. The only portion of the board game that really weighs anything is the board itself. You just then need to make sure that there are enough of markers for everyone present and a dice. Not only does it make it easy to pack, you will not have to worry about losing pieces along the way.

The game is also relatively weatherproof. The board is made from tough material so a little bit of mud will not ruin it. Of course, it is best not to get it too wet. The markers and the dice are made from plastic so there is no harm in exposing them to the elements. Now, there are travel versions of Snakes and Ladders if you are concerned about bad weather. This is a magnetic board that is made from plastic and all of the pieces adhere to the board. These boards may be a little smaller than what you are used to, nonetheless.

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3. Battleship

This is a yet another oldie but goodie, for sure. One of the joys of [amazon link=”B00C0ULS3G” title=”Battleship”] game is that it is easy to understand but at the same time, keeps you on your toes. Also, for older players, you are going to require a bit of strategy if you want to win. Therefore, there is no danger of anyone getting bored. Although only two people can play at a time, the others can help each of the players along. In any case, the game doesn’t take too long so the others in the group will not have to wait much.

The main advantage of this game is portability. The game takes place on two separate boards and there are slots where you can put the pieces and the plastic ships. When you are done playing, you can just close up the case. This way, it is nice and tidy. That being said, there are lots of fiddly pieces that can get lost. If you are worried about this, all you need to do is put them in a Ziploc bag for safekeeping.

This is the kind of board game that you want on hand in bad weather. None of the pieces can fly away and it is all made of plastic. This means that it can get wet or muddied, and it will have absolutely no impact on the game, whatsoever.

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4. Pictionary

There is nothing like a game of [amazon link=”B003GXF6K2″ title=”Pictionary”] to get even the most civilized people on their feet and yelling out answers. This game is applicable to most ages – usually as long as the person doing the drawing can read. The great thing about Pictionary that large groups of people can play. So, if you are with a lot of people, this is a good way to keep them occupied.

Everything that you need to pack for Pictionary can be fit inside the original box. This doesn’t take up a lot of space and isn’t all that heavy either. This game does contain small pieces so it is best to secure them separately so that you don’t lose them. Really, though, as long as you have the board, the cards, and something to draw on, you will be ok. You can always substitute for the rest of the pieces.

Pictionary is definitely camper friendly as most of the parts are quite durable. With the exception of the board, all of the other pieces are made from plastic. This way, you don’t have to be concerned about them getting damaged. If you feel like pieces of paper simply will not do for your trip, try carrying small dry erase boards instead. These will stand up to the elements much better.

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5. Operation

Now, admittedly this is a children’s board game. However, it is just as easy to keep a group of adults entertained with it too. Just pull out a game of [amazon link=”B00CXEXNL4″ title=”Operation”] and watch as each person tries to outdo each other! Since the game requires you to be focused and needs hand-eye coordination, it is sure to keep everyone busy for a long time.

Again, this is a game that is incredibly portable. It is just a matter of making sure everything is tucked away in the box before taking it with you. The only thing that you need to watch out for is the small anatomy pieces. Try to keep them in smaller baggies so there is no chance of losing them before you need to play the game. You should also make a point of putting in fresh batteries so that they don’t run out during the camping trip.

Dirt is not a problem with the game of Operation. It is made of plastic and can be played essentially anywhere. The cards with the game are quite hardy too. It is only the play money that you need to be careful with. This game will not really hold up against the rain, however. It does contain batteries so it is best not to get it wet.

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6. Hive

If you go camping with as little on you as possible or if you enjoy heading into the complete wilderness then [amazon link=”B000EN5ZLW” title=”Hive”] is the game for you. Not to mention, it keeps in line with the nature theme as it is all about bugs. This is a game for two people and requires a bit of strategic thinking. Therefore, it is likely to keep you entertained for quite a while. While it is best played with adults, it will not take long for someone over the age of ten to catch onto the rules of the game.

The great thing about Hive is that all you really need is the twenty-two pieces belonging to the game and a flat surface to put them down. Even if you are outdoors, with just the ground to rely on, you will be able to make do. It is just a matter of making sure that you have all of the pieces with you.

All of the pieces are composed from plastic which makes them perfect for any camp setting. Whether you are dealing with wind, rain, or mud, there is no need to fear your game getting ruined.

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7. Gloom

At first glance, [amazon link=”1589781449″ title=”Gloom”] may not seem like the most cheerful game to play. After all, the whole purpose of the game is to make sure that the characters suffer as much misfortune as possible. However, the various circumstances of Gloom are actually quite hilarious so this game is sure to end in fits of laughter. Teenagers and adults are most likely to find this game entertaining. You can have between one to four players playing Gloom at any one time.

A stack of cards, instructions, and a competitive nature is all that you are going need for Gloom. It is difficult to find a game that is lighter or has fewer pieces to it. Not to mention, you don’t even need tables – just hands to hold the cards. This game works well sitting around a campfire.

Now, you may be thinking that cards aren’t the greatest thing for a camping trip. Well, the Gloom cards are actually made of transparent plastic! This means that they can get wet and that they will not bend or fly away as easily as traditional paper cards.

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8. Blokus

Looking at the pieces in [amazon link=”B001P06GX4″ title=”Blokus”], you may be reminded of an old Tetris game brought to life. This game can be played with between two to four players. A typical game should last around half an hour, meaning the game will not stretch on for too long. Blokus can be played by most ages as long as they understand the concept of the game. Although it is an abstract game, it does not require too much strategic thinking.

Now, there are quite a few pieces to this game – eighty-four in all. They are brightly colored and relatively large which makes them difficult to lose. The board is quite compact and all of the markers are really light. Carrying this game around will not be a chore. A small flat surface should suffice to play this game.

All of the pieces and the board are made of hardy plastic. As such, it will stand up well against the elements and it is perfectly fine if it gets a little dirty. You just have to make sure that all of the pieces are kept together and not lost during the trip, however.

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9. Scrabble

A list of board games is never complete without [amazon link=”B00IL5XY9K” title=”Scrabble”]. This time honored game must be included in your camping trip, as long as everyone is old enough to play the game. While you can expect some arguments regarding the creative spelling that some people will resort to, it is undoubtedly a fun and engaging game. Scrabble can be played with up to four players.

Now, there are a lot of tiles to contend with in Scrabble but it is merely a matter of placing them in a pouch and sealing it up. In addition to the tiles, you just need the scrabble board, the shelves, and a notepad to keep score. All of these together weigh next to nothing so it isn’t really much of a load that you have to carry.

There are several options when it comes to Scrabble – there are even magnetic travel packs that would be ideal for a camping trip. If you want to stick with the original, just make sure to get tiles that are made from plastic instead of wood. This will make it much more suitable for the surroundings.

These are the best board games that you can take with you when you go camping. You will just need to make sure that whatever you do take is appropriate for your camping grounds. Apart from that, all you will need is some good company to join you in a game.

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