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American Adventurer Chase Barfield Shares How to Live on the Road with Your Family

My name is Chase Barfield. I am originally from South Georgia, United States. I am currently in the Florida Panhandle. Just finished a 3-year journey to live and explore the contiguous 48 United States. I like to explore, hike, go to the gym, snorkel/scuba and watch movies. As for my […]

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Tiny House Road Trip! This Couple Has Traveled More Than 40,000 Miles With Their Tiny House

I’m Alexis Stephens, co-founder of Tiny House Expedition, a traveling documentary storytelling and community outreach project. Our goal is to inspire others to redefine home and rethink housing. We passionately advocate for greater social and legal acceptance of tiny housing through educational events, resource sharing and thought-provoking storytelling. My partner, […]

November 16, 2017 × 0 comments

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Vanlife Star Hokey Pokey Shares His Best Vanlife Tips (Including How to Live in a Van with a Dog)

My name is Hokey Pokey and I’m from Georgia, USA. On most days, I write something, play fetch with my pup, Okey Dokey, and drive around in my van, known as Bulky Folkie. When I started writing this email I was in Northern California looking to partake in a seasonal […]

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2 Small Children Cannot Stop This Dutch Family from Living Nomadic

We are a Dutch family of four; Nanouk (mom), Joost (dad), Roan (toddler) and Evi (baby). We live in an RV and travel through Europe. We love this lifestyle because we can combine taking care of our kids and working with traveling and hiking. How and why did you become […]

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How Gypsy Nesters Sold Everything and Traveled to 50 Countries After Their Kids Left Home

We are David and Veronica James and have spent the last 36 years together, ever since a boy from the heartland met a Valley girl on the west coast and took off to Nashville for a wild ride through parenthood and the music business. After sending three kids out into […]

November 6, 2017 × 1 comment

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This Engineer Couple Quit Their Jobs and Sold Their House to Travel the World in a Campervan

Bonjour! We’re Isabelle and Antoine from We’re 36 years old and we left behind our engineering careers, sold our house in Montreal (Canada), converted a Ford Transit cargo van to a campervan and we just embarked on an epic road trip throughout America! Being out-there riding our mountain bikes […]

October 17, 2017 × 1 comment

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Van Living Couple Shares Everything About Their Life in a VW Van

We are Janice Liwanag and Gregor Brandt. We are from Calgary, Canada and are currently in Winnipeg, Canada visiting family before shipping Lucky, our van, to Europe next month. We are both mountain people, we love mountaineering and hiking, although the beach has also called us every now and then. […]

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This Family with 3 Children Has Been Living in a Bus for Years

We are Catherine and JF. Our daughters are Mara and Aïsha (13 yo twins) and Mathilde (11 yo). JF and I both grew up in Québec, Canada, in francophone families. We moved to the Yukon (yes, that’s right by Alaska) when we were 25 years old and the girls were […]

September 29, 2017 × 1 comment

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The Running Bum Trains and Races While Living a Minimalist Vanlife on the Road

My name is Morgan Sjogren, but most friends call me Mo. I’m originally from Riverside, CA (SoCal) but most recently the Eastern Sierras before hitting the road in February to explore the South West. I’m currently in Eastern Utah/Western Colorado/Northern Arizona–basically wherever the wind blows me in this region. I […]

September 5, 2017 × 1 comment

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What It’s Really like Living and Traveling in a Motorhome Full-time

Travelling is one of the best educations you can get – and you don’t need to drag a backpack around the world to be a traveller. Another option might be to sell most of your stuff and move into a motorhome. That’s exactly what Nancy and Betsy from RV-A-GOGO did […]

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