Top 4 Best Cotopaxi backpacks in 2018

We have checked 431 reviews reviews to make this top 4 list!

Let's take a look at the 4 best rated Cotopaxi backpacks here in 2018:

Cotopaxi Cusco
Cusco is rated #1 compared with the other Cotopaxi backpacks (based on more than 40 reviews).

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Cotopaxi Luzon 24L
Cotopaxi Luzon 24L is rated #2 of all the best Cotopaxi backpacks based on more than 270 reviews.

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Cotopaxi Boma 13L is rated #3 of all the best Cotopaxi backpacks based on a full set of 39 reviews.

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Cotopaxi Nazca 24 is rated #4 of all the best Cotopaxi backpacks based on 21 reviews.

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More Cotopaxi backpacks

We have also checked these 6 backpacks, but they weren't rated high enough for the top 4 list above.

About the Cotopaxi backpacks

The brand Cotopaxi produce many different bags. Here we focus on the Cotopaxi backpacks.

The backpacks from Cotopaxi cover everything you might need to carry. Most of the backpacks are built for adults.

The reviews of the Cotopaxi backpacks are generally quite average. The average rating across all the reviews is 4.0 out of 5. The average rating of the backpacks is based on 400+ reviews in total.

The best rated Cotopaxi backpack is the Cotopaxi Cusco with a rating of 4.8. Second best is the Cotopaxi Luzon 24L with a rating of 4.6.

Considering the design, the average design rating is 3.4 out of 10. A rating of 3.4 is very low. A rating this low means that most people don't like the design of the Cotopaxi backpacks.

Looking at all the design ratings, we have ratings from 6 to 8. This means that almost nobody think the complete opposite of what most people think. Almost everybody agree about the design of the backpacks.

Buyers guide

One of the world's largest volcanoes, the Cotopaxi is the namesake of the brand too. Witnessing more than 50 eruptions since the 16th century, this volcano situated in Ecuador is also one of the active volcanoes in the world. With the motto “gear for good”, the brand has deep roots in the cultural beliefs of the Andean Cotopaxi. The founder Davis grew up here and found refuge in the Cotopaxi National Park, exploring and enjoying the flora and fauna.

Today, with the help of a series of products, Davis has made the brand Cotopaxi, which stands for the spirit of adventure, optimism, and determination of the people of Ecuador. Having made his journey to the US, he set up this brand. Today, the brand also emphasizes on donating part of their profits to the downtrodden and impoverished regions. The brand Cotopaxi does not just make outdoor gears, but also hosts events and donates 2% of revenue annually to the social causes.

Cotopaxi supported programs

A list of organizations that receive constant support and contribution from the brand are as follows: International rescue committee, educate girls, proximity designs, refugee card writing and refugee coding project.

With the help of dedicated people and groups, they help support similar programs, especially in Ecuador and in the Andes.

Sustainable future

Overall, they are a people-focused brand and strive to help others at every junction in their supply chain. One of their practices also contributes to reducing and recycling of left out and waste products. As a part of the “good design” objective, they make gears from left out fabric, mixing traditional and modern ways together towards a wholesome approach to product design. That is how they try to make a positive impact on the world.

61 years of goodness

One of the marvelous ways of advertising is their 61 years of the lifetime guarantee. The motivation comes from the average lifespan of a person in the developing world. They are dedicated to replacing, repair or exchange based on any problem or issue with your product. So that it lasts a lifetime, whatever. It is only imaginable that an outdoor gear that is supposed to be durable is durable.

With world class materials, partnering with Polartec and their in-house Ilama fleece insulation, each product that is meant to last shall last. Their sound design means that you get what suits you when you buy it. Some of the gears such as the Cotopaxi Nepal Backpack Gear Series is an example of thorough and thoughtful design.

Backpacks for outdoor adventures

An ergonomically designed product that is dedicated to outdoor trekking, expedition in the wilderness and is able to keep up with you, all of them come with quality rain covers made in the Philippines. The Nepal 65 Pack is one of such beasts that packs maximum load while minimizing the weight on the shoulders. For quick hikes to the market or for breakfast in the camp, the internal hydration sleeve doubles up as a lightweight backpack. You do have compression straps on the top for extra gear and attachments.

The next is the series is the bigger version called Nepal 75 Backpack. It is available in 3 sizes based on your body type and adds some more features. It still features the butterfly zipper for the main pack, two large front sippers, and a top removable lid. There are many configurable side straps with a compression strap. This pack is enough to carry stuff for several weeks. It maximizes the carrying capacity while minimizing the load balance on the body, shoulder, and the back.

Climbing backpacks

The next offering is the durable and lightweight Tarak Multi-Pitch Backpack. Everything is designed keeping in mind the core climber or skier in the countryside. Also, each of these is made of repurposed materials, meaning every pack is unique and your own. The innovation here is what they call the “ice tool” system that consists of a durable up to 600D bucket at the bottom. You have configurable compression and lash points for further flexibility to arrange your gear the way you prefer. You also get hydration sleeve and removable waist belt.

To go with it you have the Kusa Blanket that is made of durable and tough DWR coated nylon rip-stop and padded with Ilama-poly insulation. It is great for indoors and outdoors and can go about anywhere you take it. It is best to combine it with any of the above outdoor gears.

Technical outdoor gear systems

Apart from a range of outdoor gear, Cotopaxi also ventures into apparel and accessories for outdoor travel. One of the ranges that come to mind is their Del Dia Series. This is a collection of products including day pack, Dopp kits accessories, fanny pack, duffel bags and more. The vision at its core is that every such product is unique. It is made of repurposed materials.

Among their collections, you also have many in-house names like Teca, Camp, Fuego, Kusa and more. The Del Dia is an also built in Philippines by employees who have total creative control over the product. You have a complete range of sidebars, backpack, and outdoor gears of various sizes, purposes, and lifestyle. With the same motto “no two are same”.

Do read the reviews for them before you purchase any of the products. It helps to understand what suits for what sort of a lifestyle. There are technical backpacks under a collection too. Some of the in-house names include Luzon and Allpa.

The Cotopaxi Allpa Travel Pack is a durable and sturdy product made of TPU-coated 1000D polyester. It has contoured shoulder straps for extra comfort and a suitcase style design. You get collapsible mesh laundry bags, shoe bag, and mesh-water bottle sleeves. Both of them can be combined to form the Allpa-Luzon System or the Allpa System with their own set of accessories for a complete package. The size is exactly 35 L so no problem with check-in at the airport and you can take it straight to the cabin with you.

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Last updated on August 13, 2018