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These Swiss Bicycle Nomads Have Cycled 100,000 Kilometers Across the World for 7 Years

To see beautiful places, to meet wonderful people, and to embrace the simplicity of life are some of the reasons why world cyclists Brigitte and Ivo from Switzerland have traveled around the world on bicycles for 7 years! In this interview, they tackle the importance of traveling to find solutions […]

August 13, 2017 × 0 comments

Bike Touring, Interview

This American Woman Bikes Around the World with Her Dog and Her Violin

Hi, my name is Jasmine Reese. I grew up in Los Angeles, CA. I am currently in Indiana, preparing for the next segment of my life on the road in Asia and Europe. At the moment, my life is consumed by travel, violin and my loyal friend and pup, Fiji. […]

August 13, 2017 × 1 comment

Bike Touring, Interview

How to Make a Choice, Give up Your Job and Start Travelling the World

Do you also want to give up your job, so you can go travelling full-time? Don’t give up hope! You can still turn things around just like Anna from Germany has done. She realized that she wanted to travel the world and quit her sales job. Now she is travelling […]

August 9, 2017 × 3 comments

Bike Touring, Interview

How to Live Frugally, so You Can Follow Your Big Dreams

People sometimes wonder if they should live more frugally. Is it really worth giving up daily pleasures just to save money for some far away dream? It really depends on what your goals are. For cyclists Sarah and Scott, there was no doubt about why they should live frugally. By […]

August 9, 2017 × 0 comments

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Amy Tunstall Explains How Spending Time Outside Will Improve Your Mental Health

Adventurer Amy Tunstall may not own a house or a fancy car, but she has travelled for over 17,000 kilometers by walking, paddling and cycling across two continents, ten provinces and five countries. In this interview, she shares her best adventuring tips and experiences – and why she believes that […]

August 6, 2017 × 1 comment

Bike Touring, Interview

This Is Why Cycling Couples Should Go Bike Touring on a Tandem

Most people go bike touring on individual bikes, but is that really the best solution if you are a couple? Not if you ask Jessilyn and Neil. They are a cycling duo based in Germany and in this interview, they share all about their tandem adventures in Burma, Ireland and […]

August 6, 2017 × 0 comments

Bike Touring, Interview

Adventurer Jake Wilcox is Crossing All 7 Continents to Complete 50 Expeditions

Meet Jake Wilcox, the man behind the Venture 500. Having already crossed North America on bike, he is now planning to complete a series of expeditions in all seven continents for a total of 25,000+ miles non motorized travel. In this interview, Jake shares his best tips for adventurers and […]

July 29, 2017 × 0 comments

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How to Survive Fat Bike Touring When You Cycle from Mexico to Argentina

It’s time for fat-tire cyclists Dan and Gina to share their most memorable (and scariest) experiences during their bike tour from Mexico to Argentina! In this interview, find out their best recommendation for future cyclists, their favorite gear, and what did they do after they got robbed at gunpoint? Let’s […]

July 24, 2017 × 1 comment

Bike Touring, Interview

Why German Solo Cyclist Dorothee Fleck Isn’t Stopping after Having Cycled Around the World Twice

For most people, traveling and adventure are nearly the same. Luckily, that’s not the case for German world solo cyclist Dorothee Fleck. She sees a big difference between them. She believes that nowadays many people go on organized “adventure” tours to fancy countries, and think this is adventure. It’s not. […]

July 21, 2017 × 3 comments

Bike Touring, Interview

How to Take a Time Out From Your Job and Travel the World On Less Money

Just like Debs and Jo from Brakes and Cakes, you don’t need a fancy bike to travel the world. These two fantastic women took a time out from their regular jobs to see the world by riding second-hand bicycles during their first bike tour ever! Read on and learn all […]

July 19, 2017 × 0 comments