Danish Diver Torben Lonne Shares How He Packs His Diving Gear for Easy Travel

Diver Torben Lonne

My name is Torben and I was born and raised in Denmark, a bit north of Copenhagen. And Denmark is also a big part of my reason to travel. See, I love scuba diving, and I started diving in Denmark, but at some point, the cold weather became too much. So I left for warmer waters. This wasn’t bad at all because this made me see the world both above and below.

Diver Torben Lonne

How and why did you get into diving?

The ocean has always had my interest. I’ve always wanted to jump right in as soon as I saw the water on the beach or at the pool. I guess I just took this love of the ocean to the extreme.

So I started training in the cold waters of Denmark, and even though it was dark and cold (5-20 degrees), I was still in love. This world underwater just spiked something in me. Every time I go down under the surface, it’s like I’m home again.

Once I turned 18, I became a divemaster and afterward a dive instructor, and then I was hooked on this life as a diver. 🙂

This life of working with dive students every day and having the ocean as your office is amazing. Seeing the face of a new diver the first time they come up from a dive. It’s amazing.

Diver Torben Lonne

How do you finance your sport?

Well, diving is expensive: Dive gear, dive trips and the travel to all the destinations.

My job comes with certain benefits, I often get to dive cheaper than other divers and nowadays. I also receive a lot of gear to test and review.

Diver Torben Lonne

How do you eat and sleep?

Like everyone else. 🙂 After a dive, I sleep like a baby.

Diving doesn’t require a special diet. It’s important to get plenty to eat on days of diving and plenty of rest the night before.

Diver Torben Lonne

How do you balance normal life with training?

I swim in an indoor pool. As we don’t race for diving, there’s no need for extra training, but I like to stay fit and be in the best swimming form I can.

Often a dive doesn’t require much effort, we go with the current and are picked up by a boat after a dive, but I like to be ready if we ever get into a bad situation.

Diver Torben Lonne

How do you bring your gear with you?

This is the worst thing for every diver: Bring your dive gear of 15-25 kg on a flight with a max allowance of 20 kg.

If I pack everything I’ll obviously go far above the max weight limit of any normal flight.

So either I pay in advance for an extra bag or I pack light.

So I detriment what gear I need and what I can borrow or rent on the destination. I always bring my mask, snorkel, fins, dive computer, and regulator. This is a must for me on any dive.

Often also BCD (dive vest or buoyancy control device), camera, dive light, dive knife, and wetsuit.

I never bring tank or weights.

Diver Torben Lonne

How do you organize things in your bags?

I love my dive gear, so packing it takes time. Making sure everything is tugged in just right.

Basically, everything soft or hard that don’t break easily are used to protect everything else.

Wetsuit and fins are great at protecting regulator. The BCD has a shield at the back and is the perfect bottom for all gear.

Basically, I use the BCD as a holder for the regulator, mask and small accessories. I put this inside the BCD and wrap the wetsuit around it all. The fins I place in the side of the bag to protect from impacts. Afterwards, I use my clothing to wrap around the gear and fill out holes between the gear.

My bag is Aqualung and it is huge, but often I could use a bigger one. It’s not water resistant, but then again my gear doesn’t break in the water. I always bring a small dry bag to personal stuff on the boat.

How do your bags and gear hold up?

My bag is good quality, but a lot of traveling with heavy gear has made me go through many dive backs over time.

A dive a lot and that’s clear when you see my dive gear. But, I always buy quality products and take care of it after every dive, this makes it last longer and keeps me safe while diving.

Diver Torben Lonne

What has been your best sports purchase below $100?

Wow, to “spoil” your question. My best dive purchase was a dive computer at $450 – it’s an old Suunto Stinger (no longer in production) and the best I’ve ever had. And that one piece of gear that every diver should have: A dive computer.

Best below $100:

  • A DSMB of safety sausage;
  • A D-S-M-B Delayed Surface Marker Bouy. It’s a small orange inflatable tube that I can send to the surface while still underneath.

The reason why it’s the best: Safety first. When we go up from a dive, we never really know what’s up there, if there’s a boat on the way just above us. A buoy in the surface marks where we are.

And in case of large surge, this makes us visible 1-1,5 meters high and bright orange for any boat to see us and pick us up.

Diver Torben Lonne

What is your best advice people new to diving?

Just start, now! It’s better than you expected and it’s quite easy getting started.

Once you start, do pick a good instructor. Find one you trust and that you have a good personal chemistry with.

What are your favorite travel destinations?

That must be Bali, Indonesia. Where I started my dive career, but I often see my next destination as my favorite one. I love going new places, seeing new things and meeting new people.

Diver Torben Lonne

What will the future bring?

For now, I’m planning a trip to the Maldives, but the year might show more great surprises as we get it all started.

The Maldives has world-class diving, so, for now, that will do really well.

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