38 Disney Experts Share Their Best Disney World and Disneyland Packing List Advice

Packing for Disney World and Disneyland isn’t as easy as it might seem.

Many commonly packing things aren’t necessary to bring because you can get them in the parks – and other things are super important, but not something that you will be aware of without having been to Disney before.

To help you pack the right things, we have talked with 38 very experienced Disney World and Disneyland experts!

We have asked them to share all their best packing list advice, so you will get to know exactly what to pack and what to leave at home.

Read on and learn the experts best tips and tricks (the 38 experts here have been to Disney World and Disneyland more than 2,000 times, so they really know what they are talking about!)

The 38 Disney Experts

Nikki Turner-Chaplin

  • 6 trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: The new Frozen ride in Epcot

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

We like to bring a door organizer. It’s really one of those shoe organizers that you hang on the back of a door with lots of pockets for shoes. Instead of shoes, we pop in all the bits and pieces that are otherwise cluttering up all your surfaces like magic bands, phones, coins, badges, etc. Really handy way to find everything.

We always take pocket phone chargers with us. You use your phone so much for navigating the parks, checking fast passes and taking photos, it runs the batteries down really quickly, so make sure you carry a pocket charger with you.

I’d also suggest taking a multi-plug. There are a limited number of sockets in hotel rooms and if (like us) you travel with a lot of gadgets, you can often fight over plug space to plug it all in. We take a multi-plug which solves this issue for us. It also means that (as British folk with different plugs) we don’t have to take as many adaptor plugs!

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

We live in England, so Disney World is a nine hour flight for us. We bring everything in suitcases, so we need to be quite clever about packing. For the kids, plan their outfits in advance and put each outfit in a zip-lock bag. Then, when you get there, put the zip-lock bags into their drawers. Then, all they need to do is reach in an grab a bag to get dressed.

Also, take washing detergent. The Disney hotels have great washing facilities so you can wash your clothes while you are away. You can even check the Disney app to see what washers and dryers and available and not in use. Then, when your washing is in, you can check if it is finished!

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

Now, we are a bit different here as we don’t take bags at all. My husband is too impatient to go through the bag check, so we make sure we travel light. I always make sure I wear trousers or shorts with pockets and everything goes into them. In truth I can get by with very little. We have our magic bands for park entry, fast passes and for buying things. I have my mobile phone, extra battery and perhaps a lip balm to protect my lips! Then we are good to go and get stuck into the magic!

Sabrina Tinius

  • Lost count of her trips to Disney World/Disneyland (five trips this past year alone!)
  • Favorite attraction: Radiator Springs Racers, but a close second goes to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

  • Gum. I am a gum addict and many people know that you can’t buy gum anywhere on Disney property!
  • A filtered water bottle. Some people don’t notice how water taste can vary from state to state, but some can. I tell my clients if they are picky about water taste to either bring a water bottle with a good filter built in, or to order some bottled water (see the next item). Many of the dining establishments have filtered water, but if you want to fill a water bottle at a drinking fountain or from the tap in your room, you may notice the distinct taste.
  • It’s not technically brought with me, but to save space, I like to order snacks from Amazon Prime Now and have it delivered to my resort. That way I can pack less and when I show up, my order is waiting for me!

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

Being in the Seattle area, we always fly. When possible, I like to take just a rolling carry on bag and a shoulder bag, primarily to be able to hop on Magical Express (for Disney World) and have everything with me. Magical Express does take your checked luggage to your hotel room for you, but it can take more than three hours, and with our flight, we often arrive late in the day.

When traveling with my family, I no longer pack our breakfast items, as I use Amazon Prime Now to order a grocery deliver to the hotel. But when traveling alone, I often throw easy breakfast in my luggage, such as instant oatmeal packets. Since getting to the parks at open is very important to us, many mornings we just want to eat something quick and easy and head out to the parks!

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

First, Disney is making it easier to carry less stuff on both coasts. At Disney World, if staying at a Disney resort, you get Magic Bands which function as a room key, park tickets, dining plan, FastPass+ reservations and charging privileges. A lot of what you need is right on your wrist. At Disneyland, you can now link park tickets to the Disneyland app, which mean you don’t have to keep track of tickets. If you use MaxPass, you also don’t have to keep track of physical FastPass tickets (with the exception of two shows).

I, personally, use a small cross-body purse. I like that it’s securely on me for most rides without taking up space, and doesn’t slip off. The small size lets me carry a few medications, my phone, my gum and my ID. When traveling with my family, we sometimes also bring in a backpack to hold water bottles, our nicer camera, and possibly light sweaters depending on the time of year. When our kids were stroller age, we made good use of the stroller storage space, though!

Melissa Russo

  • 30+ trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Peter Pan’s Flight

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

  • A portable battery charger& extra cords. I am always snapping pictures with my iPhone and sharing on social media so I need all the extra power I can get. Now, there are charging stations located throughout the parks but I always like to have a battery charger with me.
  • Snacks & Water Bottle – Food can get pricey in the parks, especially if you have a big family. I like to pack some snacks for the kids to keep them satisfied until our next meal. I also bring a refillable water bottle. Each of the quick-serve food counters will provide a free cup of water. I just fill my water bottle up that way instead of purchasing bottled water at the parks.
  • Sun Protection – The Florida sun is hot….very hot. I like to make sure I carry a small sunscreen, lip sunscreen, hat and glasses with me. I can’t live without my sunglasses. I’m not much of a hat person but the sun’s rays can be brutal so a hat is also a great idea to protect your face and head.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

We travel to Walt Disney World by plane. I pack my in-park essentials in a backpack that I carry on board. This way, everything is all together when we are ready to hit the parks. I make sure each family member has a small backpack or bag with some snacks, drinks, and items to keep them busy for the plane ride too.

I pack our clothes into suitcases. Depending on how long we are staying, we sometimes avoid checking our baggage by just packing our items into a carry-on suitcase. It saves money and time. We just have to grab our luggage when leaving the plane and head to the Magical Express. If we are checking bags, I like to use the travel bags to save room and pack more fun into our suitcases.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

I usually carry a basic Vera Bradley Backpack. Since my kids are older now, they each carry their own backpack or drawstring bag with their stuff. I make sure they are responsible for their own things. Mom wants to have fun too and not worry about carrying their gear around.

Chaunie Brusie

  • 2 trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: We loved Animal Kingdom the most. It just felt more relaxing after a harried day at Magic Kingdom

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

  • A baby carrier is a must-have; I used a Boba.
  • If you have multiple kids, I recommend renting a stroller at the parks; you can “check” them at each different park so you don’t have to lug them around but can still use them. Even if you have big kids you think won’t use them, trust me, they will! The strollers were invaluable in carting kids and stuff around, and were a good napping place as well.
  • A catch-all mat: some kind of easy “catch-all” mat is great if you have little kids. You can use it for the parades, to watch the fireworks, to change a baby’s diaper, or lay out when the kids need a break or a snack.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

We used backpacks to travel with (each kid got their one) and I also shipped a big box of baby supplies, like diapers and wipes and sunscreen and snacks directly to our Disney resort to save valuable room while traveling on plane with our four kids. Diapers take up a lot of room! The box was waiting for us at check-in and it was so convenient.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

I did one big diaper bag and one smaller backpack for times we had to park the stroller or go into an attraction for two adults and four kids. Especially for babies, there are supplies at the baby stations if you run out, so I definitely recommend packing light. We also carried an insulated Disney cooler full of snacks and water bottles. You pretty much can never have too much water at Disney!

That Disney trip forever convinced me that backpack diaper bags are the way to go.

Karyn Locke

  • Average 2 trips a year to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

  • As a professional travel writer, I’ve learned that there are things I never take out of my suitcase! The most important is an extension cord. With three family members in one room, we run out of plugs quickly!
  • The second is my own shampoo and conditioner. The on-property have decent toiletries but I never take the chance as they swap out versions all of the time.
  • Lastly, I like to take a few laundry soap pods. We take plenty of changes of clothes and, on an afternoon before the end of our vacation, we hit the resort’s launderette – and I end up with very little to wash when we get home!

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

We road trip to WDW most of the time and I have a highly workable system down. Almost all is packed in suitcases except for a snack bag filled with things we like to eat on the road.

A great way to have snacks and drinks in the room, whether flying or driving, is by taking advantage of Amazon Prime Pantry or another delivery service. I order everything we’ll need (including a case of water. There’s no way I’m paying $3 per bottle when I can get an entire case for that price!), add the resort’s address and our arrival date to the shipping label info, and it’s there when we check-in to our resort. All I have to do is ask for it to be delivered to our room when it’s ready!

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

I have a minimalistic approach to touring the WDW theme parks. Personally, if I can get away with a phone case that has a shoulder strap and will hold my lipstick and hand sanitizer I’m good. I find that heavy bags, for upwards of 12 hours per day in a park wreaks havoc on my neck and back!

If you do like to take a ton of things into the parks, my suggestion is to rent a locker. You’ll have full day, unlimited access and can even pack meals and leave them to enjoy during your day.

My husband and teen daughter have backpacks that they carry in the parks off and on. On high crowd level days, we know there will be a lengthy security queue so we make sure to leave the bags in the resort room so we don’t have to wait in line!

Jennifer Kaufman

  • At least 25 trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: I’m definitely partial to Soarin’ around the World at Epcot

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

If I’m traveling with kids, I always bring an autograph book or something for characters to sign. Even timid kids will often approach them with something like the book to open the interaction – and magical moments with beloved characters have provided some of our most precious memories.

We have often brought glow sticks and other light up toys, purchased in advance. If you plan to see evening parades or nighttime shows, there will likely be some waiting before they begin. Disney provides plenty of opportunities to purchase light up toys… but we prefer to spend our money on other things that will get more use when we get home. The Disney Store (and even many big box stores) have fun options for less than half the cost, and the kids never care once they’re playing with them!

No matter who is traveling, I always recommend a lightweight, packable rain jacket. Whether you’re traveling in the summer and get daily Florida showers, or during an off-peak time where it may get cooler in the evenings than you anticipate, it’s better to have something versatile packed for everyone than to purchase unexpected sweatshirts, jackets, or umbrellas.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

How we pack depends on the trip. We almost always fly, so we pack pretty lightly – especially for a family of five. The easiest way to do this is to make a list in advance… and stick to it! You probably need less than you think, as long as you bring the basics. We also have our kids bring a small backpack on the plane with their snacks and travel activities, as soon as they’re old enough. It’s the first step to keeping everyone happy on travel day!

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

In the parks we keep all of our stuff in one Osprey Questa Daypack. It holds plenty without getting too bulky, and keeps everything easily accessible. That said, if we’re just going into the parks for a couple of hours, we try to go in without a bag. Every park entrance has a “Guests without Bags” line that makes getting through security a breeze!

Maureen Casteel

  • 40+ trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: It’s like choosing a favorite child. They’re ALL my favorite!

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

  • Matching T-Shirts. We are a mixed race family and once the kids were out of strollers it was nearly impossible to stay together in large crowds. After MUCH negotiating with my husband (he is NOT a fan of matching shirts) I convinced him to try it once. And one time is all it took. It was like the parting of the Red Sea. Every queue we went into, every parade we watched, every theater we sat in — everyone saw us and let us through. No more cutting us off in line, or stepping in front of some of us at a show or parade. We realized – people aren’t rude. They just didn’t know we were all together in the past. Now, my husband insists on matching shirts!
  • Multiple pairs of shoes. This is difficult when your kid’s feet are growing at an alarming rate but it’s essential if you visit Disney for more than one day. Our last visit it rained….every. single. day. of our 8 day trip. Convincing my daughter and I to bring extra shoes is a piece of cake. But my sons didn’t see the benefit until day 2 when both pairs of tennis shoes were still soaked. Extra shoes also give you relief from blisters and other foot problems.
  • My Disney Experience App. It’s a free app you can download on your smart phone. The app has improved immensely over the years. It keeps track of your FastPasses, dining reservations and resort reservations. We find it to be the most reliable app for attraction wait times and closures. Truly a “don’t leave home without it” tool.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

We travel to Disney by car and sometimes, by plane. For shorter trips we use duffle bags or backpacks. For longer trips, suitcases. We always bring our collapsible hampers to organize dirty clothes in the room. Depending on the accommodations, I’ll bring a hanging shoe rack for the bathroom door to organize toiletries for our family of 5. Keeps the counters clutter free!

By car – While the ride is longer, the space to pack is huge. I don’t have to adhere to a strict packing list. We can bring cases of our own water bottles (big savings!) For a trip by car, I always pack one suitcase with breakfast items (jar of peanut butter, loaf of bread (in a hard plastic loaf container), granola bars, small boxes of cereal) and snacks (cheese and crackers, nut/dried fruit mix, and pretzels.) When it’s empty, we have room for souvenirs. We also bring a small cooler for yogurt and fruit (there are typically mini refrigerators wherever we stay.)

By plane – With tighter (and expensive) luggage restrictions, we are minimalists when we pack for a plane trip. For a week long stay we typically bring about four days worth of clothes and wash a load mid-trip. There’s always a day when we want to sleep in or lounge by the pool. I’ll use that day as wash day. We like to have a light breakfast in our rooms in the morning to save time. When we travel by plane I arrange for a local grocery delivery service to send water bottles, breakfast items and snacks to our resort.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

With the advent of Magic Bands there are some days when we just walk into the parks with nothing but the clothes on our backs and the bands on our wrists. But some days, you need to have a little more with you.

When we just need our phones or maybe a little cash – I love my Easymate running belt. I used to use a fanny pack (only at Disney!) and my daughter, as she got older, was horrified and refuse to walk within 10 feet of me. I found there are many sleek fitness belts that hold your phone, a little cash or credit card. It’s snug, barely detectable and everything stays in place on thrill rides (no need to rent a locker.)

When we need to pack a little more – Lightweight backpacks and drawstring backpacks do the trick when we want to bring a camera, water bottles, etc. We try not to over pack because no one wants to tote around a heavy pack on a hot day.

When the kids were small – We begrudgingly brought backpacks and diaper bags. As much as we tried to pack these lightly, there always seemed to be something we needed. The great thing is each park at Walt Disney World has a “Comfort Station” with extra diapers, wipes, even formula if you forget something back at your resort. But that didn’t stop us – we always carted around too much back in the day.

Erin Toomey-Christie

  • Lost count of her trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Splash Mountain and Haunted Mansion

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

  • Portable charger: Disney is synonymous with magic, so obviously you’ll want to capture those magical moments with PICTURES! You’ll likely be sad if you’re little ones are posing for that perfect picture with their favorite princess when your phone dies! Portable chargers are now plentiful online and available at varying price points. They’re incredibly convenient because you can charge on-the-go and ensure your smart phone battery is charged throughout the day. If you’re in a bind while at the parks, Disney now has portable phone charging kiosks where guests can purchase charging systems for $30, but you’ll likely find more economical price points online.
  • Blister Band-Aids: Nothing can stop a Disney vacation in its tracks quite like a nasty blister. Bring a mini-first aid kit that includes blister band-aids and moleskin to help soothe sore feet and chafing shoes. While you’re at it, pack COMFY, worn in shoes, preferably gym shoes.
  • Clip-on Stroller Fan: If you’re traveling with children to Disney in the heat, particularly Walt Disney World in the summer months, bring a few clip-on stroller fans. These fans easily attach to your stroller, including the canopy (or even your own baseball cap brim!). Be sure to insert batteries before travel, though, as many of these clip-on fan require mini screwdrivers to open the battery compartment.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

Guests traveling by airplane should consider bringing a carry-on bag as well as checked luggage, including an empty bag. When traveling to Disney, you’ll likely find yourself purchasing gifts for your family, and you’ll need a place to tote these items home. If you pack along an empty bag, you’ll be able to store your souvenirs safely on the return trip home. As for your carry-on, be sure to pack your essentials here, including an extra outfit or swimsuit for your travel party. Guests traveling to Disney World who board the complimentary Magical Express will receive luggage tags to affix onto their checked baggage when departing from their home airport. These bags will then magically appear in guests’ resort rooms, but this could take several hours, so have some essentials with you while you’re waiting.

As for organization, consider using space bags that don’t require a vacuum to shrink. This will save you lots of space, especially with your dirty laundry on the way home.

Lastly, for families looking to save money at the parks by bringing their own food and snacks, consider using grocery delivery services. Guests of Walt Disney World can utilize online services like Garden Grocer or Amazon Prime Now. Depending on the grocer, items can be ordered online days or just hours in advance. They’ll be delivered to guests resorts and left with Bell Services (if guests have not yet checked in) or delivered directly to guests’ rooms (if they’ve already checked in).

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

Depending on the party, plan for 1 person to bring a touring bag to the parks. When my husband and I travel solo, I’ll usually bring a cross-body bag to store my park essentials, which include my cell phone, a portable charger, sunscreen, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, IDs, a small first aid kit, and possibly a few plastic ponchos. Guests traveling with little ones should consider a backpack or drawstring bag so they have room for kid-friendly essentials, snacks, etc. Be aware that guests must have their bags searched before entering the parks, and these lines can get long.

Guests staying at the Walt Disney World resort won’t need to over pack for the parks as MagicBands serve as your tickets and wallet-on-the-go; you can link everything to your band through your My Disney Experience account online.

Susie Chadwick

  • Hundreds of trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Space mountain!

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

  • Lollipops. Lollipops are ideal for distracting kids in long lines, on long walks across the parks, or while waiting for shows or parades.
  • Glow sticks. The light-up toys Disney sells at night are super fun, but SO overpriced. I buy 20 packs of glow bracelets at the dollar store and hand them out to my kids and anyone walking by when the sun goes down.
  • Change of clothes. Between the water rides, the splash play areas and toddler accidents, we always seem to need a change of clothes. Shoes are required for the water play areas, so we often bring a pair of flip flops for the kids if we plan on doing that.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

We drive to a Disney and just throw everything into a backpack or tote bag in the car. Because we visit so often, we tend to pack snacks to save on money. I like to bring a small, insulated bag in my tote bag for snacks like cheese sticks and yogurts. We also bring water bottles and refill them at the park.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

I typically bring two bags – first a bag to leave on the stroller. My husband likes a backpack, but I prefer using a Disney character tote. I also use a cross-body bag for my valuables, baby wipes, and a snack or two while waiting in line. We leave everything else on the stroller, and I don’t make the kids carry anything. It I go out for a girls night with no kids, I just bring my cross body bag with valuables and a water bottle.

Michelle Richard

  • Hundreds trips to Disney World/Disneyland (too many to count!)
  • Favorite attraction: Haunted Mansion

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

I have a few Disney staples I bring with me. I always bring a Disney inspired fanny pack. I know people thing they are hideous but I love them because the hold the essentials, I never get tan lines from a shoulder strap, I can swing it from front to back and cover the strap with me tee shirt for photos… without ever having to take it off! It also never has to be removed for rides. It moves around easily.

Minnie Ears are another must have for me. I actually bring multiple pair so that they match different looks. I think they add magic to the experience and the photos.

Lastly, I like to bring outfits that are themed around Disney. Not just the typical family tees people wear but I like to bring outfits to help me Disney Bound. I base them around which rides I will be going on that day or which characters I might be seeing. It makes for wonderful photos and great conversations with characters and cast members!

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

I almost always fly to Disney. I use suitcases and I have a large, Disney Dooney and Bourke tote bag that I use to bring the essentials on the plane. I have a travel jewelry case for the Disney jewelry I bring with me, a special case to pack my Minnie Ears to keep them intact and a cosmetic case I keep my MagicBands and MagicaBand bows in. I don’t bring drinks but I do bring snacks to keep in the room or bring in to the parks. The snacks have to be small enough that I can carry in my fanny pack.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

I like to keep things compact. I use a fanny pack when wearing shorts or pants (as I mentioned). I never get tan lines from a shoulder strap, I can swing it from front to back and cover the strap with me tee shirt for photos… without ever having to take it off! It also never has to be removed for rides. It moves around easily.

I use a Disney inspired letter carrier style purse when I am wearing a dress or skirt. I don’t like the look of a fanny pack with a dress but that is my personal preference. I don’t carry anyone else’s items because I don’t like the weight of a heavy bag while spending the day at the Parks.

If, for some reason, I want to bring extra items for a special occasion, I will bring a larger bag and rent a locker. Disney makes it really easy to keep things as simple as you like on vacation.

When it’s just my husband and I, I am the only one with a bag most of the time. He just keeps things in his pockets.


  • 11 trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Haunted Mansion

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

  • My favorite thing to bring with me is a phone case with wrist strap. It’s simple, but it allows me to take photos on rides without being worried I’ll lose my phone in the depths of Space Mountain! I use my Nikon J1 for more formal shoots, but when I’m just snapping photos of my family, it’s nice knowing my phone is safe from falls.
  • An external charger is another really important thing in my park bag; checking MyDisneyExperience for new fastpasses can quickly drain my battery, and when we’re going rope-drop to fireworks, it’s essential to have a way to quickly re-charge. My Anker charger can usually last a whole trip without needing to be charged itself, which is pretty handy!
  • One weird thing I like to bring is a small plastic food container. It comes in surprisingly handy for all kinds of things: unfinished turkey leg, half-eaten muffins, anything wet you don’t want to leak on something, anything you don’t want to get wet…it’s especially useful when you just bought your child that $7 Mickey cupcake and then two minutes later he decides he doesn’t like it anymore. Now you can save it for later when he changes his mind again!

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

I always fly to WDW, but I hate having to wait for baggage, so I pack in a carry-on. The best luggage ever, in my opinion, is Away brand. I have their bigger carry-on and LOVE it. It keeps me so well organized and fits everything I need. I use the Michael Kors Kelsey extra large travel tote as my personal item on the plane; it’s nice and roomy, which comes in handy on the return flight for souvenirs. We often pack some granola bars and fruit strips for when we don’t want to buy breakfast or just for snacking on the plane.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

In the park, I use my Lesportsac it’s a small world Cleo crossbody to carry my phone, small wallet, external charger, and a small pouch with lip balm, hair ties, and bandaids. My husband usually brings a backpack with our ponchos, water bottle, Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad, and anything else we end up carrying our with us. Depending on the day, we’ll sometimes only carry the backpack or I’ll only carry my purse. For example, if we’re just heading to Epcot for dinner and a few rides, we’ll leave the backpack behind since it holds mostly day/afternoon supplies. I prefer bringing a cross-body bag because I can keep it on when on a ride so I know it’s secure. This Lesportsac one is also super lightweight, which is important when you’re walking all day long!

Julia Chiarella-Genoni

  • At least a dozen trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: It’s A Small World

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

We bring our own light devices and bracelets for the fireworks. It’s a good tip to bring something the kids already have used and something that is colour coordinated with the rest of the family. That way you can see them easier in the crowds.

Last time, I wore my swimsuit under my sundress on the day I knew we were going to the rides that you can get wet on. Oddly enough, I stayed dry and my kids got soaked! But they had their swim shorts on too so it worked out.

Speaking of wet rides, I always bring a case to keep my devices dry on wet rides. I have the best video of the time they got soaked thanks to a waterproof phone case.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

We travel to Florida by plane, so we have our carry-ons that are Disney themed so we can get to what we need the moment we arrive. And then we have regular size luggage for our stay. And we make sure to keep space there for souvenirs.

I make sure to bring waterproof reusable laundry bags for our trip. It helps make sure any wet bathing suits don’t ruin the rest of our things.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

Bringing a backpack is the easiest solution for family items (sweaters, snacks, sunscreen, water, etc). We tend to have one for the whole family since carrying things around can get the boys tired faster. I also bring a small cross-over bag or waist pack for my phone and other essentials. It’s easier to get at when we want to take a picture right away.

Great tip – there are lockers rentals available on the grounds of the parks. For example, at the Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom, there is a locker station nearby, so you can leave your items stored away.

Cara Goldsbury

  • 180+ trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Avatar Flight of Passage (Disney World) + Radiator Springs Racers (Disneyland)

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

  • A Low Profile Camera. No giant zoom lenses or super heavy cameras for me. Mine is a low profile Sony a6000 Mirrorless which takes perfect photos for my blog and Instagram. I always have it on a strap around my neck, ready to shoot when I see something interesting or spontaneous happening—I have a great one of my oldest grandchild heading down Main Street from behind with the castle in the background. Best yet, this particularly model works wonderfully in low light, perfect for dinner photos in dark restaurants.
  • Small Purse With a Shoulder Strap. Two zipper replacements later, I’ll always be found with my Louis Vuitton mini purse, perfect for holding my daytime essentials while touring the parks. And what’s best is the removable leather strap which leaves the short chain to sling over my shoulder for a dressier look in the evenings while dining at one of Disney’s great Signature restaurants.
  • A Great Pair of Polarized Sunglasses. Just about every photo of me while traveling has eyes protected by my trusty Ray-Ban glasses. Polarized are a must in bright sunlight, particularly necessary for glare protection while touring the parks. You’ll be able to see the afternoon parade much better with a pair of these.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

I always fly. Usually I check luggage, but since luggage takes forever to come off the plane at LAX, I try very hard to fit everything in a carryon when visiting Disneyland Resort. I also pack a small roller briefcase with my laptop, camera, makeup, and essentials.

I don’t use packing cubes. I always unpack immediately upon arrival so my clothing has time to hang out, then I give what needs it a quick once over with an iron. I iron everything all at once, usually the first day, so that I can just grab and go for the rest of the trip.

Since I always fly nonstop to Orlando and Los Angeles, I only bring along a protein bar in case I get hungry on the plane or there is a delay. I try to arrive at the airport early and grab breakfast or lunch before I board.

I’ve discovered LuggageFree.com, a service that ships luggage to your destination. I recently tried it on a cruise out of Singapore and it was fantastic to have only a carryon for such a long trip. My luggage was waiting for me in my cruise suite, and it was worth every penny! I’m considering using the service for my Disney trips to alleviate the hassle of luggage.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

At Walt Disney World, MagicBands make life so easy. No worry about carrying along credit cards, money, or park tickets. I always bring my small purse with the shoulder strap mentioned above, and, if rain is in the forecast, a lightweight GOR_TEX rain jacket that I can just tie onto my purse. Nothing else is really needed.

If the grand kids are along that’s another story. In this case my daughter packs a small backpack with their necessities. We store it in the stroller while walking the parks, grabbing it to take along on the attractions and while dining.

We always head back to the resort before dinner. That way if the weather has changed we can dress appropriately for the evening’s festivities.

Caitlin Robbins

  • 16 trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s a classic!

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

One thing we are always sure to have is the app Heads Up on our phones. This game is perfect for two or more people, and can help immensely with the long wait times! It helps to pass the time, and can distract impatient children/adults from the long line ahead. That being said, bring a small battery pack to use in case your phone dies!

Ponchos are a must when visiting Disney World. Florida rain comes on quickly, and varies in duration, but having a poncho allows you to not be stuck in one place for a long time, and to be able to move to other attractions without getting soaked. Most of the stores in Disney World sell ponchos. They are nice ponchos, but they also run about $15 each. We invested in a poncho for each of us on our first trip, and they have lasted us three subsequent trips. I’ve heard from others that it is easier to buy an inexpensive pack of ponchos from their local grocery store, then they can just toss the ponchos at the end of each day, or at the end of the trip. Helpful hint: Disney stores will give you an empty bag, that way you can wrap your ponchos in it before putting them back inside your backpack!

So many people count on just one good pair of shoes to get them through the trip, but I recommend taking two pairs. Be sure to take pairs that are well worn and comfortable for your to walk in. New shoes can still hurt your feet, and wearing the same pair of shoes for too long can do the same. I have a pair of sneakers that I take, and then I always take a pair of comfortable sandals. I get tired of having hot feet in Orlando, and the sandals are perfect for the super rainy days!

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

Flying is our choice mode of transportation, with Ubers or the Disney Shuttle to get from the airport to the hotel. We prefer to pack carry-ons, to avoid having to wait for our luggage at baggage claim. There is really no key to our organization, other than the fact that we have been enough times that we know what we need. It is so easy to over pack for vacations, but the weather is very stable in both Anaheim and Orlando, so it’s easy to know whether you will need shorts, pants, or a couple of each. It also helps to unpack a little once you get to the hotel. If you will be there for a while, make it easier on yourself and pull a few items out of your suitcase that you know you will need often. My biggest piece of advice would be to make sure you have extra room in your suitcase, just in case you needed to buy a jacket or shirt while at the park. There is nothing more stressful than running out of room at the end of your trip.

We also take backpacks with us as our personal item. On the plane, these can hold items we need to access easily and fun things to do on the flight. Then, once we get to our hotel, the backpacks can be used to carry things we need during our days in the park. Our backpacks also give us a little wiggle room for souvenirs.

As much sense as it makes for families with small children to keep food and water on hand all day, we have found the opposite with the two of us. The hotels we’ve stayed at in Orlando have not provided breakfast, so we always pack granola bars or other small breakfast items to get us out the door in the morning, but don’t carry many snacks besides that. We prefer to eat at the park, both for convenience and the experience. Walking around all day can wear you out, so we stop for a small snack or meal regularly to keep up our energy levels (thus providing a more pleasurable Disney experience).

Water is so important at Disney regardless of the time of year, but especially in the summer, and especially in Orlando. We took a water bottle with us on our first trip, but found that we didn’t love the taste of the water from the drinking fountains. We usually buy a couple bottles of water each day, but have also found that food stands and restaurants will give out cups of water for free. This is true at both Disneyland and Disney World, so take advantage of it!

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

Because there are only two of us and we travel light, we often carry our things in a standard cinch bag. Up until recently it has worked well, holding jackets, water, cell phones, and sunscreen. We have started carrying two cameras with us in the parks, and have needed to increase the size of our bag. Being the Disney fanatics that we are, we love the Jansport Disney backpacks. They are the perfect size for a day in the park, and are comfortable to carry all day.

Disney makes it easy to store your items if you don’t want to carry them around all day. We recently did a 24 hour trip to Anaheim, and needed to leave one of the two backpacks we came with in a locker. The lockers are easily accessible all day, and are not outlandishly expensive. If we wanted to, we each could have carried a backpack, but with just one of us carrying a bag, it makes it nicer to switch off during the day, rather than just one person carrying the bag the whole time.

Carlye Wisel

  • Lost count of her trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Space Mountain!

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

I always bring so many granola bars — Rx protein bars, to be specific. I find that breakfast at Walt Disney World can be the trickiest meal, and not just because healthy options are quite limited. Ride wait times are the lowest in the morning, and the parks open quite early, so you never want to waste time sitting to have scrambled eggs when you could be cramming in those early AM rides!

I also pack a Roku TV stick as well, which is a total game changer. Because I spent so much of my life in hotel rooms. having old Parks & Recreation episodes playing in the background while scrambling to get ready is a nice way to make your Disney resort room feel like home.

And, this sounds like a no-brainer, but always bring an extra layer. Always! Doesn’t matter if it’s 110 degrees out in the humid Florida sun or not, the air-conditioned areas (especially the buses!) are so freezing cold that you’ll always find yourself zipping it up, thankful you shoved it into your bag that morning.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

Regardless of which park I visit, I always have a small zippered pouch on me which has absolutely everything I’ll need . Since I’m tirelessly exploring the parks, I find that my bags tend to explode with the busy days and sleepy nights and having a home for the essentials — phone charger, business cards, trading pins, one of *every* kind of medicine, money, etc. — is a lifesaver.

Since I’m a Disneyland local — I live in southern California — I always fly to Walt Disney World, but carry a Swell aluminum water bottle to both, which keeps water cold and saves me from buying $4 disposable bottles of Dasani. Be warned, though: Disney World water can taste sulfer-y, so I try to fill up at restaurants and lobby dispensers whenever possible.

And, when flying to any Disney Park, I always have a packing cube filled with “weather essentials”. In here, I’ll stuff my umbrellas, ponchos, portable fans, cooling towels and anything else I can easily grab and go depending on the day when heading out in the morning.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

I try to treat Disney parks less like an endurance challenge and more like a casual day out and about, so I refuse to use heavy-duty bags. My favorite is a leather black backpack, which works great because it won’t get dirty when stuffed into ride compartments, can get wet easily and has a latch for attaching antibacterial goop onto. Granted, if you’re traveling with kids it’s a whole different game, but I find the bigger the bag, the more I carry, so being restrained is worthwhile!

If I’m traveling to an international Disney park that still uses a paper FastPass ticketing system, I’ll carry an extra little cross-body purse on me to hold all the little tickets I’ll accumulate throughout the day. Thankfully, parks like Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland sell bags like this shaped like characters! It makes it super handy to not lose your precious park ticket while running around.

Robert Blaszkiewicz

  • 8 trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Avatar Flight of Passage attraction in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

  • Walking gear: You might not realize that typical park touring can mean walking 10 miles or more per day. Comfortable shoes, moisture-wicking socks and anti-chafing powder or cream can help save you from painful consequences of walking all day in a hot theme park.
  • Disney gift cards: If you’re staying at a Disney resort, you can charge meals and merchandise to your room, then use gift cards to settle up the charges on the night before you check out. Plenty of sites explain how to get Disney gift cards at a discount, which can provide you with savings.
  • A plan: If you think you can just cruise into a Disney theme park and wing it, you’ll likely be spending more time than you want standing in line and figuring out what to do next. At Walt Disney World, you can make dining reservations 180 days in advance. Disney resort guests can book attractions 60 days ahead of time, using FastPass Plus. At Disneyland, the new MaxPass (which does cost $10 per day per ticket) allows you avoid lines by selecting attractions in advance and download all your Disney PhotoPass photos.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

We typically fly, so everything is in suitcases and carryons. If you use Disney’s Magical Express to get to a Walt Disney World Resort, there’s a chance that you might wait several hours for your luggage to get to your room. So it’s important to have any essentials you’ll want for the day in a carryon. If the kids want to go swimming right away, make sure you have their swimsuits at the ready. As far as food goes, we will pack some breakfast items, like cereals and pastries, which allows us to eat a quick breakfast in the room and then head to the parks. A key to getting a lot done in the parks is getting there for opening, or as Disney fans call it, “rope drop.”

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

We always pack a lightweight cinched backpack to bring into the parks. Before going into a park, you will have to go through a security bag check, so we prefer a bag that’s simpler to open and inspect. In this, we will have rain ponchos, camera gear, phone chargers and cords, and other essentials like sunscreen. When our son was in a stroller, that was a convenient place to put our things. Disney does allow you to bring food and drinks into the park, so we’ll often throw some snacks and bottles of water in there as well.

Melanie Gifford

  • 10 trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: 7 Dwarfs Mine Train

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

Three things that I always bring on my Disney World vacations are a fan, Dramamine, and flip-flops.

I am addicted to sleeping with a fan, my whole family is. If I don’t have a fan, I won’t sleep as well and it is important to get a good night’s sleep when you have long days at Disney. Plus, when you are sharing a room with your whole family, it helps to block out sounds.

Dramamine is a must for me. The Teacups and I are not friends, but my kids love them and want me to ride too. I make sure to take it when I start my day and have extra in my park bag for later.

Finally, flip-flops are a must-have. Not only are they great to have for the pool, but paired with a poncho, you can keep going if it rains at the park without having soggy shoes.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

I live in Michigan, so we always fly to Disney World. Each family member brings their own checked bag because as much as I try I am not a light packer and like to be prepared. We always bring our own bag of electronics and charging cords, things to do on the plane and items like pajamas, swimsuits and an extra set of clothes, just to be safe. I find the best way for our family to stay organized when sharing one room is to keep our things in our suitcases, which are stored in the closet. Toiletries are organized under the sink. We don’t spend much time in our room, so it is easy to keep things organized.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

When we visit the parks as a family, we bring one backpack with any essentials we may need during the day, so we won’t need to return to our resort if we want to spend the whole day at the park. I like bringing a backpack because it’s large enough to hold items for a family of five, but still not too large to carry and take on rides. Typically, my husband is in charge of the backpack and I bring a smaller crossbody bag that holds our camera. I love to capture family moments on vacation, so this is a must for me.

Becky Ginther

  • 26 trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Kilimanjaro Safaris

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

  • Portable phone charger – you’re walking around the parks all day, and chances are you’re using your phone a good amount to take photos, pass time waiting in line, etc. Having a portable phone charger makes sure I’m always charged and ready to go!
  • Teva Mush II flip flops – It’s hot in Florida, and I don’t want my feet cooped up in sneakers, but I still want to be comfortable walking around the parks. These flip flops are super comfy for walking. I have them in 4 different colors.
  • Autograph book and clickable sharpie pen – There are lots of different ways to collect character autographs, but I bought a copy of the Encyclopedia of animated Disney characters and I have each character sign on their page. I also use a clickable sharpie pen because it’s much easier for the characters to use, rather than having to fumble with the cap to the pen.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

We almost always fly. Disney makes it easy to check a suitcase, since they’ll pick it up from the airport for you and deliver it to your room if you’re staying at one of their resorts. I pack some snacks in my suitcase to bring in the parks. That way once we eat it, we also have room to fit souvenirs! Another trick I like is to pack a foldable laundry basket, so I can keep my dirty clothes separated from the clean, especially if I have any leftover when I pack up to go home. I also bring a carry-on backpack of the essentials, so I can go right into the theme parks even if my room isn’t ready yet.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

I have a Disney Vera Bradley backpack that I use to carry my stuff. It’s a pretty standard sized backpack. I know some people want to carry less, but after many trips of feeling frustrated that I didn’t have something with me I felt like it was better to have it all rather than having to go back to the room. I like to do a lot of photography around the parks too so I have to carry my photography equipment. The one downside to this is that sometimes is starts to hurt my back to carry around a backpack all day. Sometimes I’ll convince my husband to carry my flowery Minnie Mouse backpack for awhile!

Crystal Reagan

  • 8 trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction:

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

I always pack ponchos because you never know when it’s going to rain in Florida. It’s always nice to have protection during the afternoon showers.

We also bring water bottles. Water is about $3/bottle at the parks but you can get free ice water at the quick serve food stations. We always fill up with free water and save our money for the yummy Disney desserts.

Quick, easy, on-the-go snacks are also always in our luggage. Think granola bars, gummy treats, beef jerky, etc. These are great when the kids get hungry while you’re waiting in line.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

We usually bring a suitcase for each member of the family and keep things organized that way. It’s very easy to organize when you group outfits together and tie together with a rubberband or place in a large ziploc. That way everyone knows what they’re going to wear without any fuss.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

We carry everything we need in one backpack that my husband carries most of the time. Any standard size backpack will work, however, I use a photography backpack because I like compartmentalizing everything and knowing exactly where everything is at. This is a perfect solution for us because we don’t have to try to keep track of multiple bags.

Kelly Ortiz

  • 98+ trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Tower of Terror

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

  • Pop Up Hampers & Bins-I cannot tell you enough how pop up hampers have changed the way I travel. I know it sounds minuscule but really it has helped. You can get pop ups from the dollar store and also at the Target Dollar Spot. I place two pop up hampers under the sink where all of the dirty clothes go. I also leave one in the closet for shoes and one by the window for kid’s toys and such. In addition, I purchase a small cloth pop up bin at the Target Dollar Spot. We leave this bin on the table and use It for anything we have in our hands when we walk in the door…Magic Bands, sunglasses,change,wallets… etc. This system has allowed my family to stay organized and to keep us from frantically looking for items in the morning.
  • Sound Machine App-This is not really something tangible but I need it. Resorts can be noisy and even if they are not, when you are in a strange place, you do not sleep as well. The white noise app is the same one I use at home. Because of this app, I sleep like a baby and so does my family.
  • Laundry Pods and Dryer Sheets-These are a must! Purchasing laundry detergent from your resort will cost you quite a bit. Even if you think you will not be doing laundry, bring it just in case.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

We always fly and we always fly Southwest, this way we do not need to worry about how much luggage we have. We do use color-coded packing cubes to organize each of our clothes. When we arrive, we have a rule, we need to unpack. There is nothing more stressful than living out of a suitcase.

My big organizational tip goes back to what I said about pop-up hampers and bins..they are my life when I travel. I also bring extra plastic hangers with so that we can hang up almost everything…there is never enough drawer space.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

When we go to the parks we use a Disney Parks backpack. We bring, ponchos, sunblock, hats, chapstick and ID with us. We also keep our extra phone chargers in there. We never have a backpack without a carabiner on it. These hooks keep our refillable mugs attached to the backpack so we can be hands-free.

Erica Schwarz

  • Dozens of trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Animal Kingdom Safari and all of the countries at Epcot

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

When we go to Disney, we pack our own food for breakfast, lunch, and snacks for both in the parks and at the resort. We eat breakfast at the resort, usually something light like bananas and cereal in the room. Then we bring enough food for our lunch and two snacks each for the four of us.

Snacks are something prepackaged such as pretzels and hummus, carrots and dip, or cheesesticks and crackers. Lunches are always a great sandwich or sub, fruit, and Goldfish crackers (my favorite). It is especially important to bring great food that is satisfying because at Disney you are surrounded by food and if you don’t like what you brought, you will be tempted to dump it and spend much more money on food in the park.

This makes our experience better because we save money and don’t have to go through the pain of waiting in the busy lines for food. Italian subs, Chicken Salad sandwiches, Buffalo Chicken wraps, and Ham and Cheese Croissant sandwiches have always gone over big with my family.

One other thing I have found particularly handy is a spare, travel phone charger because it never fails that someone ends up with a low battery. At Disney, there are no outlets for public use, so a travel charger is a must.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

We live an hour away from Disney World, so we drive there. We load up a basic, large cooler with the perishables and a plastic bin full of nonperishables like bread and snacks, then we take these to the resort room. This way I can assemble lunches in the room. We also bring a cooler with drinks for the kids and beer for us because paying resort costs for adult beverages adds up quickly. It’s important to remember plastic wrap and bags, utensils, and paper towels too, as well as sterilizing wipes to clean any area used for food preparation in the room.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

We used to use a 1-foot square cooler to carry most of the food for a day at the park, and this fit nicely in the bin of my son’s stroller. He’s seven now though, so no stroller. To adjust, now my husband and I each carry a light, drawstring backpack. We have accumulated a number of these over the years and find them to be quite handy.

We also no longer bring drinks. Instead, we get water in the park (you can ask for free water at each food service location in the parks) to cut down on the bulk. One thing I have learned over the years going to Disney is that less is better. Keep what you carry light and handy. My wallet, phone (plus travel charger), handgel, some wet wipes, our food, in a drawstring backpack. That’s it!

One last thing is that we also bring a small cooler that holds ~six cans. We use this to bring drinks for the kids and beer for my husband and I for when we hangout at the pool. This saves a ton of money rather than using the poolside services.


  • 15 trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Meeting characters, especially villains + Avatar Flight of Passage

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

  • Nightlights – even if your kids don’t need a nightlight at home, having one at Disney is essential. Having a nightlight in the bathroom means not everyone is woken up if someone goes in the middle of the night. It also saves many stubbed toes when creeping around a dark hotel room trying not to wake the kids.
  • Over-the-counter medicine – I always pack pain relievers (like Tylenol or Advil) for both kids and adults. I also bring cough medicine that is good for age four years old and up. There have been times where someone in my group has gotten sick in the middle of the night and it was a relief to have some medicine on hand to treat a fever, cough or both.
  • My Matador blanket – this super thin foldable blanket is always with me in my park bag. I generally use it to claim a spot for parade or firework viewing. This blanket folds into a small rectangle barely bigger than my palm, but can cover enough sidewalk space to seat 4-6 people.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

We always fly to Disney World/Disneyland. We generally travel with a checked bag, a rolling carry-on, and a backpack. My checked bag contains packing cubes which are my new obsession. Packing cubes keep everything neat inside my suitcase, easy to find in our hotel room, and easy to repack when it is time to head home.

I pack my backpack as my park bag on the plane ride to Disney, but with a couple of extra items like my laptop, magazines, or snacks. This way when we arrive at Disney I am always ready to go straight to the park even if our room isn’t ready.

My daughter has a food allergy, so I always pack food for vacation. The food you will find in my suitcase is cereal, Surf Sweets gummy bears, Goldfish, cookies and pretzels.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

These days I’ve been carrying a North Face Women’s Isabella backpack to the parks. I like that this backpack can fit a lot of stuff without being too large or uncomfortable. I am the official pack mule of the family, and we only bring this one bag into the park.

When my daughter was little I used to leave a child-sized backpack with some of our items on the handles of the stroller. This allowed me to use a medium sized purse to carry the irreplaceable items. Who knew I would miss the stroller so much?!

Mindy Moser

  • Around 40 trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Splash Mountain

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

The top 3 things that I always bring to Disney World/Disneyland are disposable ponchos, a portable cell phone charger and autograph books for the kids.

Disposable ponchos are great for freak rainstorms, but they also come in handy to keep your clothes dry when riding water rides like Splash Mountain, Kali River Rapids and Grizzly River Run.

A portable cell phone charger is a MUST when going to a Disney Park. You will definitely use your cell phone at Disney! Disneyland has an app and Disney World has the My Disney Experience app. These apps are used to book FASTPASSES, make dining reservations, and find the location of favorite Characters. You’ll also want your phone to take pictures! That’s why a portable charger is so important.

When my family visits Disney, we always bring along an autograph book for each child. They get so excited for their favorite characters to sign their book and its a fun, personalized souvenir that they can keep to preserve their memories. It’s also fun to include a picture of the child with the characters next to their autograph.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

We live within driving distance of Disneyland, so we drive there. Disney World is farther so we fly. When flying, it is extremely important to me to be organized. We usually pack a small mesh laundry hamper to contain dirty clothes during our trip. That way we its easy to keep them separate from the clean clothes.

I like to bring some of our own snacks when we go to Disney World. One thing I like to do is have snacks and drinks shipped to our hotel so that they are there waiting for us when we arrive.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

For the last ten years, we’ve always had little ones with us when we visit Disneyland and Disney World. We have had the convenience of having a stroller to carry our things. I usually take a diaper bag with baby essentials and snacks for everyone. I also carry a smaller bag/purse with me that can be brought with us when we go on rides or watch shows. That way I can have a bottle of water, snacks, and games to keep the kids entertained while we are waiting.

Renee Durand

  • At least one trip per year to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Peter Pan’s Flight + Buzz Lighyear’s Space Ranger Spin

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

  • We bring our Uppababy Vista stroller. It flies free, and Disney delivers it to our room with the Magical Express. Strollers can be rented at the park (those are hard plastic and uncomfortable) or at numerous rental places. The ones at the rental places don’t compare to the maneuverability, storage, and versatile configurations of our own.

    We love our Vista for it’s ability to fit both kids in any direction, massive storage space, and that it is an in-line double as opposed to a side-by-side. We have used it with the bucket seat when our youngest was an infant, and it still fits both. We also recently added the piggyback which is a nice stand that our preschooler loves. Having both kids be comfortable and have a home base means they are comfortable as they cruise through the parks. Tip: tie a balloon to whatever stroller you use so that you can find it if a cast member moves it while you are enjoying an attraction.

  • We bring cooling supplies in the warmer months – stroller fans, misting fans the kids can hold, and cooling towels like the ones you can get from Frogg Togs. Staying cool in the summer makes all the difference! We also take frequent A/C breaks. Our eldest even took a nap in her stroller (which NEVER happens) at 18 months in EPCOT in 100 degree heat. No red cheeks and her skin was cool to the touch. Mom and Dad celebrated with a quick pint at the Rose and Crown pub!
  • We bring some Disney toys to add to the magic without breaking the bank. Kids inevitably want to buy lots of Disney toys and memorabilia, so we buy a few ahead – sometimes on the Disney Parks Store app on sale – or Amazon – and hide those in the luggage. We also bring glow necklaces and bracelets which are available at places like the Dollar store, but sold at a premium at Disney’s night events.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

We fly to Disney, although we may drive at some point. We pack in suitcases and the stroller goes into a stroller bag. We take a backpack and a diaper bag as our carryons that contain everything we need to get through a whole day – including night clothes, toiletries, bathing suits, change of clothes, and diapers.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

We use a combination of a backpack and a diaper bag. We actually have analyzed what we think are the best backpack and diaper bags for Disney world.

For a diaper bag, we like the Skip Hop Duo Signature. This is a premium bag without a premium price. It has high quality construction and the polyester fabric means it is resistant to stains and easy to clean. It has stroller straps and a padded shoulder straps. It stands up well to the abuse of a Disney trip. It is also available in both feminine and masculine patterns. It includes a changing pad, which is nice. It is also organized for the search at the park entrances. It has one main zip pocket and one smaller front pocket so it can be looked through quickly.

As for a backpack, we like The North Face Jester. Why? It does well across what we feel are the most important categories for a great Disney backpack – comfort, size and capacity, organization, durability, water resistance, and appearance.

It is comfortable to wear for numerous hours in the parks because of the shoulder padding. It is a medium sized bag, which works well for Disney. No one needs a giant hiking bag, but room for snacks, ponchos, sunscreen, and other essentials is good. It’s not too big, and not too small. The Jester’s pocket layout is simple enough to allow it to be easily searched, but will keep your sunscreen separate from your snacks. It has exterior mesh pockets for water bottles. It is light weight and breathable with padded shoulder straps and a durable build. It’s a nice looking bag. And…it’s reasonably priced. The material can a tad scratchy, but we usually have a short-sleeved shirt on underneath, so this isn’t an issue.

We carry the bags and we don’t put one on the kids. Why? Because they are just as likely to hand it to us as they are to wear it! Both these bags also fit under our vista if we want to store them as opposed to carrying them.

Shara Ray

  • 4 trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Magic Kingdom + Space Mountain

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

We always bring our own souvenirs that I purchase ahead of time. It’s always cheaper that way, and you can get things that are a little different than the things sold at the parks. Plus, I love wrapping them up to increase the anticipation!

I pack little things to do while we wait in line. Although Disney is awesome at entertaining for the most part, sometimes that doesn’t appease toddlers. So I bring snacks like fishies and cheerios that I can dole out a few at a time. I also bring glow sticks, bubbles, and fans for entertainment. We also download the Disney Hidden Mickey and Trivia apps for the older kids.

I always go to the dollar store before we go and buy a bunch of cheap ponchos and those tiny towels that start out in a ball. The ponchos are great for Florida showers and water rides, then you can just chuck them. And the towels are so little, they don’t take up any space until you unwrap them…then they are the perfect size for drying off after a water ride, or using as a toddler blanket for naptime.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

We only live about six hours away so we always drive to Disney. In the car, we have our suitcases, a bag of food for the condo we rent, a bag of park snacks, each child has an activity bag for the car, and a cooler. We rent all of our strollers, cribs and high chairs when we get to Orlando. All of my children’s outfits are packed in an individual ziplock bag for each day, which cuts down on space, messy suitcases, and size confusion…plus it ensures clean underwear and matching outfits!

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

We use a double stroller at Disney, and my three older kids take turns riding in it. (The infant has not been to Disney yet, but I’d probably wear him most of the time) We pack sandwiches and snacks in small collapsable coolers, along with refillable water bottles.

We use one backpack for our whole family with spare outfits for the kids, ponchos, mini towels, bug spray, sunscreen and the souvenir for the day. We keep it under the stroller, but carry it with us onto rides. We also have our stroller labeled clearly with our name, and make sure we hide or bring with us anything of value when we are on rides (including portable fans!!).

I love that Disney has a separate gate for people with bags…we send one person through that one with the stroller and bags, and everyone else goes through the other gates and makes a pit stop before we get to the rides.

Nicky Omohundro

  • 10+ trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: World Showcase in Epcot

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

I always bring a refillable water bottle, washcloth in a sealed plastic bag, and moleskin for blisters.

The water bottle is self explanatory but I find that this one thing saves me ALOT of money in the parks. Instead of buying soda or bottled water, I simply refill at water fountains or ask for ice water at a quick service restuarant.

The washcloth in a plastic bag has a ton of uses. On hot days, I’ll soak the cloth in ice water, wring out, and wrap around my neck to cool off. I’ve used it to clean up sticky hands and faces when the kids were younger. It also comes in really handy to wipe off a bench or seat after an afternoon rain shower. The plastic bag can also double as a dry spot to sit when watching the parade.

Moleskin is also on hand because all the walking can cause foot blisters. I never enter a park without it.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

I often fly to Orlando, but have driven on a few occassions. I often pack non-perishables in my suitcase. For any perishables, I will place a grocery delivery order or pick up any needed items in the resort’s small grocery. I keep everything organized with plastic bags or sorted into different suitcases. Since we usually fly, I don’t bring drinks along but everyone has their own refillable water bottle. I always pack a variety of snacks.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

I or someone in our family will carry a backpack or crossbody bag. I have a Kelty backpack and a Disney Minnie Mouse crossbody that I really like in the park. My husband favors a travel/packable backpack from Gobi Gear and ChicoBags. Every bag we take is small and we only carry 1-2 water bottles, the washcloth in a bag, first aid kit with moleskin, cell phones, rain ponchos if needed, etc. We limit ourselves to 1 bag to decrease the time we speed in the bag check line before entering the park. Because we almost always stay on property, we utilize the park’s delivery service when you purchase in the parks. They will delivery any purchase to our resort so we don’t have to carry anything around.

Janine Pipe

  • 7 trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Tower of Terror at DDHS

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

  • Snacks.
  • No one likes a cranky, tired and hungry child whinging and moaning in a long line for a ride. Or even a ‘hangry’ adult waiting with their child in a 2 hour queue to meet a Princess … so I ALWAYS pack some snacks in the park bag. Whether they be something simple like raisins or a banana, or savvy use of a snack-credit like Chip and Dale trail mix or even Minnie’s baked cookies, this can be a true life-saver.

  • A personalised autograph book.
  • You can buy regular ones in the parks, and of course, any notebook will do, but we personally love the character interaction when they sign a special page with their picture on. Remember to pack a Sharpie too, a lot of the characters have large hands, Sharpies are much easier for them to use than normal pens.

  • Poncho/raincoat/umbrella.
  • If you are extremely lucky, you won’t see a famous Florida afternoon rainstorm but it is highly unlikely. The 3pm August storm runs like clock-work!!! It can seem like the apocalypse whilst they are occurring, and if you are not protected, you will be wet through to your undies in seconds. A spare carrier bag to pop them in after the sun is back out again is a good idea too. They can also some in useful if you don’t fancy getting wet on one of the water rides, or to sit on so you don’t burn your butt!!!

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

As we fly from the UK, we bring all our stuff packed in large duffel bags or suitcases. We are therefore limited on weight and customs restrictions – no food or drink. We bring four bags, one for each of us and one empty spare one for all the goodies we bring home with us. Although each of us has a dedicated bag, I mix a few things from each of us into each one, just in case any go missing (so we at least all have clean underwear!). I always put our PJs (with tooth-brush, face wipes etc.) and first-day outfits into a zip-lock bag at the top of the cases too, so we can quickly unpack them when we arrive at the hotel.

It is also a good idea to bring half used toiletries so you can just leave them behind. It is a very good idea to make a list of everything you need before you go. WDW is not in the back of beyond and there is very little besides prescription medication that you will not be able to purcahse if you forget anything. Florida is very warm and extremely casual, so leave your dressy attire behind and think shorts, t-shirts and swimsuits. All resorts have laundry facilities too, so you don’t need an outfit for each day.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

When it was just the two of us, I mainly used to carry a bum-bag/fanny-pack and either clip a water bottle to it or attach one on my lanyard. Now we have a child, even though she will be eight on the next trip, I find I need to carry a lot more about with me so I tend to still use my bum-bag but also carry a back-pack.

I have a Kipling bum-bag and my current back-pack is from the Disney Store. I keep small essentials in the Kipling, like cash, phone, anti-bac hand gel, tissues, lip balm. I like to keep these close to me as it feels more secure, I wear it on my hip so I can see it/keep my hand on it.

Then the back-pack carries sun-cream, spare clothes for daughter, ponchos, water, mister-fan, note-book etc. Up until recently, we also hired a stroller, and it spent most of the day in there. This year, as we will be strollerless, I will need to make sure the bag doesn’t weigh a ton, as no one likes aching shoulders and a sweaty back at Disney!

My daughter often carries a small bag too, usually matching her outfit. She likes to keep her own few bits and bobs in there, her sunglasses, lip-balm and pins to trade.

Katie Kimball

  • 3 trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Pirates of the Carribean

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

  • Metal water bottles
  • Roll-up large shopping bag
  • Our own lunch and snacks

We save so much money by bringing our own food, and we do it in a large nylon bag with a bag of ice, all of which rolls up into nothing after we’ve eaten. Not to mention staying away from junk food is better for our health and supportive of allergies, even though I understand Disney is getting much better at accommodating.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

Plane flight from home, condo when we’re there. We buy food once we arrive but pack a few things like cinnamon and salt that can be small in the suitcase but expensive to purchase.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

We bring one plain old normal backpack and the nylon bag to Disney and each person has their own water bottle carrier to wear. We bring as much food as we can carry!

Megan Harney

  • Too many trips to Disney World/Disneyland to count
  • Favorite attraction: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Walt Disney World

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

We always pack a sound machine. The resort rooms can be loud if you get a group above or beside you that doesn’t share your sleeping habits. We were so grumpy on our first trip as a family because nobody could sleep! Now we pack a sound machine and it drowns out all the bumps and bangs.

My DIY autograph book is always a favorite. I wrote a post about how I made mine and it goes with us on every trip. I love that we can peek through it on the plane and in line while we wait for characters. It’s so much more colorful and fun than a traditional autograph book.

We bring our daily touring plans on dry erase pouches that are attached to binder clips. They hang on the stroller and are easily accessible throughout the trip. I love that I can write on the pouches and the kids can play with them on the plane.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

We always fly and we love to pack in packing cubes to keep our clothes organized, The packing cubes also transfer to the drawers easily and keep everyone’s stuff together. My daughter has a Trunki as her carry on, which I love because it functions as a suitcase and as a toy for the hotel room! We always bring nonperishable snacks like applesauce pouches and goldfish crackers with us and some simple items for breakfast in the hotel room like cereal boxes and pop tarts. We typically pick up half gallons of milk to store in the mini-fridge or order them online to be dropped off at our resort.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

We pack our park bag in a regular sized backpack. This bag holds everything from diapers and wipes to snacks to our camera equipment. We only carry one bag so that I can go through security with my bag while my husband takes the kids in the stroller through the ‘no bag’ security line. The only downside is that the bag check line is very long at rope drop! It always stinks to start your day in a line.

Casey Starnes

  • Hundreds trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Haunted Mansion at Disneyland

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

  • Fuel Rods – The backup batteries are essential for park visits. They’re super convenient since you can swap them out instead of having to recharge each to use again.
  • Matador Pocket Blanket – This blanket folds up to fit in your pocket and then unfolds to expand big enough to seat 4 people. It’s great for parades and shows.
  • Makeup, Essential Oils, Deodorant, etc. – My days are usually super early to super late. It’s nice to be able to touch up makeup and feel not so sweaty and yucky.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

I travel by train and bring one awesome park bag for each day’s visit. I bring a couple of granola bars and bottled water.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

I use one big tote that has a cross body strap in case I want to carry it across. Then, inside the bag, I use three clear, durable bags in varying sizes. These bags are made by Amy’s Small World on Etsy.

One holds my Minnie ears. One holds my techie gear. One holds miscellaneous items. The clear bags make getting through security a breeze and also help when you need to search through your larger bag for items since everything is visible through each smaller bag.

My tote is made by Rareform and I’m in love with it! They’re a company out of California that recycles billboard vinyl into bags, which makes them super durable since the fabric is so tough. Each bag is totally original since they’re all hand cut and designed from recycled billboard material. The inside of the bag has lots of pockets, a laptop sleeve, and more. Each exterior side of the bag has useful pockets, too. Adore this bag!

Jonathan de Araujo

  • 15+ trips to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Living with the Land

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

For me personally, my camera is essential. I love getting a ton of great shots and videos from around the parks each day. For most people their cell phone camera is probably more than sufficient though, so don’t over-do it on camera equipment.

Ziplock bags with snacks. This is technically 2, so I guess I’m cheating. Snacks always come in handy on bus rides, in line during the day, on the plane, etc. The ziplock bags are perfect for keeping your valuables dry on rides like Kali River Rapids.

Ponchos are essential for the Disney World parks especially May through October. It’s not at all unusual to get rain for 10-30 minutes almost every day on the Summer. You can buy them in the parks but I much prefer to bring my own.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

I always travel with a roll-aboard suitcase that fits in the storage bin above my seat on the plane. I do not check bags. I had the airline lose my luggage once and it was an absolute nightmare. Ever since I’ve only brought carry-ons and I’d recommend the same for everyone. If you’re going to check bags make sure your carry-on at least has a few days’ worth of essentials so you can get by in a pinch. In addition I bring a camera backpack which holds camera gear and has room for personal items as well.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

I carry that same camera backpack around with me each day. It can be converted and just used as a regular backpack on days that I’m less photo-centric. The key is to reduce weight. Only bring what you’re pretty sure you’ll need. Carrying a heavy backpack for 8-12 hours can be a real drag, so think ahead. A good comfortable pair of shoes makes this process a lot easier too. Never wear a brand new pair to Disney, you’ll be on your feet all day and if they’re not a great fit you may very well regret it.

Daniella Driscoll

  • A couple of times to Disney World/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Thunder Mountain

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

  • Portable phone charger : A day at the park full of photos, phone calls and app usage can easily drain phone batteries. If you take along a phone charger or battery pack, you’ll be able to give your phone a boost throughout the day and continue to enjoy the Disney fun.
  • Rain poncho: Even though the sunshine state is known for its year round warm weather, rain showers are common especially in summer and hurricane season. Having a rain poncho to hand will come in handy if it’s a rainy day at the parks or even for the water rides. You can purchase ponchos at Disney for $10, however this can add up for a large family, that it’s always best to buy them beforehand at a local supermarket.
  • Ear plugs: Every night, Disney puts on fantastic firework displays and if you’re visiting the parks with young children or babies, it can be a bit too much for them. To fix this for young children who have sensitive ears or don’t like loud noises, pack a few pairs of child ear plugs.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

There’s a range of villas located a stone throw from the Disney Parks and you can either arrive by car or shuttle. Encore Resort at Reunion offers direct shuttle services to the park that travelling to Disney is easy. I’d recommend bringing a big backpack for the leader of the group with your main park essentials and have each group member bring a small backpack with their individual items.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

This depends on which sort of group is visiting the parks. For families, I’d recommend a large backpack with snacks, water, ponchos, autograph books and all the necessities to keep the kids happy throughout the day. If you’re travelling as a group of adults, between you in smaller backpacks, you can bring along all the necessities and buy any other essentials at the parks.

Suzy McCullough

  • 4 trips to Disneyworld/Disneyland
  • Favorite attraction: Expedition Everest at Disneyworld

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

It can cost a lot to buy water at Disney, yes it’s lovely and cold but the cost can soon add up with more than one of you needing water. So I always carry one to two refillable sports type bottles. With that I always have a small juice to squeeze into it as warm water can often taste better as juice. At Disneyworld there are plenty of water fountains where you can fill up.

Wet wipes. It’s the end of the world if I forget my wet wipes. Jamie is at an age where he doesn’t really need them as much now but honestly you never know when you may need one.

My final top essential is if you are taking a camera or a GoPro make sure you take along a spare camera card. I took over 2,000 photos and 1,000 video clips on our last trip. The last thing you want to do is to pay Disney prices for a new card.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

Our son has his own bag for the plane. This has the tablet in it, wireless headphones, snacks, soft toys, mini toys such as cars etc and plenty of activity and colouring books. Although you don’t spend a huge amount of time in your rooms these are great for keeping him entertained without charging around. Plus it keeps him entertained for hours on the plane.

For ourselves we always take two large suitcases. My husband has one to himself but carries all the packing cubes with the toiletries etc.

Packing cubes are amazing and I totally recommend that you buy some especially if you are staying at more than one place. We have a cube each for underwear, one for anything pool/weather related, one for sink toiletries, one for bath/shower toiletries, one for first aid bits and bobs and one for miscellaneous/non urgent items. It helps to be organised and we usually just unzip them and leave them open in the room and bathroom.

Finally, our last bag that we take is a bag for the car seat. Hiring a car seat can cost an awful lot of money so we have recently purchased a car seat bag with backpack type straps. It makes it easier to carry around and the bag itself didn’t cost a lot. It also means the car seat can often go through with the suitcases and made it easy to spot.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

We have one big bag, which is a back to front backpack so it’s super safe as I carry a lot of valuables. It has about six pockets and four zips so perfect for easy access as I know where everything is. I would have loved a stroller though as they are super useful for putting extra clothing layers, drinks, waterproofs etc. It’s so much more comfortable having backpack to carry around than a handbag and far more kinder to your back.

I managed to carry around, two water bottles, a Canon camera, GoPro with grip handle, tissues, a reusable bag, sunblock, sunglasses, hair bobbles, camera, wet wipes, documents, spare camera cards, a charger, my phone, hats and a mini juice.

Krystal Chiarolla

  • Lost count of her trips to Disneyworld/Disneyland (former Walt Disney World Cast Member)
  • Favorite attraction: Big Thunder Mountain

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

The top 3 items I always bring on my Disney trips are an external charger for my phone, a filtered water bottle, and peppermint foot wipes. Before you laugh about the foot wipes, let me tell you. When those feet are tired from walking, these wipes help refresh the tired toes.

An external charger for my phone is a must. I am always taking photos and videos to share while at the parks. Disneyland has a charging station to purchase these on Main Street but you must be aware that it is limited to what kind of phones they offer cords for. It is better to have your own on hand that you know will work with your phone. I say this from experience.

A filtered water bottle is a great asset to any packing list for Disney. While you can ask for a cup of water at most food locations, it is likely that you will receive the small cup. Keeping a filtered water bottle on hand means that you can fill-up at any water fountain. Water is essential but can get spendy in the parks if you purchase bottles of water during the day.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

I travel by plane to both Disney World and Disneyland. I always use my Disney themed American Tourister suitcases because let’s face it: Traveling with an R2-D2 or Mickey Mouse themed suitcase is just cooler!

I like to keep things organized by packing small items in travel bags and keeping outfits together. I recommend having a jewelry organizer pouch that keeps necklaces from tangling. If you don’t have that, grab some plastic straws and hook each necklace through those to keep them from tangling. I also recommend a good cosmetic bag to hold your makeup and a makeup brush holder to keep your brushes from getting smashed.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

At the parks, I use a small backpack when I am alone. Something simple and water resistant to hold my camera and other small items like lotion, external chargers, etc. I am always sure to cover my good camera with a shock resistant soft case. This ensures my equipment is not rattled on rides.

When I am with the kids, I like to use my Mickey Mouse backpack that I purchased for $15 at the Disney Store. Keep an eye out at the parks to see if they have sale promotions. If you make a specific amount purchase, you might be able to get a Disney themed backpack for a lower cost. This helps if you forget to pack an extra bag. The larger backpack is great for packing an extra set of clothing for the kids (think about wet rides) and a few snacks along with essentials. I usually carry the backpack and my husband carries a hydration pack so that we have extra water on hand.

I think Disney World does a great job in offering to send purchases to resort hotel package pickup or the front entrance to pick-up as you exit the park. You can also send these items home via UPS or FedEx for a small additional fee. Not a bad idea if you end up purchasing items that you know won’t fit in the suitcase. Disneyland also offers this service for those staying at Disneyland Resort Hotels to have the package delivered to them or you can have purchases held at select locations within the parks. Hands-free at Disney means getting around much easier.

Allison Jones

  • 1,000+ trips to Disneyworld/Disneyland and 20+ Disney Cruises
  • Favorite attraction: Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, and Splash Mountain

What top 3 things do you always bring to Disney World/Disneyland besides the common stuff everybody bring?

As a Floridian, we have lots of tricks to keep cool at the Disney Parks! We always carry cooling towels in our theme park bag. You just pour cold water on these thin towels and shake them out. They keep you cool all day long at the Disney Parks.

Since we visit the Disney Parks (a lot) we know all of the tips and tricks to beating the lines. However, there will still be times that you have to wait. You may be waiting for your table for dinner, waiting in the FastPass+ line, or even waiting for Happily Ever After Fireworks to begin. We make sure we have a fully charged cell phone with the game called Heads Up (Disney Edition.) This game is so much for for the entire family. During a recent visit to Disney World, we were playing Heads Up with our family. Within 15 minutes, we had 10 other people joining in on our game. It is a fun way to waste time during the waits!

As a Florida girl, I live in flip flops. Over the summer months, it rains almost every day in Orlando. Even if you have an umbrella or poncho, your shoes will still get wet. Wearing flip flops in the rain is tough, you slip and slide all over the place and watch out for those flip flop blow outs. During those rainy months, I wear sandals that can get wet and have a strap. That way the fun can continue, even if your feet are wet.

How do you bring your stuff to Disney World/Disneyland?

One of my biggest tips for packing for a Disney World/Disneyland vacation is pack an extra bag. You can include snacks in this bag that you can munch on during your Disney vacation. Then you have an empty bag for souvenirs!

If you think you are going to purchase a lot of souvenirs, I also like packing a pre-paid USPS box. You can stuff it full with souvenirs and then drop it off at the front desk to ship home. This is a lot less expensive than an extra bag to fly home.

We do pack in suitcases for our Disney vacations. We love packing cubes to quickly pack and unpack. I also pack a portable shoe rack to hang on the back of the bathroom door. This is a great spot to hold shoes, sunblock, hairspray, and more. This keeps your room a little more organized.

How do you carry your stuff at Disney World/Disneyland?

For our time at the Disney Parks, we usually have (two) bags. Mom and dad have our day bag with cameras, waters, back up charges and more for our day at the parks. The kids have their own day bag with glow sticks, autograph books, pens, pressed pennies, and more for their fun at the parks.

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