Danish Diver Torben Lonne Shares How He Packs His Diving Gear for Easy Travel

My name is Torben and I was born and raised in Denmark, a bit north of Copenhagen. And Denmark is also a big part of my reason to travel. See, I love scuba diving, and I started diving in Denmark, but at some point, the cold weather became too much. […]


33x Freediving World Record Holder Herbert Nitsch Shares His Best Freediving Tips

Gutentag, I am freediver Herbert Nitsch from Austria. Although I am born in this land-locked country, I am not often home in Vienna, because I enjoy traveling the world to freedive in remote and exotic locations. For those of you wondering what freediving is: Well, it’s just diving on a […]

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Crazy Caver Explains How to Explore Caves and Map the Underworld

Have you ever wondered which places on earth have never been explored? For cave explorer, Nicholaus Vieira, discovering new places is his ultimate passion. Nicholaus call himself Crazy Caver – and here he shares with us his caving life, his favorite gear, his views on the importance of writing expedition […]