Eagle Creek ORV Trunk 36 Review, Pros and Cons

Eagle Creek ORV Trunk 36 is rated 4.44 based on 62 reviews

Feature Summary

Eagle Creek Unisex Exploration Series ORV Trunk 36
  • Eagle Creek sends you packing with the Exploration Series ORV Trunk 36.

Reviews Summary

Here’s what the reviewers think about the Eagle Creek ORV Trunk 36:

Reviewers like these things about the Eagle Creek ORV Trunk 36

  • Some users find the straps on the bottom and the top portion of the bag useful in providing additional insurance in case there are any zipper failures of the main compartment.
  • Robust shell construction, lot’s of storage and good ergonomics were cited as the main reasons for choosing this bag.
  • One user exclaimed that everything about the bag is amazing.
  • Many users find the presence of handles all over the sides of the bag very useful in picking it up from any angle.
  • Others find the expandable pocket amazing.
  • Some users thought the rigid frame is easier to maneuver and holds its shape even when it is only partially full.
  • Some reviewers who’ve used Eagle Creek for a while said it tends to hold up well in the rough & tumble of airport baggage handling.
  • One user thought it’s a pretty powerful bag and could contain a great number of their compression cubes.
  • Many reviewers agree it looks amazing,comes with premium construction and worth every penny.
  • A lot of users thought it’s the perfect size to carry all their work and personal gear.
  • One user said it’s built to last for someone who travels a lot.
  • Others thought the luggage has some good amount of organization.
  • Frequent travelers commend the bag for how it made their trip very comfortable.
  • Many reviewers noted how easy it is to pack and travel with.
  • Other users chose the bag for its sturdy fabric, strong seams, durability and color.
  • Other reviewers praised its well-balanced wheels.
  • Many users enjoy the multiple grab handles on the exterior of the bag, as they provide options on how they want to carry the bag.
  • Some liked how they can lock the main compartment to a grommet at the top center of the bag, for additional security.

Reviewers don’t like these things

  • One user thought it’s a wonderful high class bag but not tough enough for Singapore Airlines.
  • Some reviewers thought that some of the zippers seemed to be prone to misalignments.

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