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Eagle Creek Pack It Review

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4.5 Rating based on 7,225 reviews
We read and checked 7,225 reviews from experts and users. Based on all the reviews, the weighted average rating is 4.5 out of 5.

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Here's what the reviewers think about the Eagle Creek Pack It bag:

Reviewers like these things about the Eagle Creek Pack It

  • Several users noted that the Eagle Creek Pack It bag could allow users to roll and compress pants, shirts, and sweaters.
  • Reviewers thought that its smaller sizes could be used for undergarments, scarves, socks, and belts. Even electronic cords could be placed in such bags.
  • According to those who have tried that pack, it is lightweight.
  • Reviewers noted that it has a mesh top for breathability and visibility.
  • Users found that it has a two-way zippered opening for maximum compression.
  • Other users thought that it has a reinforced 300D poly micro-weave material.
  • They also mentioned that such pack could be washed.
  • Users also praised its sufficient gear volume.
  • Several reviewers have pointed out that it is easy to use.
  • A lot of testers indicated that it is durable.
  • Reviewers said that it has a compact design.
  • They also mentioned that it could be used best for weekend trips and airline travels.

Reviewers don't like these things

  • A reviewer had issues with the handle of the bag.
  • A user said that the bag is smaller than expected.

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Eagle Creek Specter
Eagle Creek Specter
Rating4.5 based on 3,185 reviews
Capacity0.3-10.7 l (20-650 cuin)
Weight0-1.3 lb (0-0.6 kg)

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The Gadgeteer
David Ferreira
Posted 30 November 2017
All in all, the system does what it says. My recommendation, however, would be to assess the kinds of packing cubes you might need and purchase accordingly rather than buying a one size fits some solution.
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Pack Hacker
Sam Schaible
Posted 23 November 2017
In short, don’t go anywhere without an Eagle Creek packing cube… or two or three of them.
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50 in 50 Marathon Quest
Posted 22 April 2017
These Eagle-Creek bags passed the tests with flying colors. Based on my use, they work exactly as claimed.
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Nerd Nomads
Posted 19 August 2016
I really love these packing cubes from Eagle Creek! They make my traveling so much easier!
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Enroute Traveler
Posted 19 August 2015
The cubes allowed me to fit more into my luggage, stay organized, and even leave a little leftover room to bring home some souvenirs.
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Stuffit Go Travelling
Posted 11 April 2015
So after researching online I finally got myself a travel-packing accessory called a Pack It Cube Specter Set by Eagle Creek, and to be honest, I couldn’t be happier.
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The Savvy Backpacker
Posted 15 September 2013
If you want to keep organized, you can’t go wrong with the Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter cubes. These cubes are ultra-lightweight, durable, and water resistant. Each of the three sizes serves a purpose. The compression versions are slightly larger, so get those if you need more packing space.
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Wonderful Wanderings
Posted 31 July 2013
After having used these Pack-It Cubes for three years, they’re still going strong and look as new. Needless to say, I can still highly recommend them.
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The Run Commuter
Posted 25 April 2013
It worked amazingly well! My clothes were ready to go when I arrived and looked like they just came off the shelf.
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