Deaf Travel Blogger Ed Rex Shares His Best Packing Tips to Avoid Overpacking

Traveler Ed Rex

I’m Ed Rex, (sometimes called the most handsome travel blogger) and I’m a travel writer and I run my own blog at I come from East Yorkshire up in the north of England (best place in the world) and I’ve come back home after travelling a many few years around the world and a few years living in London on a job.

Although I’m not one of those quiet guys, I’m always up for something new to experience. My favourite hobbies is to be constantly surprised in whatever I do, I just love getting the bus of discovering something new. But other than that, I like to do writing, reading and talking my gorgeous dog out for walks in country parks.

If someone had to describe me, I would be unpredictable, quirky, cheeky and handsome. And an egotist too!

Traveler Ed Rex

How and why did you get into traveling?

Ever since I was a young age, I’ve always wanted to travel. Both my parents and my uncle travelled to places that weren’t on the tourist track and I used to love hearing their stories of travel. However, I wasn’t confident on travelling on my own as I am deaf. But in my mid-twenties, I got a cochlear implant, which helped me to hear so much more. So confident, I ended up booking a round the world ticket three months after the operation! I thought, if anyone can do, so can I! I wanted to prove everyone wrong that I can travel solo and guess what, seven years later, I’m still travelling and proving everyone wrong.

I also want to say thank you for the travel blogs that were online. Many evenings, I spent browsing through the articles getting more and more inspired and excited. Little did I know that I would be running a travel blog too!

How do you prepare for your adventures and travels?

I usually prepare myself for my adventures and travels with just a winning smile and a passport! But obviously, you need to pack as well. Using my Arcido Travel Faroe backpack, I usually take three changes of clothes, my camera, laptop and a travel writing book to inspire on the country I’d be travelling to.

Traveler Ed Rex

How do you finance your travels?

Ooh, that would be revealing my secrets, wouldn’t it? I always set a budget of £1000 per month if I’m travelling in Europe, £1500 for Australia, £400 for SE Asia. But in terms of saving up for that, little differences can go a long way. I mean, do you really need to go out every evening? Can you cope without buying a latte first thing in the morning? Over a period of time, changing your spending habits can give you a nest egg for travelling. Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

Traveler Ed Rex
in Thailand

Why is traveling important for you?

Travelling is important to me because not only do I get my own independence, but travelling is also an education. Meeting locals around the world can totally give you different perspectives on the world and understand the cultures and customs from all corners of the globe.

Also, I love travelling because it gives me such a good rush and you never know what the next adventure can bring you.

Traveler Ed Rex
My Arcido Travel Faroe Bag

How do you bring your things with you?

If I’m travelling for a long weekend or even for a week, I usually rely on my trusty Arcido Travel Faroe Bag. It’s big enough to take as hand luggage on the plane and still gives you so much room. I always never feel I’m overstuffing my bag and it helps you to be strict on not taking unused stuff.

But for longer backpacking travel for example, travelling in SE Asia for three months, I’d take a big backpack such as the Berghaus Jalan, which gives you so much more room to play with.

I chose the Arcido Travel brand because they offer something for the smart traveller. I pride myself on my appearance so I like to use it for a variety of different activities, whether going travelling, going to a meeting, meeting friends. It looks good and in turn makes me look good.

Traveler Ed Rex
in Crotia

How do you organize things in your bags?

I usually organise my bag in terms of accessibility balanced out my weight. I always pack the heavier stuff at the top of the bag so the weight is supported by my shoulders rather than my back. In terms of accessibility, I plan on what I’m doing for the day so if I need to take something out quickly, then I’d be able to without having to rummage and let everything fall out of my bag.

Also, I choose a bag for its pockets. It needs a passport pocket, a laptop pocket and a hidden pocket for my valuables too.

I’m now thinking about packing cubes. I’ve never used it before but it’s something I would consider using in the near future.

As for waterproof/water resistant bags, it rather depends on the nature of your trip. If I’m going to monsoon areas, then for sure, it’s heavily important. I usually buy a waterproof cover for the bag anyway to err on the side of caution.

Traveler Ed Rex
in Fraser Island, Australia

How do your bags and gear hold up?

Absolutely perfectly! I try out many bags before choosing one. I ensure they fit comfortably around the shoulders, able to support the weight, and can be adjusted.

I would not have chosen something different! Absolutely not! I’m proud to say that after seven years of travelling, I have still got my Berghaus Jalan backpack still in good condition. You just got to treat it with love and respect and in turn will love you back!

With my Arcido Travel bags, I’ve only had to change the zip holder once and that was it!

I’ve got everything I’ve wished for with my bags. I’m so happy with them!

What has been your best travel-related purchase below $100?

My numbered padlock – only $20 when buying it. You cannot believe how much it has helped me during my seven years of travelling whether it’s keeping my backpacks securely fastened, keeping lockers secure and securely locking the doors if loose. I still have it and I’m amazed I haven’t lost it yet!

What other favorite gear do you have?

My other favourite gear is my travel towel. In microfibre, it’s light, doesn’t take space and dries out quickly! No one wants to stuff a heavy wet and smelly towel into their backpack with their clothes.

Traveler Ed Rex
in Vietnam

What have been the best and most difficult parts of a deaf traveler?

The best part about being a deaf traveller is that I work harder in communicating with everyone. I take a special effort to communicate with others (with a winning smile) and it’s recognised by most people who love to show off their local areas and give me unexpected tips.

The most difficult part has to be stereotypical attitudes of some travellers. Lots of people will see my hearing aids and assume that I cannot communicate, often ignoring me.

Traveler Ed Rex

What is your best advice for other travelers?

The best advice I can give to other travellers is to travel with an open mind. Lots of travellers travel around not experience the cultures and customs because they are either too scared or have assumptions already set in place. Embrace the people and they will embrace you back.

If you’re thinking about travelling and haven’t taken the first step to do so. Don’t be scared! I was for ages and I cannot believe how easy it was. Always be armed with a smile and that will help you out so much. There are so many travel blogs out there, you can get inspired and realise how quickly and easy you can get out there.

Traveler Ed Rex
in New Zealand

What will the future bring?

That’s a really good question!

This year is mostly confined to Europe as next year I’ll be travelling to South Africa and New Zealand!

But for this year, I’ll be going to Italy, The Netherlands, Serbia, Greece and Estonia! I literally cannot wait!

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