Top 10 Best Fjallraven backpacks in 2018

We have read and checked 9,913 reviews to make this top 10 list!

First, here's the best reviewed Fjallraven backpack of all the many bags we have checked:

Fjallraven Kajka

To help you choose, we have read and checked 9,913 reviews to find the best reviewed Fjallraven backpacks.

Now, let's take a look at the 10 best rated Fjallraven backpacks here in 2018:

RankFjallraven backpackRating
1Fjallraven KajkaFjallraven Kajka5.0
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2Fjallraven StubbenFjallraven Stubben4.9
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3Fjallraven DuffelFjallraven Duffel4.8
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4Fjallraven RavenFjallraven Raven4.7
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5Fjallraven AbiskoFjallraven Abisko4.7
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6Fjallraven Re-KankenFjallraven Re-Kanken4.5
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7Fjallraven FoldsackFjallraven Foldsack4.5
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8Fjallraven KankenFjallraven Kanken4.4
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9Fjallraven GreenlandFjallraven Greenland4.4
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10Fjallraven RucksackFjallraven Rucksack4.4
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Not sure what Fjallraven backpack to choose? Read on as we are going to take a closer look at each bag!

The Fjallraven backpack buyers guide

Most companies that are into the production of bags will always want to have you convinced that they are the best and have got high quality products or bags that will meet your needs. However, it is always important you understand the fact that there are lots of companies offering bags which aren’t good enough. It doesn’t really matter what you want to get them used for, they just can’t seem to fit in perfectly to your plan.

Are you having nightmares trying to choose bags which can meet your needs? Do you know that you are at danger of signing with the wrong company when it comes to having access to bags that of top quality? What you need is a company that is proven in the offering of high quality bags which can be used for various purposes.

This is what a brand such as Fjallraven has been offering to buyers such as you over the years. What you are about to have access to in this post are the various types of bags offered by Fjallraven as a company. These are bags that have stood the test of time and there is no doubt that you are going to find them very much interesting. It is all about selecting the particular one that will help you achieve your purpose amongst the various types of bags which will be listed here.

Fjallraven Backpacks

Backpacks are great when it comes to embarking on those journeys which will last you for days. This is because they will ensure that all of your vital items are carried along. Despite the fact that not all Backpacks are built to such standard, the ones offered by Fjallraven have always proven to standout in lots of ways given their qualities. Customers have always trusted these backpacks as they have had their needs met in various ways in the past.

First of all, it has to be said that simplicity has been the watchword of Fjallraven over the years and this has been evident on the designs of its backpacks. They have been well – designed to ensure that you don’t feeling embarrassed showing them in public. Users of backpacks are always concerned about the design of what they are buying and Fjallraven got you covered on this. Such is because it hasn’t only ensured that the designs are very simple but also, that they are what buyers such as you will love. For instance; the structure and color of Greenland Backpack, kånken, Räven 20 and Save the Arctic Fox are what you need to consider if you really need a backpack that is simple but very attractive.

The materials of these bags can’t be ignored in any way given the fact they will always play a great role in determining the extent of their durability. For instance, the material which has been used in producing Kånken is lightweight Vinylon F fabric (hard – wearing) thereby ensuring that it doesn’t only withstand dirt but also wetness. Another thing to note is that this material ensures that you will be able to wash it easily should such need arise. The Greenland Backpack has been designed or built using leather which means that it can hardly be affected by rain. Räven 20 is loved by many due to its durable nature as it has been produced with Recycled Polyester. Finally, Polypropylene Vinylon is what has been used in producing Kånken.

The backpacks have been comfortable to make use of given their nature. The shoulder straps and back panels of Raven 20 have been padded. Despite the capacity of Greenland Backpack (25L), it is very easy to make use of thereby ensuring that users don’t break sweat while carrying their items around. Don’t forget that any bag which is heavy is capable of taking away the excitement out of your adventure.

Security is also another factor that users are serious with when it comes to choosing backpacks. Raven 20 has got a zippered pocket to ensure that your items are secured. Also, its compartments ensure that items such as laptops which are sophisticated get protected from coming in contact with others. This is because it has got a compartment that is padded which is meant for such items.

Fjallraven Tote Bags

There is absolutely no doubt that the tote bags produced by Fjallraven do standout completely from what you have in the market today by other brands. This is because they have been the apt description of a bag which can be used both for travelling and our everyday lives. There is something that is unique about the tote bags produced by this brand which you will hardly find elsewhere. This is the fact that they have got high level of versatility. They can as well function as backpacks.

A typical example of this is the Totepack NO.1 Small which is meant to be used by both men and women. If you are looking for something that you can be making use of on a daily basis to carry little items around or you want a bag that you can make use of to embark on journeys which have time spans that are short, then Totepack NO.1 Small will definitely fit in.

You need a tote bag which can protect your items from getting damaged and Totepack NO.1 of Fjallraven has got such a feature in place. This is due to the fact the material used in getting it designed is Recycled Polyester.

It offers very high level of comfortability for users due to its shoulder straps being able to get converted. This is why it was earlier mentioned that it can be made use of as a backpack. A feature which is similar can be found with other Tote bags of this brand such as Totepack NO.1, Totepack NO.4 Tall, Totepack NO.4 Wide and Totepack NO. 2. It should be noted that what majorly differentiates these bags is their various capacities. However, there is no doubt that they will always have your needs met accordingly provided you chose the one will contain your various items.

Fjallraven Travel Bags

Are you looking for where to buy some of the best travel bags for your next adventure? Do you know that most of the travel bags out there aren’t up to scratch in terms of standard? You need a travel bag will add plenty of colors to your adventure and such is what Fjallraven is in existence to help you experience such without breaking sweat.

The travel bags produced by Fjallraven are nothing short of impressive. This is due to the fact that they tick all of the boxes just to ensure the needs of customers are met. Designs are always very important as customers or users of such travel bags want something very presentable. Fjallraven is a top brand that is known for producing bags which have got designs that are exquisite in lots of ways. For instance; the design used by Splitpack is one which is highly innovative in lots of sense. It is not only perfect in terms of design but also its structure. The structure ensures that your items are well – organized inside of it.

Versatility is a major feature of the travel bags produced by Fjallraven. The Splitpack for instance, is one that can be used as a backpack in case you don’t want to hold it even though it can also be comfortable when being held. The shoulder straps are padded and comfortable.
The same can be said of its Travel Pack. Sometimes when you are going on a journey, you want to switch positions in terms of how these bags are being held. With their shoulder straps which very comfortable, such becomes very possible. Travel bags such as Duffel NO.4 and Splitpack Extra Large have also got such dual feature. Comfort is very important whenever travel bags are being made use of and given the features of these bags as stated above, there is no doubt that you can experience it.

Fjallraven Messenger Bags

High quality messenger bags are always hard to come by. The good part is that with the advent of the one designed by Fjallraven, known as Övik Shoulder Bag, there is no doubt that your needs can be fully met without hassles whatsoever.

There are alot of items that you can keep in this messenger bag. The great thing about it is that these items are safe inside of it. For instance, it has a security pocket where you can keep your phone and no one will notice. There is also document compartment where you can have your files stored. This makes it a messenger bag that is complete and such can meet the needs of users such as you over any given point in time. It can also store notepad, books, tablets and items which you constantly do make use of.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is the fact that Övik Shoulder Bag has been designed to withstand various tough conditions. This is because it has been built with G-1000 leather. This implies that you can always expect it to last for a very long period of time.

The 3 best reviewed Fjallraven backpacks in 2018

RankFjallraven backpackRating
1Fjallraven KajkaFjallraven Kajka5.0
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2Fjallraven StubbenFjallraven Stubben4.9
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3Fjallraven DuffelFjallraven Duffel4.8
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