Learn Exactly How These Professional Travel Writers and Photographers Fund Their Nomadic Lifestyle

NOMADAasaurus Alesha and Jarryd

We’re Alesha and Jarryd, professional travel writers and photographers, and the founders of Australia’s top adventure travel blog, NOMADasaurus. Right now, we’re in Ireland traveling around in a camper van, but will be heading to Iran in November.

We love being outdoors, whether it’s trekking, mountain biking, snowboarding, swimming, or any other amazing activity. We’re both very extroverted people, love to meet new friends and have a chat.

NOMADAasaurus Alesha and Jarryd

How and why did you become nomads?

We’ve always loved travelling, and from the moment we started we knew we wanted to stay on the road as long as possible. Just being in a different environment kept us motivated to keep exploring. Before being nomads, we worked odd jobs to keep ourselves travelling – working in bars, hostels, ski resorts, construction sites, etc.

Having a nomadic life isn’t necessarily important for us, it’s just what we do. It’s changed us by keeping us prepared for anything, and getting used to constant change. Seeing the world is the most important thing for us, because every place we go and every person we meet opens our eyes and hearts further.

NOMADAasaurus Alesha and Jarryd

How do you finance your nomadic life?

We finance our nomadic life now through our blog NOMADasaurus, freelance writing and photography, destination marketing campaigns, social media consulting and a few other online ventures. Our budget changes depending on where we are travelling.

If you wish to put up your own blog, the first thing to do is go follow the steps in this article on how to start a travel blog. Then the next step is to start learning all about online marketing, and get out there and start travelling! Monetising it comes with time, and growing visitors and followers comes from making awesome content and doing amazing things.

In cheap places like Southeast Asia, we can easily live on USD$1000 a month for the two of us, although now we don’t travel quite as cheaply as we used to. Our biggest expenses (excluding the business) is flights and travel insurance.

NOMADAasaurus Alesha and Jarryd

How do you build a social life as nomads?

This is the hardest part about being nomads – Lacking a proper social life. We’re lucky that we are constantly meeting people on the road and forming small friendships, but these rarely become close friends. We keep in touch via social media, but it’s hard when people go back to their normal lives and we keep on travelling the world. What we will be doing soon is making bases for longer periods as we travel, in order to become part of a community again.

Where do you live and work nomads?

We usually work from our hotel/AirBnB rooms or cafes. We eat whatever we can find, depending on where we are. We aren’t picky.

NOMADAasaurus Alesha and Jarryd

How do you bring your things with you?

Because we work as photographers, we are always travelling with the best travel cameras possible. We also have to have laptops and lots of hard drives with us too. We have two big backpacks Osprey Atmos 65L and a Deuter Aircontact 40+10L (65L and 40L), as well as one camera bag and one day pack. Our bags are packed, but we also always have camping gear with us to we tend to travel with more than the average person. We don’t store things anywhere, except for a few music instruments back in Australia.

We always feel like we have too much with us, even though we use it all all the time.

NOMADAasaurus Alesha and Jarryd

How do you organize things in your bags?

We use packing cells to make our bag organization easier. All our electronics and camera gear go in two specific bags. Well, waterproof/water resistant bags are not overly important, although we do have waterproof liners inside our big backpacks, and rain covers for our small bags.

What has been your best gear purchase below $100?

A portable clothesline, so we can hang up our clothes after hand washing.

NOMADAasaurus Alesha and Jarryd

What kind of photos do you prefer to shoot?

We both love landscape photography, but Alesha is also into street and architecture, and I’m into portraits and astrophotography. Alesha’s favourite shots are of sunrise in Machu Picchu and a sunset in Mongolia, and my favourite shots are this one in Easter Island and this one inside the world’s biggest cave.

What is your best advice for new nomads?

Don’t burn yourself out. It’s ok to take breaks from travelling full time.

NOMADAasaurus Alesha and Jarryd

What will the future bring?

The future is looking very exciting for us. We’re launching our new media company, and have some amazing plans for 2018! Watch this space.

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