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Do you live an interesting life? Have you dropped being just another office drone and decided to live life to the beat of your own drum?

Then you might have a story worth sharing. A story that can inspire people to live a more interesting life and help them take on the challenges that come with adventures and activities outside.

Write to us below if you have story to share (just write a few lines about yourself).

We will always answer your email, but be aware that we can’t feature interviews with everybody who writes to us.

We care a lot about our readers, so we are focused on interviewing great people who have a story worth sharing. Our mission is to help people live more interesting lives and have more adventures, so we are looking for people who are ready to share their experiences and advice.

PS: You are also welcome to write if you just want to tip us about someone we should interview.

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Last updated on June 29, 2017