Getting Out of the Door is the Most Difficult Part of Adventure

Everybody loves adventure. We experience it in video games, movies and books. Yet, most of us don’t get to experience actual adventures. Most think there is no adventure in their area. It’s not true; even the most desolated areas have wonderful landscapes, natural formations, camp sites or national parks to enjoy exploring. What really keeps many people indoors is not the lack of opportunity for adventure, but attitude.

It seems that for plenty, the hardest part of having an adventure is getting out of the house. Understandably, modern life has a way of preventing us from doing things we love. Instead of going out for a jog, we find ourselves stuck inside getting overdue work done. Then there are the times we would rather stay indoors and watch Netflix than go out into the wild and enjoy something.

Here are some of the reasons that make getting out the house the hardest part of enjoying an adventure:

Office worker that is stressed

  • Getting Home Late from Work – Technically, we are only supposed to work from 9 to 5. But thanks to the demands of the modern workplace, we end up working longer than that. Most people spend 10 to 12 hours out of the house at work because of long hours and also the seemingly never-ending commute. Have you ever thought about the things we could accomplish while stuck in traffic? In any case, we get home late and then there are all these other things to do and very little time for adventure.
  • Working from Home – Some people have to bring work to home. Some are even on the clock during dinner time. Working from home may sound like the ideal situation, but the work can be all consuming with little time left for anything else. If you are one of those people who tend to work from home as well, then there’s no surprise that time for oneself is limited. Who can spend time outdoors when there’s a project to finish?
  • TV Time – When there’s TV, there’s little time to do anything else. After a long day at work, going out is probably the last thing on your mind. You’d probably rather sink into the couch and watch your favorite shows until bedtime. We’ve all been there. Television is a temptation that most of us easily give into. It’s easy to watch an adventure than actually enjoy one.

Tired of cleaning the home

  • Housework – Of course, whatever limited time we get to spend at home, we tend to use for housework. Even if people spend a little time at home, the dirt and the grime can pile up. If you don’t earn a huge salary, you will end up spending hours cleaning, scrubbing and mopping. The home has to be clean, but you need to have time to enjoy an adventure or two as well.
  • Meal Preparation – There are home cooks who can put together a good meal in 15 minutes. Others have to spend hours just cooking. It depends on your skill level. Meal preparation can sometimes take up too much time in the day to spend time outdoors doing even little things like jogging or strolling.
  • Babysitting or Watching over Kids – If you have kids, then you probably have to spend a lot of time in the house and forfeit vacations. Most parents do not want to take kids out on vacation without extensive planning. Some prefer to wait until the children are older to avoid the hassle. Having to babysit will definitely limit the time on your hands to enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Petsitting – Pets are like children too. If you have a beloved furry companion, you might not want to go out for too long except the occasional walk. Dogs can be taken out for walks, but other pets, like cats and hamsters, cannot. Also, no one really likes to leave their pets for long to enjoy an adventure halfway across the planet.

Sleeping and dreaming

  • Too Lazy to Get off the Comfy Couch – And possibly the most prominent reason many people forgo adventuring is laziness. There are so many things to do indoors now, rather than outdoors. Some prefer to catch up on sleep lost during long weekdays. Others prefer to enjoy other distractions, like playing video games, watching movies in a home theater or entertain friends. Who wants to give up comfort for the thrill of adventure?
  • How to Get Yourself Out the Door and Enjoy an Adventure – Now that you know the top reasons that keep people indoors, it’s time to learn how to get out of your house. Adventure is good for your health, your mood and possibly for your creativity. If you want to succeed at work or school, perhaps the best thing you can do for yourself is to go out there and explore.

Ready to cycle outside

Getting out of the door

Here are several possible solutions to spending more time outdoors and even going on an actual adventure:

  • Plan Vacations Early – Do not wait until the last moment to plan an adventurous vacation. It won’t happen. You will have to plan for vacations early in the year if you actually want to end up enjoying them. Inform work early that you want time off. You will then have plenty of time to sort things around the house as well. You won’t have to rush to do things like getting visas or book hotel rooms. Planning early will allow you more time to get things done, and increase the chance that you actually go through with your vacation plans.
  • Separate Work from Home Life – Draw a thick line between work and home life. Do your best not to bring work to your home. If you have to, maintain a schedule so the two lives never meet. Keep hours even if you work from home. Do not mix home tasks with work tasks and you will get more things done faster.
  • Schedule Housework and Meal Preparation – Scheduling things like housework will allow you more time. Instead of vacuuming when you feel like it or when the floor absolutely needs it, plan for a routine housework schedule. Then you won’t have to worry about housework and will be able to mentally free yourself to get out the door and enjoy time outside.

Smashing the tv

  • Limit TV Watching – Yes, you love your TV time. But you should probably limit it if it keeps you from pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Dedicate a time or a day to watch TV. Learn to control your habit, and you will have plenty of time to do other things as well. Do not make watching TV your sole hobby. Mix it up with spending time outside as well.
  • Take Kids and Pets out with You – Instead of worrying about who is going to watch over the kids or the pet when you are not there, make them part of your adventure. You can plan your adventure in a manner that is thrilling and safe for your babies or furry companions as well. The whole family will get to enjoy the adventure, which will definitely make it more fun.
  • Find Friends or Family to Support You – Find other likeminded people, who are either friends or family, who can support your desire for adventuring. Perhaps a family member can watch over the kids when you are out rock climbing. A friend might help you with work when you want some time out for adventuring. Surround yourself with people who support you and encourage you to pursue your goals.

All in all, you should aim for better time management so you are fully prepared to go on an adventure for a prolonged period. Following a proper timetable and setting times for doing necessary tasks will eliminate time wasting. You will have more time on your hands, and there will be no more excuses for avoiding the outdoors.

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