66,258,840 Google Searches Reveal the Most Fashionable US Cities (Study)

The most fashionable city in the US is 36.8 times more fashionable than the least fashionable US city!

Based on 66,258,840 Google searches collected over a whole year, this study compares how much people from the 200 biggest US cities care about handbag designer brands.

Some cities care a lot more about designer brands than other cities – and the cities that care the most weren’t all what we expected.


Key Conclusions

Based on 66,258,840 Google searches of 32 popular handbag designer brands. The searches come from the 200 biggest US cities, covering a population of more than 80 million people. The searches were collected over a whole year.

Miami, most fashionable US city

The most fashionable cities

  • Miami is the most fashionable city in the US. No other cities care more about handbag designer brands than Miami.
  • The 2nd and 3rd most fashionable cities are Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.
  • Half the cities in the top 10 are in Florida, so Florida could be considered the most fashionable state.
  • The most fashionable cities outside Florida are Atlanta (Georgia), Las Vegas (Nevada), St. Louis (Missouri) and Washington DC.
Kansas City, least fashionable US city

The least fashionable cities

  • The least fashionable city is Kansas City (Missouri). People in the most fashionable city (Miami) search for handbag designer brands 36.8 times more often than people in Kansas City!
  • The 2nd least fashionable city is Sioux Falls (South Dakota), but people there still search for handbag designer brands more than twice as much as people in Kansas City.
  • Despite being the most fashionable state, Florida has one city in the bottom top 10. That not-so-fashionable city is Cape Coral.
Louis Vuitton shop in Denver

The designer brands

  • Louis Vuitton is the most searched brand in the study. 19.2% of the searches are searches for Louis Vuitton.
  • The 2nd and 3rd most searched brands are Gucci (15.9%) and Michael Kors (12.0%).
  • Least popular of the 32 bands in the study is Proenza Schouler (0.2% of the searches).

Below, you can find a table with data for each of the 200 cities in the study: Rank, searches/month per 10,000 people in the city, total monthly search volume and average bag price for the city.

There is also a complete list of all the brands in the study.

You are welcome to use the graphics and data as long as you refer to this original source. For comments and clarifications, please email [email protected]

Behind the Study

The original study was done in April and May 2018 by MightyGoods (this site). It was last updated in February 2019.

MightyGoods is the biggest bag review site in the world. So far we have checked 2.3 million reviews, so we can give bag buyers free access to aggregated information on reviews, comparisons and rankings of thousands of bags.

MightyGoods is 100% independent and ad- and costfree.


Using our in-depth knowledge of the bag market, we started out by deciding upon the brands that we would use in our study.

All the brands in the study are popular handbag designer brands, i.e. brands like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade and Michael Kors.

A complete list of the brands in the study can be found below.

We then found the 200 biggest US cities and their populations using this table.

The search volume data was gathered using the tool Mangols which in turn base their data on datasources like Google Keyword Planner (see this article for a more technical explanation).

Combining 200 cities and 32 brands in Mangols, we ended up with 6,400 data points that we put into a big spreadsheet.

Using the spreadsheet, we calculated how many people search for each brand in each city. To handle the differences in population, we calculated the number of search per 10,000 people in each city.

Complete City List

Most fashionable US cities

In the table below, S/M is the number of searches for the 32 brand names per 10,000 people per month. Also noted are the top city in each state.

[table id=126 /]

Complete Brand List

All the brands in the study are popular handbag designer brands. Here is a list of all the 32 brands in the study.

Alexander McQueen
Alexander Wang
Bottega Veneta
Christian Louboutin
Dooney & Bourke
Jimmy Choo
Kate Spade
Louis Vuitton
Mansur Gavriel
Marc Jacobs
Michael Kors
Miu Miu
Proenza Schouler
Ralph Lauren
Rebecca Minkoff
Saint Laurent
Tory Burch

City Map

The map below shows how much people care about designer brands in the 200 biggest US cities. The darker the circle, the more people care about designer brands.

[show-map id=’1′]

Clusters of circles will zoom when hovered. There are also tables with all the data below.

Hermes and Valentino Sidenote

As a sidenote, we also included the brands Hermes and Valentino in our study to begin with.

But before we started our calculations, we had to remove both brands since it turned out that people searching for Hermes and Valentino weren’t necessarily searching for the designer brands.

Hermes is not only a designer brand. It’s also the names of a Greek god and a logistics company in Europe.

In the same way, Valentino isn’t only a designer brand. It’s also the name of several Italian restaurants.

Keeping Hermes and Valentino as two of the brands would therefore have polluted the dataset and the conclusions, so we had to remove them from the dataset and thereby end up with just 32 brands.

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