Jack Wolfskin backpacks in 2018

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About the Jack Wolfskin backpacks

The brand Jack Wolfskin produce many different bags. Here we focus on the Jack Wolfskin backpacks.

The backpacks from Jack Wolfskin cover everything you might need to carry. Most of the backpacks are built for adults.

If we look at the design, the average design rating is 3.5 out of 10. A rating of 3.5 is very low. A rating this low means that most people don't like the design of the Jack Wolfskin backpacks.

The design ratings range from 6 to 8. This means that almost nobody think the complete opposite of what most people think. Almost everybody agree about the design of the backpacks.

Buyers guide

Jack Wolfskin as an outdoor gear and accessories brand has a distinct space in this segment. This is a German brand that has its company headquarters in Idstein. Founded back in the year 1981, it is considered one of the largest suppliers of outdoor gear and is also known for the different sports equipment it carries as a German specialist franchiser.

The products of the brand include leisure and mountain clothing, sleeping bags, tents, rucksacks, footwear as well as backpacks, travel bags and so forth. The company is known for its fashionable and urban chic designs for accessories and clothes that make it a favored brand among urban and active fitness enthusiasts.

Bag styles from Jack Wolfskin

The bags that are offered by this brand are not only day hiking bags or backpacks, but urban, chic bag accessories as well. Whether you are off shopping or need a handy lady bag to carry every day, gym bag or a work bag to strap on, there are different styles and trendy designs that this brand has to offer. Hence, you can shop not only for the styles that are in the outdoors such as hiking backpacks, but also for your daily shopping, for a trendy handbag, messenger bag for the office, a gym bag for your workout and so forth.

Urban bags for the ladies

There are shopping bags and handbags that come in smart, trendy designs which any young city dweller would love. Piccadilly is one such design of a shopping bag that incorporates functionality with style. With different carry options, as a backpack, on the shoulder or with handles, this bag, as several others of the Seven DialS series, comprises of recycled fabric that is hard wearing and comprises of synthetic suede detailing.

There are several compartments and pockets in the shopping bag and option to stow the shoulder straps away. With Velcro pockets, zipped and side pockets as well as carry loops that are short, padded, the bag is made of recycled material with micro suede which gives is a synthetic leather and suede like finish.

Handbags for ladies from this brand come in trendy, smart designs with no extra frills. These bags comprise of pouches and pockets that are well organized along with a main compartment that makes important things easy to access such as keys, money and phone. There are concealed zipped pockets on the exterior that make it easy to stash a phone or cash that need to be reached for.

The hand bags offered by this brand comprise of either nylon or micro suede synthetic leather finish. Hence, you can choose to pick a design as per the kind of finish and design you prefer. Some have varying design features such as draw cord or a padded base as well as other detailing. That allows one to pick one among the classic designs offered by the brand, all sporting attractive styles and high quality finishes.

Features of work and workout bags

There are cool bag designs that are offered by the brand to work or for carrying around gym gear. There are cool day pack gears that are meant for versatile use, both for sports as well as office. One particular design in this category is the Wool Tech Locker pack that has a laptop or a tablet compartment as well as three additional compartments where you can store different items. There are handy features like a locker style compact design that enables you to hang it up in your gym locker along with a yoga mat strap.

These are robust, lightweight bags that are meant for active, urban lifestyles with no frills designs. One can keep their work gear separate from the gym stuff in the same bag and that makes it a handy bag to opt for.

One could also look at the sling bags which are versatile, lightweight and easy to strap on the go. When you are walking, hiking or biking around the city, this is a bag design that would appeal to you. For youngsters and students who are on the move this is the bag that you need. There are zipped pockets for easy reach that help you access the contents easily. The bags are lightweight and have a unique buckle feature that make them hold on tight even when you are biking or zipping down tube stations. There is a fold out reflector as well for increased visibility.

Features of messenger and travel bags

For more matured men on the move across cityscapes messenger bags come in handy. These are robust bags that can be used for couriering items or for carrying work items with ease. The main compartment is paired with several additional compartments and pockets. The main compartment can carry a laptop with ease along with other items.

Those who need to travel across a city as well as regions for casual work and jobs, the messenger bags of this brand would prove cost effective and hardy. Many are of the hobo bag designs while others come with unique features such as buckles that come in handy in strapping them to bike saddles.

There are other shoulder bag designs in this category that one can explore. These are designed to make them ideal for everyday use as well as for travel. Most are made from recycled fabrics which are hard wearing and come with suede and synthetic detailing which are hallmark features of most urban bags of this brand.

Travel bags also form a distinct section of this brand’s products. You can opt for hand luggage size trolley bags that are handy and useful, fitted with wheels while masculine duffel bag designs for large loads that are robust, have multiple carry options, gear loops and several compartments are also found with this brand.

The above bag designs and styles of Jack Wolfskin are worth exploring for active, trendy urban dwellers. It would be best to refer to customer reviews before purchasing a certain product to be sure of what to expect from it.

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Last updated on August 13, 2018