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Kelty Redwing Review

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4.6 Rating based on 1,665 reviews
Kelty Redwing
We have checked 1,665 reviews of the Kelty Redwing. Having checked all the reviews, the weighted average rating is 4.6 out of 5.

The most popular model is the Kelty Redwing 44.

Kelty Redwing 2650-1 L (-1 CI)0 oz (0 kg)
Kelty Redwing 3100-1 L (-1 CI)0 oz (0 kg)
Kelty Redwing 3232 L (1953 CI)40 oz (1.1 kg)11 x 14 x 22 in (28 x 36 x 56 cm)
Kelty Redwing 4040 L (2441 CI)41.6 oz (1.2 kg)12 x 14 x 23 in (30 x 36 x 58 cm)
Kelty Redwing 4444 L (2685 CI)41.6 oz (1.2 kg)12 x 15 x 25 in (30 x 38 x 64 cm)
Kelty Redwing 5050 L (3051 CI)60 oz (1.7 kg)12 x 16 x 26 in (30 x 41 x 66 cm)

Reviewers like these things about Kelty Redwing

  • It is comfortable and more durable with rich features for backpacking vacations.
  • The torso hugging shape makes it easy to carry.
  • It has plethora of pockets which makes it easy to carry enough gears for your trips.
  • It has got great internal storage and fits every single overhead luggage compartment without any trouble.
  • It has great resistant fabrics, sturdy zippers and numerous side compartments.
  • One can slide in long objects like trekking poles, fishing rods or maybe a tripod behind the upper side pockets.
  • The adjustable torso length makes it more comfortable to carry loads for long hours.
  • The back is covered with mesh which helps to wick away any sweat through air channels to increase air circulation and commute long hours.

Reviewers don't like these things

  • The lumpy padding of the backpack is not very comfortable and adjustable for all body shapes.
  • There are no hip belt pockets for emergency gears.
  • The side mesh pockets are more susceptible to damages.
  • The top loading makes one to pull out everything in order to find a gear from the bottom of the pack.


Average rating 4.6 based on 1,665 reviews reviews
5 star
4 star
3 star
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Selected Reviews

Anthony Awaken
Posted 6 September 2016
It is perfectly organized, lightweight, tough and packs better in terms of comfort than other options on the market. The price of the pack is also reasonable.
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Jonathan Looi
Posted 9 January 2014
It is an extremely versatile backpack. With the newer model addressing the loading issue, it can be recommended it to any long-term, or short-term traveler.
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  • Compression straps
  • Hydration compatible
  • Ice axe/trekking pole loops
  • Laptop compartment
  • Sternum strap
  • Side pockets
Actual features depend on model


Check how much you can pack in the different Kelty Redwing models:

Kelty Redwing vs similar bags

Kelty Flyway

  • Rated slightly worse (0.0 vs 4.6 based on a total of 1,665 reviews)
  • Capacity -1 L
Kelty Redtail

Kelty Redtail

  • Rated slightly worse (4.6 vs 4.6 based on a total of 1,678 reviews)
  • Capacity 27 L
  • Average volume/weight ratio 39 L/kg
Osprey Farpoint

Osprey Farpoint

  • Rated equal to Kelty Redwing (both 4.6)
  • 4 models available, capacity -1-76 L
  • Average volume/weight ratio 36 L/kg
Osprey Kestrel

Osprey Kestrel

  • Slightly better rated (4.7 vs 4.6 based on a total of 2,469 reviews)
  • 6 models available, capacity -1-46 L
  • Average volume/weight ratio 29 L/kg
Osprey Porter

Osprey Porter

  • Slightly better rated (4.7 vs 4.6 based on a total of 2,789 reviews)
  • 3 models available, capacity 30-65 L
  • Average volume/weight ratio 34 L/kg


Ranks 6 compared with the other Kelty bags
Ranks 132 compared with other rucksacks
Ranks 63 compared with other internal frame backpacks

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