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I am Tim Wiggins, an endurance cyclist, involved in all aspects of the sport: from long distance bike touring, to multi-day road races.

Bags are a natural part of touring, travelling and racing on a bike: you need them to carry kit both on and off the bike.

In addition to bag reviews, I also review an extensive range of cycling products.

What kind of bags do you review?

I review all kinds of bags: from carry-on luggage, to bike saddlebags, and bike carry bags.

I have been reviewing for 8+ years to date, and must have reviewed several dozen bags during this time.

Most of the time brands send me a sample of the product, I test it, and then pass it onto a friend or family member when I have finished testing it.

I stay up to date through press-releases and trade shows.

How do you review the bags?

I generally test products for at least a month before I review them.

I look in particular at quality, durability, and functionality; as these are the most important aspects for cyclists doing long miles and long travel. I tend to focus less on style, although I do consider how products look and appear to others.

What are your favorite bags?

My favourite rucksacks and luggage are mostly from Thule; the quality is superb, and the brand always seems to deliver innovative and interesting products.

My every day carry is a Thule Commuter Rucksack. It is a good size for general use, it is fully waterproof, and it has innovative features like a built in sunglasses case.

I always carry a phone, a Bellroy wallet, sunglasses, a power pack, a lightweight down jacket, and a beanie (even in summer!).

How do people use your reviews?

I hope that people consider my reviews when they are looking for their next bag purchase.

I only review products that I would recommend (if I don’t like the product, I don’t write a review, but I feedback my thoughts to the brand). Therefore, I would hope that after reading my reviews people are interested in purchasing the product, if the description relates well to what they are looking for.

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