12 Reasons Why Serious Climbers Should Live in a Van

Living in a van was once considered something only the desperate had to do. Sure, life can be miserable inside a van, but not if you are an adventurer. In fact, living in a van may just be what thrill seekers like climbers really need.

Sure, it can be a bother when it’s cold outside and the windows get clouded over. But the perks of living in a van definitely outnumber the problems for climbers.

Here is a list of reasons why a climber should totally try living in a van for at least a while:

Van on a forest road

Easy Mobility

The biggest perk is, of course, the fact that you can go anywhere you want to go when you live in a van. You can go to a wonderful climbing spot in the morning, and then drive straight to town for a steak lunch if desired. There no time wasted packing or getting out of the house when your home is already your van.

You will always be driving around. That means more chances to visit new places. You can easily spot great climbing destinations, and you can also enjoy the other delights a destination offers. When you always want to be on the go, the van is the best thing in the world.

Let Go of Material Things

Living in a van requires a certain sense of frugality. You won’t be able to keep a widescreen TV and a leather couch in there. So the whole experience is sort of an exercise in learning to let go of material things we accumulate in modern life. You can really learn to love what’s truly worth in life when you are living inside a van. You will be less tempted to meaninglessly chase material comforts. You can, instead, enjoy more fulfilling experiences traveling the country and meeting new people. What more could true adventurists ask for?

Old cheap van

Fewer Expenses

One of the biggest practical reasons to live in a van is cutting back on expenses. You will be spending far less on expenses such as electricity, heating, rent, and so on. You will still have expenses such as for gas and food. However, the total sum of expenses accumulated when living in a van far dwarfs the expenses of living in a house. That’s the reason why most people on severe budgets choose this option. You can comfortably curl up in a ball and sleep in your van without ever having to worry about rent. You will have more money for buying great climbing gear as well.

Sleep Under the Stars, or Next to a Waterfall

Want to climb to a great place and then rest under the stars? How about napping next to a waterfall? You can enjoy all this when you live in your van. You can park your van at a scenic spot and enjoy sleeping surrounded by nature. You can drive your van easily to a camping site to find a really unique spot to rest at. None of this will be possible on a regular basis if you lived in a house. If you have sleeping issues, living in a van will quickly bring you relief.

Eat Out

Some climbers love to cook, some would rather not. If you belong to the latter group, you will love living in a van. You will always be seated at the wheel to drive to your favorite restaurant when you get hungry. You can just spend time driving around to experience the best food in an area. If you are a foodie in addition to being a climber, living in a van would fulfill your deepest desires.

Camp Whenever You Want to

When you live in a van, you will no longer have to spend half a day packing to go camping. All your gear and necessities will be in the van, ready to be rolled out at a camping site of your choice. Most climbers are also avid campers. If you are like that, living in a van will allow you to camp whenever you want to, and drive off wherever you want to. You will have plenty of time without having to do household chores.

Climber working from a van

Work from “Home”

Who doesn’t dream of working from home? When the van is your home, you can work from right there without even having to get off the makeshift bed. All you will need is a laptop and an internet connection. There are plenty of rather cheap gadgets available nowadays to generate portable Wi-Fi connections to electronic devices. Unless you are planning on driving off to a very remote location, you should still be connected to the grid to work online and make enough dough to support your van lifestyle.

Never Have to Worry about Accommodation

Possibly one of the worst things about planning a climbing trip is finding accommodation at the destination. Staying over at hotels and motels can be very expensive. If it’s the peak tourist season, prices can skyrocket and you might even be put on a waiting list. You won’t have to worry about any of that when you have a free room in your own van wherever you go.

Bring Your Dog

Pet loving climbers can enjoy their favorite destinations with furry companions when choosing to live in a van. Vans are rather spacious, unlike cars, so dogs can have plenty of space to sleep and eat right near their humans. No one will complain about your dog or bar them from entering a place when you travel in a van.

Van and a surfboard

Pack Everything, Even the Surfboard

Vans are big and spacious so there’s plenty of room to pack just about everything, including your microwave, climbing gear and surfboards. You can pack your whole room in there, except for a few large items. It definitely makes it easy to live in a van. You can even get space saving shelves and cabinets to pack even more things in there that you need for touring.

Listen to Music 24/7

You will be spending most of your time in the van, so you can do whatever you want. You can listen to music or radio all day long and no one will complain. There won’t be expensive equipment or wiring to blast music either. If the van has a radio or a stereo system, everything will be set to meet your audiophile needs.

Mountain landscape and nature

Enjoy the Simple Life

Living in a van is the best way to enjoy the simple life. Your chores will be limited, and you will have plenty of time to travel and climb as much as you like. You won’t be wasting your savings buying unnecessary items either, as you are likely to do if you lived in a house. The van life is simple, so you will be able to squeeze more fun out of your adventures.

The above are only a handful of perks you can benefit from when living in a van as a climber. But keep in mind that there will be challenges to tackle as well, but once you get used to it and finds solutions, the great life will be ready for you.

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