55 Great Long Distance Walkers and Runners Share Their Routes

Lots of people think travel is expensive. They think that you need to win the lottery or inherit a small fortune before you go travelling for years.

That’s not true!

Through our work with Mighty Goods, we have talked with more than a hundred people who have travelled all over the world under a very low budget (down to $5 per day!)

One of the best ways to travel cheaply is to start walking. Crossing countries, continents (or the whole world) on foot costs next to nothing – and you will be away for years and have lots of experiences that most tourists will never get a chance to have.

To inspire your adventures, we have talked with 55 great long distance walkers and runners. Check out their adventures in the big graphic below.

55 long distance walkers and runners

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Feeling inspired to start walking yourself? Why not check out some of interviews with great walkers – or our ultrarunning interviews if you are more into running.

Ready to leave right now? Then it’s time to choose a nice backpack (remember that it shouldn’t be too big and heavy, go for bringing less stuff instead of going for a bigger bag!).

Seeing the many wagons in the graphic, you might get the idea that a suitcase is ok for walking. Don’t do that.

Avoid all kinds of suitcases as they are super annoying to walk with when you are not just crossing an airport.