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Here's what the reviewers think about the Lowe Alpine Lightflite:

Reviewers like these things about the Lowe Alpine Lightflite

  • Most users said that the pack is Ideal for long weekends away and can take on flights as hand luggage.
  • Users also said that this bag is incredibly spacious and durable.
  • Many other users said that the fabric is a perfect balance between strength and weight.
  • Reviewers who have used this pack said that the stashable straps are incredibly easy to fix and unfix.
  • Travelers like the handy pocket which can be accessed from the top to store your passport and travel documents in.
  • Some reviewers liked the elastic side pocket for a water bottle.
  • One great feature mentioned by many users is that the compression straps inside hold everything in place while the ones outside ensure the weight is loaded correctly and kept close to your back.
  • Many reviewers said that the zips deserve special mention because they're solid, thick, have two layers, and feel robust.
  • More pockets which are padded to protect items like your laptop.

Reviewers don't like these things

  • Some users complained that the valuables pocket only has one zip head so can't be padlocked.
  • Some other users complained that it has a cross strap to prevent shoulder straps from sliding off.
  • One user complained that the shoulder straps come in two parts and linking them with such a small plastic buckle was difficult and fiddly.


Crowdsourced specs across all Lowe Alpine Lightflite models and sizes:

Weight iconWeight0.4-0.6 oz (0.2-0.3 kg)
Length iconLength17-18 in (43-46 cm)
Width6-9 in (15-23 cm)
Height4-5 in (10-13 cm)

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Popular Models

Lowe Alpine Lightflite 28

27% choose the Lowe Alpine Lightflite 28

27 %

Lowe Alpine Lightflite 40

No image yet 🙁
24% choose the Lowe Alpine Lightflite 40

24 %
Colors and combinations:


Lowe Alpine Lightflite Hydro

24% choose the Lowe Alpine Lightflite Hydro

24 %
Colors and combinations:


Weight iconWeight0.6 oz (0.3 kg)
Length iconLength17 in (43 cm)
Width9 in (23 cm)
Height5 in (13 cm)

Lowe Alpine Lightflite 5

24% choose the Lowe Alpine Lightflite 5

24 %
Colors and combinations:


Weight iconWeight0.4 oz (0.2 kg)
Length iconLength18 in (46 cm)
Width6 in (15 cm)
Height4 in (10 cm)

Lowe Alpine Lightflite 28 vs Lightflite 40

The two most popular Lowe Alpine Lightflite models are the Lightflite 28 and the Lightflite 40, so let's compare them:

The Lightflite 28
Lowe Alpine Lightflite 28

The Lightflite 40

Popularity and Prices

In total, 51% of the people interested in the Lowe Alpine Lightflite bags choose one of these two models. The most popular choice is the Lightflite 28 which is choosen by 27% (1.1 times as many as the 24% that choose the Lightflite 40).

Lightflite 28Lightflite 40
Most popular

Features and Colors

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