TV Host and Producer Nikki Noya Shares How to Make a Career in Travel

Travel TV Host Nikki Noya

My name is Nikki Noya, I am a co-host of the Jet Set and also produce the Fit to Fly segments for the show. I am a former volleyball player and certified nutritionist/trainer. I live between South Florida and the Berkshires with my family. We love all sports and exploring is our favorite family activity. We have been all over the world and are planning our next adventure! We do not have a favorite, although Tanzania is very special to us-so is Cambodia.

TV Host Nikki Noya

How and why did you get into traveling?

My grandmother, who was a WW2 veteran, was the reason I started to travel. She inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and see the world. Volleyball then took me all over the world, and now being the co-host of a travel talk show I get to travel for my job! It’s wonderful.

Before any trip we always do our research. We also love companies like Tours by locals and Mountain Travel Sobek. We like to look at Time Out to see whats going on in our destination and try to do things that are specific to the area we are going to. The New York Times travel section is always a source of inspiration and amazing tips.

TV Host Nikki Noya

Why is traveling important to you and how do you finance it?

Traveling is important to me because I believe you should never stop learning. Meeting different people, trying different foods, exploring history, and challenging yourself is good for the soul. I think the most interesting people are the most worldly people.

I have a unique job that covers some of my travel. Being on a travel TV show, I am lucky enough to be invited to different places to showcase them on the show.

Travel TV Host Nikki Noya

How do you bring your things with you?

I love BRIC’s luggage. It is unique, beautiful and indestructible. I take mine everywhere with me. I try to just do carry-on. I am usually in too much of a hurry to wait at baggage claim! I have perfected packing and my my trick is to bring mix and match pieces, not entire outfits. You never really wear everything you pack, do you?? I bring two black tank tops and different layers so it looks like I brought an entire wardrobe, but I’m really just changing the layers.

Travel TV Host Nikki Noya

How do you organize things in your bags and how do they hold up?

There is only one word in packing: Smart-Roll! I roll everything. I also put socks and t-shirts in my shoes and use all travel sizes for my toiletries. You can buy little travel sizes at any CVS or Walgreens.

My BRIC’S luggage has held up on my world travels. I’ve only had to replace a wheel! They are sturdy and easy to pick out in baggage claim or in overhead compartments.

Travel TV Host Nikki Noya

Any gear you wish you had brought with you from the beginning?

Everyone should bring a journal. You can take a lot of pictures to remember, but you should also record your thoughts, feelings and ideas while you are traveling.

What has been your best travel-related purchase below $100?

My best purchase under a $100 is my travel scarf that goes everywhere with me. It’s soft and portable and is great for airplanes.

Travel TV Host Nikki Noya

What is your best advice for other travelers?

My best advice for travelers is to be respectful of other cultures, have an open mind, and try new things. Sometimes the best experiences are not in the guidebooks.

A lot of people think they cannot afford to travel but with some planning and research anyone can. Also, if you are a new traveler, start local. There are hidden treasures everywhere if you take the time to look around.

In addition to that, if you are traveling to a foreign country, try and learn just a few phrases. Making the effort to learn their language instantly endears you to a local, and bridge the language gap. Most people speak English but making an effort works wonders.

TV Host Nikki Noya

What will the future bring?

We have recently adopted a baby girl and the future is showing her the world! We want to share our passion for traveling with her and teach her the world is truly a magical place.

My next dream trips are doing the Santiago De Compostela, Iceland and seeing the All Blacks in New Zealand.

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