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Maxpedition Monsoon Reviews and Buyer's Guide (Jan 2019)

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Maxpedition Monsoon

Reviews Summary

Here's what the reviewers think about the Maxpedition Monsoon:

Reviewers like these things about the Maxpedition Monsoon

  • Many users said it is very secure and the strap sits in the exact right place on the shoulder and is perfectly balanced.
  • Park rangers are amazed with how they can comfortably pack 45 pounds in the bag and go camping for 2 to 3 days and not even feel it.
  • Well made, durable, tough, usable, perfect size and decent storage space are cited as the main reasons for choosing this bag.
  • Some reviewers said it's well suited for quickly grabbing and heading out the door.
  • Others find the front flap great for stuffing a jacket or rain poncho.
  • A number of users find the side pocket opposite the water bottle holder great for holding camera poles.
  • Some users find the sling function very useful for pulling out ID, money, boarding passes, etc quickly.
  • Many users thought the concealed carry option is great.
  • Others also enjoy how it allows them to sit down with it slung to the side, or on their lap, without having to take it off.
  • Some reviewers particularly like how the double stitched seams and quality zippers held up flawlessly to day in and day out use.
  • Many owners how it holds heavy objects and makes toting them around easy.
  • Some users noted its durability and resistance against abusive climate.
  • Others particularly like how the layer of rubber like material at the bottom of the pack prevents water from soaking in on wet ground and excessive wearing from being sat down roughly often.
  • Some reviewers use the large D-ring on the top of the outer flap a place to hang keys.
  • Others like how the bungee around the top of the bottle holder keeps water bottle from falling out.
  • Others appreciate the presence of tons of molle straps on one side, the back flap, and shoulder strap.
  • Many users find the compression straps very useful in keeping everything from shifting while on the move.
  • A lot of users thought the sling to the front feature is extremaly useful.
  • Some reviewers said the inner sleeve works great for computer or iPad.
  • Others said it's a great everyday carry pack whether they're simply carting their gear back and forth to work or have a more demanding job the requires a tough, comfortable, well laid out pack.
  • Many owners said it's perfect for hiking, overnight camping, hunting, traveling and other outdoor activities.

Reviewers don't like these things

  • Some users find the shape of the bag awkward.
  • Others wished it had more pockets for additional storage.

Vs Other Bags

Maxpedition Monsoon vs Maxpedition Sitka

True to the signature Maxpedition heavy-duty bag design, the Monsoon and Sitka “gearslinger” backpacks are the perfect option for a lifetime of practical and excursive use. These tactical backpacks differ slightly in that the Sitka incorporates a few more features than the Monsoon for use as a laptop carrier, with a just a few additional organizational compartments (such as its briefcase pocket, teardrop-shaped MP3 Player pouch, and rubberized headphone port) which make it better attuned for use in an office environment or throughout the user's commute.

Conversely, the Monsoon retains its more practical and rugged theme, with fewer professional applications in place of its outdoor-oriented functions, which include a more spacious main compartment, dual hydration pockets, and a water-resistant protective over-flap. These qualities - while more office-unfriendly - make the Monsoon a better bag choice for the user's outdoor excursions than the Sitka.

Maxpedition Sitka 4.22 based on 420 reviews

Selected Reviews

All Outdoor

While some of the Maxpedition Monsoon features be lacking, such as attaching webbing to a pocket, the overall comfort more than makes up for it.

Posted 18 April 2018 by Kevin Felts - Read full review

Mil-spec Monkey

It is a unique design bag built with tough material. The shoulder strap is long and works good for average size person.

Posted 22 April 2007 by DJ Monkeyboy - Read full review

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