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Here's what the reviewers think about the Metolius Ropemaster:

Reviewers like these things about the Metolius Ropemaster

  • Many users find it sturdy and big enough for a long rope.
  • A number of users find the tarp large enough to flake the rope without having to take it off the tarp.
  • Some users love how the draw cord closure and buckles help to cinch the bag as small as possible for transport.
  • Others tought the loops on the tarp prevents them from reflaking the rope every time they changed walls.
  • Many users chose it for its huge capacity and large sheet for total protection from the ground when flaking and belaying.
  • Some reviewers find the cinching easy and compresses nicely.
  • A number of users like the presence of a convenient loop on one end which gives them a place to clip on shoes or quickdraws.
  • Many users are impressed with the huge space it provides for their shoes, harness, accessory rope, beaners, quickdraws, gloves, etc.
  • Some reviewers thought it's designed for quick unpacking and packing up rope.
  • Other reviewers find the buckles indestructible .
  • Many climbers love how the built in tarp makes it easy to lead climb without having to store an extra tarp to keep the rope clean.
  • Some reviewers thought it's easy to carry slung around the shoulder messenger bag style.
  • A lot of users thought it has quality materials and stitching, well designed and easy to carry either with the shoulder strap or by the handle at one end.
  • Some owners said the bag's features allow for easy use of the rope without tangling.
  • Others thought the easy of packing and cinch ties allows for considerable compression of the contents.
  • A lot of users like how it rolls up nice and neat so they dont have to restack their rope every time.
  • many users are impressed with how it keeps their rope secure and compact with enough room for some smaller pieces of gear.

Reviewers don't like these things

  • Some reviewers would prefer for this bag to have backpack straps and haul loops on both ends.
  • Others wished it had storage for extra climbing accessories.


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Weight iconWeight1 oz (0.5 kg)

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Metolius Ropemaster Hc

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Weight iconWeight1 oz (0.5 kg)


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