Top 2 Best Ortlieb bags in 2018

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Let's take a look at the 2 best rated Ortlieb bags here in 2018:

Ortlieb Back Roller is rated #1 of all the best Ortlieb bags based on more than 100 reviews.

The capacity is 2441 cu in (40 litres).

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Ortlieb Velocity
Ortlieb Velocity is rated #2 of all the best Ortlieb bags based on more than 60 reviews.

The capacity is 1465 cu in (24 litres).

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About the Ortlieb bags

The brand Ortlieb produce many different bags. Here we focus on the Ortlieb bags.

The bags from Ortlieb cover everything you might need to carry. Popular bags are models for example the Back Roller.

Most of the bags are built for adults.

Most of the reviews of the Ortlieb bags are quite good. Across all the reviews of the bags, the average rating is 4.1 out of 5. The average rating of the Ortlieb bags is based on a total of 179 reviews reviews.

The best rated Ortlieb bag is the Ortlieb Back Roller with a rating of 4.4. Second best is the Ortlieb Velocity with a rating of 4.1.

If we look at the design, the average design rating is 4.0 out of 10. A rating of 4.0 is very low. A rating this low means that most people don't like the design of the Ortlieb bags.

The design ratings range from 8 to 8. This means that almost nobody think the complete opposite of what most people think. Almost everybody agree about the design of the bags.

Buyers guide

Taking a stroll through the town or going into the wreckage outside it, you always need a companion. The bag made by Ortlieb, comes with 5 year warranty from the manufacturers. With their R&D centers in Germany, they deliver high-quality backpacks and bike bags. Most of their products cater to luggage and travel, but also professional camera bags. Their current location is Bavaria, Germany since 1997 while the brand emerged in 1982.

In an afternoon when Hartmut was all frustrated with the rain pouring continuously in South England, he observed how a truck tarp protects the goods from the rain. To combat his frustration, he goes back and starts off with a small bag designed made from some left out truck tarp and his mother's sewing machine. Little did he know that the sewing machine was going to be shifted to the backyard quite soon?

The Back-Rollers were the starting attempt to revolutionize the brand, Ortlieb. It was possible because of a few significant inventions in the 90s. Today, there are over hundreds and thousands of these serving as a companion to bikers and everyday youth around the world. The bicycle has always been a universal means of transport, both on-road and off-road. Thus, it was only natural to have a backpack that goes along with it in any weather. Admittedly, Ortlieb stands for waterproof today.

The brand received a lot of enthusiasm and media support from the very beginning. Today, an Ortlieb product is awarded the “Best Buy” or “Recommended” on nearly a monthly basis, considering that the market has grown tremendously in the past 30 years. The truck tarps have been long replaced. With over 200 employees they run a facility in the modern place, with their choice of raw materials, and with the slogan “Made in Germany” it brings them more honor.


One of the crucial factors with their Back-Rollers that made them so popular was their durability. When something stays along for long, it is bound to be loved. Over the years from 1993, 2013 they have been working on the ecological footprint of the company. By promoting cycling, they also conform to the sustainability norms through the better production cycle. They have incorporated four parts into their vision: production and environment, employees, social responsibility, and obviously their “products” themselves.

Starting with presenting reports on their carbon footprint for the public, their stakeholders, Ortlieb has taken initiatives. It is useful in the long run for an ecologically sustainable working area and development of products that find to use all around the world.

Bicycle touring bags

A whole range of panniers for the front, rear and sides are produced by Ortlieb in its huge facility. Based on your necessity whether you are a city dweller, a messenger, a school kid or anything else, you have a whole series of options. They offer a complete 72-liter set and even smaller sections as you wish. You can remove and attach as you find necessary. Their innovation lies in securely attaching these bags to the bike without much of adjustments or mechanical work on your part. Their Recumbent Bags are an example of this category.

The next series is a set of bags that are designed keeping in mind the exact construction of your bike, the frame, the seat, the handle and so on. These bags can be securely strapped to the whole anatomy of the bike like a fitting suit, and you are off to go. They are sold under Bike Packing Series of products. You have these in different sizes too, such as the Handlebar-Pack comes in M and S sizes. So, flexibility and choices are also considered by Ortlieb.

Waterproof Rack-Top Bags from Ortlieb have been carved into a niche of its own. They are offered under Trunk-Bag and Travel-Bag category of products. They offer convenient storage space on your bike that can be mounted sturdily on the body of it. They feature the famous and yet very thoughtful, functional and practical Rack-Lock-Adapter System. This means that it can be quickly fixed to, or removed from any commercially available bike rack. Their designs feature the flexibility the does not depend on any particular bike brand and so on.

The line of Bike Pannier products

Ortlieb has thought of separating the products into two categories: an Urban Line and a High Visibility or HVL series. The vision of this line of products is to keep the biker always noticeable on the road. Built of Cordura fabric with robust polyurethane-coated, our HVL Bike Bags are durable and absolutely waterproof, and a partner for your journey across the city. Whether you use it for office or for school, you have a bag that fits your style.

This series covers Back-Rollers, Sport-Rollers, Saddle-Bag and your daily companion to school the Velocity-High Visibility. These are faithful from design, from construction and from keeping your goods safe in any weather. With the commitment to ecological production cycle, all Ortlieb products are PVC-free today. They are built with materials that help reflect light in all directions so that the bikers can be easily seen.

The Urban Line of products belongs to the category of city lifestyle while still conforming the waterproof design by principle. The PU-laminated cotton Cordura blend is a “function meets fashion” statement that goes in terms with the city rider. The Classic Version of backpack roller is not going anywhere, but their latest adventures are also included here. A complete range of stylish rear panniers that can be nicely carried with your bike are super lightweight and sturdy construction.

In this series, the Commuter Daypack Urban Line is a great range of bags. Combining the functionality of a regular and daily city rider to the essence, what Ortlieb stands for is a great mixture of output. You have smaller pockets, comfortable shoulder straps and beautifully designed functional compartments in all the models. They also have options to tuck away your laptop or tablet with ease along with a lot of other loose items like wallet, keys, smart phone and so on. These feature the QL-System for secure fixing to the bike.

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Last updated on August 13, 2018