Crowdsourced specs across all Osprey Exos models and sizes:

Capacity iconCapacity38-58 l (2319-3539 cuin)
Weight iconWeight2.3-2.6 oz (1-1.2 kg)
Length iconLength26-28 in (66-71 cm)
Width4-14 in (10-36 cm)
Height11-12 in (28-30 cm)

Reviews Summary

94% of the Osprey Exos reviews are good or excellent!

Excellent (75%)
Good (19%)
Average (4%)
Poor (0%)
Bad (1%)

Here's what the reviewers think about the Osprey Exos:

Reviewers like these things about the Osprey Exos

  • Osprey Exos has been the top pick as the best lightweight backpack and it comes with different features. You can even go lighter without sacrificing features or comfort.
  • Though it is a bit heavier than most ultra-light packs, most of them are more stripped down and frameless. If you are in search for superlight pack but don’t want to go with frameless model, Osprey Exos is the best choice. It still features comfortable shoulder straps, a frame, and robust waist belt. Though it is slightly heavier with these features, it is still very comfortable as compared to minimally designed packs.
  • It is fairly simple to use and has a lot of great features to make your backcountry tour more fun and enjoyable at minimal weight.
  • Exos is literally very comfortably, while considering its low weight. Though it is not as comfortable and supportive as other packs, it is also a pound less than others.
  • On the waist belt, fabric is very comfortable even with some clothing on.
  • On humid days, this pack is cooler and well ventilated with the space behind back panel and perforated shoulder straps to keep you cool on your mid-summer trips. So, it is suitable for warmer days.

Reviewers don't like these things

  • Hip belt is not as adjustable as expected and not comes in different sizes.
  • Shoulder strap pockets and hip belt are mesh only. So, they are not made of sturdy fabric.
  • It is not easy to use Z-style side single compression strap.
  • In side mesh pockets, the holster style cutouts are less secure to stow your small items.

Popular Models

Osprey Exos 58

55% choose the Osprey Exos 58

Colors and combinations:


Capacity iconCapacity58 l (3539 cuin)
Weight iconWeight2.6 oz (1.2 kg)
Length iconLength26 in (66 cm)
Width4 in (10 cm)
Height12 in (30 cm)

Osprey Exos 48

36% choose the Osprey Exos 48

Colors and combinations:


Capacity iconCapacity48 l (2929 cuin)
Weight iconWeight2.6 oz (1.2 kg)
Length iconLength28 in (71 cm)
Width14 in (36 cm)
Height12 in (30 cm)

Osprey Exos 38

10% choose the Osprey Exos 38

Colors and combinations:


Capacity iconCapacity38 l (2319 cuin)
Weight iconWeight2.3 oz (1 kg)
Length iconLength27 in (69 cm)
Width13 in (33 cm)
Height11 in (28 cm)

Feature Summary

Many sources mention these Osprey Exos features:
  • Hydration compatible
  • Ultralight
  • Seam taped
  • Compression straps
  • Sternum strap

Some sources also mention these features:
  • Detachable lid
  • Hip belt
  • Ice axe/trekking pole loops
  • Hip belt pockets
  • Side pockets
  • Stretch mesh
  • Hydration bladder
  • Organizer panel
  • Sleeping pad attatchment
  • Ventilated back panel

Actual features depends on the model, so check the features before you buy.

Packing Guide

See how much a traveller, an athlete and an outdoorsy person can pack in the different Osprey Exos models (the most popular choice is the Exos 58).

Capacity/Weight Levels

The capacity/weight level shows how much the bag weights compared with it's capacity (volume).

The lower the capacity/weight level, the better.

3838 l2.3 oz0.06 oz/L
4848 l2.6 oz0.05 oz/L
5858 l2.6 oz0.04 oz/L

Osprey Exos
Average for 17,986+ different bags


vs Osprey Bags

The Osprey Exos ranks #4 compared with the other Osprey bags.

Top 5% Osprey bag

2Osprey Aether
Osprey Aether
3Osprey Exos
Osprey Exos
4Osprey Porter
Osprey Porter
5Osprey Raven
Osprey Raven
6Osprey Ariel
Osprey Ariel

vs All Bags

The Osprey Exos ranks #17 compared with all the bags we have checked.

Top 5% bag

155.11 Tactical Range
5.11 Tactical Range
16Osprey Exos
Osprey Exos
17Osprey Porter
Osprey Porter
18Camelbak HAWG
Camelbak HAWG
19Gregory Denali
Gregory Denali

Vs Other Bags

Osprey Exos vs Osprey Kestrel

Both backpacks are great for outdoor activities but Osprey Kestrel is considered as more of a carry-on bag and thus can be used as a travel pack.

Similar to the Exos pack, the Kestrel has a thermoformed back panel that improves ventilation.

The Kestrel comes with an integrated rain cover that can be removed whenever needed. You can quickly attach trekking poles to carry them while wearing the bag. This bag is more durable than the Exos, but the Exos is much lighter.

Another notable difference is that while Exos holds water bladder in the interior, the Kestrel pack holds it in the exterior.

Osprey Kestrel 4.47 based on 980 reviews

Osprey Exos vs Osprey Talon

Without wasting time on general features that make Osprey outdoor packs the leaders on the market, let's see how similar or different the Exos and the Talon are.

Both backpacks have an excellent suspension system but with slightly different features. The suspension on Osprey Talon has more comfort and breathability attributes and is built with metal wire and backed by foam.

The Talon has bigger pockets: stretch front mesh pocket, pockets on the straps, 2 water bottle side pockets. The hood on the both packs is removable.

The Exos is more streamlined. It may not have fancy pockets and straps, but you can rely on it for hassle-free storage and more comfort.

Osprey Talon 4.59 based on 1,548 reviews

Osprey Exos vs ULA Catalyst

The Osprey Exos and ULA Catalysts are great backpacks for campers and trekkers. They have all of the features you're going to need for a vacation exploring the great outdoors. Their hip belts and torso harnesses make toting around heavy loads much easier than other backpacks out there.

The Exos is better suited for those who want to do some camping but don't plan on taking too many resting stops. Buy it if you only plan to spend a day or so in the wilderness. For people who want to spend more time outside, you'll want the Catalyst. It offers more comfort than the Exos and a better compartment system.

ULA Catalyst 0.20 based on 0 reviews

Osprey Exos vs ULA Circuit

Whatever place you hope to explore during your outdoor trek, the Osprey Exos and ULA Circuit both hold up well in extreme heat or extreme cold. They are roomy, so that you do not have to leave what you need at home. All your stuff will be easily accessible.

The Osprey Exos has your hydration needs in mind, as the back panel sleeve allows you to carry up to three liters of water. This bag is made of tough nylon to handle outdoor ruggedness, which makes this bag perfect if you are mountain climbing or camping.

The ULA Circuit is reliable and highly durable. The provision of the hip pockets is right on target, as these pockets allow you to access items you need while you are walking without having to take the bag completely off your back.

ULA Circuit 0.10 based on 0 reviews

Selected Reviews

Mitten Camper

All in all the Exos 58 is an excellent backpack. It is fairly lightweight, extremely comfortable, and has some features I've found helpful and useful on the trail. It's a nice pack for people who pack lighter than a traditional backpacker and want some versatility but are not quite in ultralight territory.

Posted 23 April 2018 by Sean Mittencamper - Read full review

Sunrise Gear

The Exos 48 backpack may not be the lightest backpack in the world, but it's certainly one of the most comfortable, breathable, and most versatile light weight backpacks you can buy.

Posted 8 October 2016 by Adam Watts - Read full review

Halfway Anywhere

I really enjoy using the Exos 58, and if it weren't for the obnoxious compression straps (which I am currently removing), then this pack would be perfect (at least as far me right know is concerned).

Posted 9 November 2015 by Mac - Read full review

Dirtbag Dreams

It is near-perfectly designed and sold at an accessible price point. You should get many, many miles out of it.

Posted 22 October 2015 by Andrew Murphy - Read full review

Ultralight and Comfortable

How can I not recommend this bag? Hiking in it has been a dream – it sits so well on my body that it disgusts me.

Posted 3 September 2015 by Kenneth - Read full review

The Big Outside

If you generally carry less than 30 pounds backpacking and have modern gear that’s lightweight and low-bulk, or you’re a thru-hiker who wants a pack that offers a quantum leap in comfort and usability over standard ultralight models, you owe yourself a close look at the new Exos 58 or the smaller Exos 48.

Posted 18 September 2014 - Read full review

Her Packing List

Osprey is a fantastic brand of stellar quality packs – and they come with a lifetime warranty. It’s a great pack for those looking to pack light, but still have room to move despite the carry on size. Best of all, it’s incredibly lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. Smiles all round!

Posted 1 May 2013 by Brooke Schoenman - Read full review

Long Distance Trail

Overall I think it’s a great value for the money when you’re looking for a lighter backpack. It has filled all my needs and so far I haven’t had to regret having it.

Posted 18 February 2012 by Antti - Read full review

Backpack Gear Test

The pack has excellent weight handling capability and yet works great on the back. With a good suspension system it is comfrotable to carry.

Posted 10 January 2010 by Raymond Estrella - Read full review

Backpack Gear Test

It is a good pack to carry all your winter gear for long trails. It is lightweight and comfortable to carry.

Posted 3 September 2009 by Raymond Estrella - Read full review

Backpack Gear Test

It is a great pack with good carrying capacity. It can pack good stuff for your day long hiking. The pack is highly durable also.

Posted 26 May 2009 by Raymond Estrella - Read full review

Sierra Descents

It is a super light backpack with airspeed frame. It comes with an abundance of internal space.

Posted by Andy - Read full review

Mitten Camper

All in all the Exos 58 is an excellent backpack. It is fairly lightweight, extremely comfortable, and has some features I've found helpful and useful on the trail.

Posted by Sean - Read full review

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