Reviews Summary

89% of the Osprey Flapjill reviews are good or excellent!

Excellent (69%)
Good (20%)
Average (6%)
Poor (2%)
Bad (0%)

Here's what the reviewers think about the Osprey Flapjill:

Reviewers like these things about the Osprey Flapjill

  • Many reviewers noted that the bag’s zippered top slash pocket provides extra storage for items that need to be accessible.
  • Many users also pointed out that its reflective graphics and blinker light attachment come in handy for commuting at night.
  • Several reviewers found out that the bag has a lightweight and simple design.
  • Many of the users indicated that the pleated fabric side pocket is perfect for carrying various types and sizes of water bottles to allow them to stay hydrated.
  • Users praised the zippered pocket which provides extra storage in addition to the pack's main compartment.
  • They further explained that it is perfect for quick access to phone and laptop power cords.
  • Other users pointed out that the bag is ideal for everyday use.
  • Several reviewers found the bag to be highly functional.
  • Reviewers pointed out that it has pockets which make your things highly organized.
  • They also noted that the bag has fabric side water bottle pocket.

Reviewers don't like these things

  • A user had issues with the zippers of the bag.
  • A reviewer said that the bag’s canvas material picks up dust and dirt easily.


Crowdsourced specs across all Osprey Flapjill models and sizes:

Capacity iconCapacity9 l (549 cuin)
Weight iconWeight0.6-1.2 oz (0.3-0.5 kg)
Length iconLength9-11 in (23-28 cm)
Width11-14 in (28-36 cm)
Height4-7 in (10-18 cm)

Popular Models

Osprey Flapjill Mini

60% choose the Osprey Flapjill Mini

60 %
Colors and combinations:


Capacity iconCapacity9 l (549 cuin)
Weight iconWeight1.2 oz (0.5 kg)
Length iconLength11 in (28 cm)
Width14 in (36 cm)
Height7 in (18 cm)

Osprey Flapjill Micro

40% choose the Osprey Flapjill Micro

40 %
Colors and combinations:


Weight iconWeight0.6 oz (0.3 kg)
Length iconLength9 in (23 cm)
Width11 in (28 cm)
Height4 in (10 cm)

Osprey Flapjill micro vs Flapjill mini

The two most popular Osprey Flapjill models are the Flapjill micro and the Flapjill mini, so let's compare them:

The Flapjill micro
Osprey Flapjill Micro

The Flapjill mini
Osprey Flapjill Mini

Popularity and Prices

In total, 100% of the people interested in the Osprey Flapjill bags choose one of these two models. The most popular choice is the Flapjill mini which is choosen by 60% (1.5 times as many as the 40% that choose the Flapjill micro).

Flapjill microFlapjill mini
Most popular

Weight and dimensions

The weight of the Flapjill micro is 0.6 kg (21.2 oz) lower than the weight of the Flapjill mini.

Flapjill microFlapjill mini

If we look at dimensions, the Flapjill micro is 2 in (5 cm) longer than the Flapjill mini (9 vs. 11 in). It's 3 in (8 cm) wider (11 vs. 14 in), while the height of the Flapjill micro is 3 in (8 cm) less than the height of the Flapjill mini (4 vs. 7 in).

Features and Colors

Both models are available in black. Only the Flapjill micro is available in blue.

Feature Summary

Many sources mention these Osprey Flapjill features:
  • Reflective
  • Carry-on size

Some sources also mention these features:
  • Water bottle pockets

Actual features depends on the model, so check the features before you buy.

Packing Guide

See how much a traveller, an athlete and an outdoorsy person can pack in the different Osprey Flapjill models (the most popular choice is the Flapjill mini).

Capacity/Weight Levels

The capacity/weight level shows how much the bag weights compared with it's capacity (volume).

The lower the capacity/weight level, the better.

mini9 l1.2 oz0.13 oz/L


vs Osprey Bags

The Osprey Flapjill ranks #70 compared with the other Osprey bags.

68Osprey Zealot
Osprey Zealot
69Osprey Flapjill
Osprey Flapjill
70Osprey Cyber
Osprey Cyber
71Osprey Hikelite
Osprey Hikelite
72Osprey Pandion
Osprey Pandion

vs All Bags

The Osprey Flapjill ranks #1003 compared with all the bags we have checked.

1001Osprey Zealot
Osprey Zealot
1002Osprey Flapjill
Osprey Flapjill
1003Osprey Cyber
Osprey Cyber
1004Granite Gear Air
Granite Gear Air
1005Granite Gear Crown
Granite Gear Crown

Vs Other Bags

Crowdsourced comparison of the Osprey Flapjill vs the Osprey FlapJack.

Many sources mention this feature
Some sources mention this feature

Osprey Flapjill vs Osprey FlapJack

Osprey Flapjill
Osprey Flapjill

Based on 393 reviews
Capacity: 9 l
Weight: 0.6-1.2 oz
Price: $$

Osprey FlapJack
Osprey FlapJack

Based on 151 reviews
Price: $$

  • The Flapjill is rated slightly worse than the FlapJack.
  • In total, we have checked and analyzed 544 reviews of the two bags.

Carry-on size
Water bottle pockets

Both bags are available in these colors:

Only the FlapJack is available in these colors:

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