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4.7 Rating based on 1,247 reviews
Osprey Porter backpack
Osprey Porter duffel
We have checked 1,247 reviews of the Osprey Porter. Having checked all the reviews, the weighted average rating is 4.7 out of 5 (it is one of the 3 best carry on backpacks we have reviewed!)

We read and checked 1,247 reviews from experts and users. Here's what they think about the Osprey Porter bag:

Reviewers like these things about Osprey Porter

  • Most of the buyers said that it is a great travel pack.
  • Some users said that the semi-rigid side walls helped them to pack their luggage with ease.
  • They have also said that since the main compartment zips down fully it is much easier for them to pack their bag.
  • Peopele travelling for business trips said that the laptop panel of the pack is much protective.
  • Travellers also said that the extra padded straps were much comfortable for them to carry the pack fully loaded.
  • Some users said that the double zippers helped them to lock up the pack for security.
  • Another outstanding feature mentioned by a user is that the pack can be easily converted from a backpack to a sleek duffle bag.
  • A few travellers said that the pack stores ample gears and clothes for week long vacations or business trips.
  • A user also mentioned that the hide-away shoulder strp system is pretty awesome.
  • Some buyers also said that the pack is not too expensive in regards to the quality.
  • Reviewers love the fact that the backpack can be converted into a duffle bag, so there are two ways to carry it.
  • The backpack fits into overhead bins on flights and even under the seat. It can however be troublesome to fit in when overstuffed.
  • The padded straps added comfort to most travelers and they were happy with the grip.
  • The front pockets are perfect to add sunglasses, passport, or anything they liked to keep handy.

Reviewers don't like these things

  • Some travellers complained that the pack doesn't have a side water bottel pocket.
  • A few buyers also complained that the straps are much narrow and are not very comfortable for carrying long hours.
  • A user said that the shoulder padding and backing is not ideal for a comfortable carry.

Models and sizes

The list below shows how many percent choose the different Porter models, from the most popular to the least popular model.

1Osprey Porter 4673%
2Osprey Porter 3018%
3Osprey Porter 659%

Osprey Porter 65

The Osprey Porter 65 can function as a great carry-on if you fly a lot. This bag has several great storage compartments, both inside and outside the bag.

This bag offers you straightjacket style compression with the addition of padded wings, while the lower panel aids in securing your clothing in place and providing it with extra protection during transit.

The back panel zippers and locks to protect your belongings and there is the provision of a front panel pocket and allows you to easily access your items at all times.

The Osprey Porter 65 is 24 inches in length, while for example the Osprey Porter 30 is 20 inches in length. Both bags may not fit under all airline seats and may have to be stored in the bins overhead when you fly. They both have a lot of compartments for good storage both inside and outside the bag.


Average rating 4.7 based on 1,247 reviews
5 star
4 star
3 star
2 star
1 star

Selected Reviews

The Savvy Backpacker
Posted 5 March 2018
All in all, the Osprey Porter is a super well-rounded backpack and it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most popular travel backpacks.
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Indie Traveller
Posted 3 November 2017
The Porter 46 is a clever backpack. I have long been a fan of the Farpoint product line, but I must admit the Porter has made an equally great impression on me.
Read full review

Meet U at Gate
Posted 28 April 2017
The Osprey was my only bag and carried a week worth of clothing in packing cubes, items needed for my long haul flight, and all my personal items. It slid neatly under the seat infront of me and was easy to access. During my 10hr layover in Nanning, I carried the pack with little discomfort (honestly, the jet lag could have disguised it). Its sturdy, comfortable, convenient, and I love it.
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Her Packing List
Brooke Schoenman
Posted 29 January 2013
It’s just right when it comes to being able to carry it. Sometimes I still think it is too big because I have too much stuff with me now. But, I often pack more at the start of the trip and shed stuff as I go. I will wear the same two t-shirts for weeks, and then get rid of them, lightening the load.
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Backpack Specs

Osprey Porter 30

Osprey Porter 30

18% choose this model (2nd most popular choice)
Capacity30 l (1830.7 cuin)
Price range$$
Based on 8 reported specs.

Osprey Porter 46

Osprey Porter 46

73% choose this model (most popular choice)
Capacity45.4-46 l (2772-2807.1 cuin)
Price range$$
Based on 19 reported specs.

Osprey Porter 65

Osprey Porter 65

9% choose this model (3rd most popular choice)
Capacity65 l (3966.5 cuin)
Price range$$
Based on 18 reported specs.


  • Adjustable torso
  • Compression straps
  • Hip belt
  • Hip belt pockets
  • Laptop compartment
  • Organizer panel
  • Sternum strap
  • Zippered top
Actual features depend on model


Check how much you can pack in the different Osprey Porter models:

Osprey Porter vs similar bags

Osprey Porter
Osprey Porter (this bag)
Rating4.7 based on 1,247 reviews
Capacity30-65 l (1830.7-3966.5 cuin)
Weight2.1-3.6 lb (0.9-1.6 kg)

Osprey Porter vs Kelty Redwing

Kelty Redwing
Kelty Redwing
Rating 4.6 based on 1,809 reviews
If you are in need of a flexible and willing travel partner, then these two backpacks are the solution for you.

Osprey Porter is a rugged duffel bag that has an in-built pack suspension. It also has a padded mesh shoulder harness and hip belt suspension for increased comfort. It also features a front panel pocket with laptop and tablet. It has an internal zip pocket for packing small items.

Kelty Redwing, on the other hand, is characterized by its full-access U-zipper which allows it to work both as a top and panel loader thus enhanced convenience. It has zippered side pockets, front pockets and stash pockets with organizations for small stuff and large compartments on top of the pack. It also has a hydration compatible design and a side water bottle pocket.

Osprey Porter vs Osprey Fairview

Osprey Fairview
Osprey Fairview
Rating 4.5 based on 44 reviews
The Porter and the Fairview are great front panel loading travel bags. Osprey Porter is more rugged and gives you the most room you’ll get in a carry-on pack. On the other hand, the Fairview (women's version of the Farpoint) comes in strong with a great suspension system for best support.

Despite the similarities in internal organization, there are many differences on the outside.

The Porter is mainly a carry-on backpack. The Fairview is a detachable pack with a carry-on option. Also, unlike the Porter, the straps on Osprey Fairview can be tucked away for flights.

Osprey Porter vs Osprey Farpoint

Osprey Farpoint
Osprey Farpoint
Rating 4.6 based on 402 reviews
Both the Farpoint and Porter series of Osprey packs are award-winning travel bags. They look similar - the above average day pack for carrying your trip gear and other essentials.

The Farpoint is quite a lightweight backpack with harness available in two torso lengths. It also has a lightwire harness suspension, padding on the hipbelt and shoulder straps. The bag is well ventilated and has an inner mesh pocket for better organization of gear.

Osprey Porter backpack combines superior features to make a bigger but a little heavier travel backpack that has attributes of a day pack. The collective look of this backpack is that of a gear hauler or duffle bag. You’ll see that the harness system is quite simple and has no frame or height adjustment. There is no hip belt padding either, telling you that it's not meant to be worn for long periods.

Osprey Porter vs Osprey Ozone

Osprey Ozone
Osprey Ozone
Rating 4.4 based on 472 reviews
Both Osprey Porter and Osprey Ozone are designed specifically for travelling purposes but the two have very different designs.
The Porter is a backpack while the Ozone is a convertible backpack with a T handle bar and skater wheels. It also has shoulder straps so you can carry as a backpack. The porter has a handle on top for more versatile carrying.

While the Porter comes in 3 sizes, the Ozone model is available in more sizes, thus gives you more capacity choices than the Porter.

Porter is more fitting and comfortable. It has StraightJacket compression straps that help to compress the load so that it's more stable. The Ozone is heavy and is covered with a hard, durable aluminium frame for enhanced torso rigidity and strength. It's very sturdy and long-lasting but less comfortable as a carry-on bag compared to the Porter.

Osprey Porter vs Osprey Transporter

Osprey Transporter
Osprey Transporter
Rating 4.7 based on 374 reviews
Both the Osprey Porter and Osprey Transporter are considered to be reliable in their own rite. And they are classy looking too. So you get both style and functionality when you use these bags.

The Osprey Porter is ideal to use when you are traveling. The bright red color is rather attractive. The laptop panel provides the kind of protection you desire for your laptop. So you have the peace of mind that your laptop will not be damaged.

The Osprey Transporter is highly fashionable. The harness is contoured to ensure your comfort during usage. The rain flaps protect the bag in wet weather.

Osprey Porter vs Osprey Waypoint

Osprey Waypoint
Osprey Waypoint
Rating 4.6 based on 33 reviews
Carrying around heavy books and equipment can be stressful on your back and weight bearing joints. These backpacks help alleviate that stress thanks to their sternum focused design.

You'll have no problem toting around textbooks or other supplies thanks to the creative ways Osprey has found to help support your back.

The Waypoint does a great job of helping you ease the stress on your back with its hip belt focused design. The weight of the backpack's load will fall into the right place at all times for you.


Silver medal
Ranks 2 (top 10%)
Best carry on backpacks
Bronze medal
Ranks 39 (top 20%)
Best duffel bags

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Osprey Porter photos from Amazon.com, Eastern Mountain Sports, Eastern Mountain Sports, Eastern Mountain Sports and REI. All specs and features are based on automatic shopdata reports. Please check the specs/features before buying.

Last updated on May 26, 2018

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