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4.7 Rating based on 1,062 reviews
Osprey Porter
We have checked 1,062 reviews of the Osprey Porter. Having checked all the reviews, the weighted average rating is 4.7 out of 5.

The most popular model is the Osprey Porter 46.

Osprey Porter 3030 L (1831 CI)33 oz (0.9 kg)8 x 13 x 20 in (20 x 33 x 51 cm)
Osprey Porter 4646 L (2807 CI)54.4 oz (1.5 kg)13 x 14.8 x 23.2 in (33 x 38 x 59 cm)
Osprey Porter 6565 L (3966 CI)63.4 oz (1.8 kg)15 x 19 x 26 in (38 x 48 x 66 cm)

Reviewers like these things about Osprey Porter

  • Most of the buyers said that it is a great travel pack.
  • Some users said that the semi-rigid side walls helped them to pack their luggage with ease.
  • They have also said that since the main compartment zips down fully it is much easier for them to pack their bag.
  • Peopele travelling for business trips said that the laptop panel of the pack is much protective.
  • Travellers also said that the extra padded straps were much comfortable for them to carry the pack fully loaded.
  • Some users said that the double zippers helped them to lock up the pack for security.
  • Another outstanding feature mentioned by a user is that the pack can be easily converted from a backpack to a sleek duffle bag.
  • A few travellers said that the pack stores ample gears and clothes for week long vacations or business trips.
  • A user also mentioned that the hide-away shoulder strp system is pretty awesome.
  • Some buyers also said that the pack is not too expensive in regards to the quality.
  • Reviewers love the fact that the backpack can be converted into a duffle bag, so there are two ways to carry it.
  • The backpack fits into overhead bins on flights and even under the seat. It can however be troublesome to fit in when overstuffed.
  • The padded straps added comfort to most travelers and they were happy with the grip.
  • The front pockets are perfect to add sunglasses, passport, or anything they liked to keep.
  • Ndy.

Reviewers don't like these things

  • Some travellers complained that the pack doesn't have a side water bottel pocket.
  • A few buyers also complained that the straps are much narrow and are not very comfortable for carrying long hours.
  • A user said that the shoulder padding and backing is not ideal for a comfortable carry.


4.7 based on 1,062 reviews reviews

65% 5 star ratings
8% 4 star ratings
2% 3 star ratings

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  • Adjustable torso
  • Compression straps
  • Hip belt
  • Hip belt pockets
  • Laptop compartment
  • Organizer panel
  • Zippered top
  • Sternum strap
Actual features depend on model


Check how much you can pack in the different Osprey Porter models:

Osprey Porter vs similar bags

Kelty Redwing

Kelty Redwing

  • Slightly better rated (4.8 vs 4.7 based on a total of 1,690 reviews)
  • 5 models available, capacity -1-50 L
  • Average volume/weight ratio 32 L/kg
Osprey Fairview

Osprey Fairview

  • Slightly better rated (5.0 vs 4.7 based on a total of 1,071 reviews)
  • 3 models available, capacity 40-70 L
  • Average volume/weight ratio 34 L/kg
Osprey Farpoint

Osprey Farpoint

  • Rated slightly worse (4.7 vs 4.7 based on a total of 1,546 reviews)
  • 4 models available, capacity -1-76 L
  • Average volume/weight ratio 36 L/kg
Osprey Ozone

Osprey Ozone

  • Rated slightly worse (4.4 vs 4.7 based on a total of 1,263 reviews)
  • 6 models available, capacity 24-70 L
  • Average volume/weight ratio 23 L/kg
Osprey Transporter

Osprey Transporter

  • Rated slightly worse (4.6 vs 4.7 based on a total of 1,342 reviews)
  • 3 models available, capacity -1-130 L
  • Average volume/weight ratio 53 L/kg
Osprey Waypoint

Osprey Waypoint

  • Rated slightly worse (4.6 vs 4.7 based on a total of 1,095 reviews)
  • Capacity 80 L
  • Average volume/weight ratio 31 L/kg


Ranks 13 compared with the other Osprey bags
Ranks 34 compared with other duffel bags
Ranks 9 compared with other travel backpacks
Ranks 141 compared with other nylon backpacks

Last updated on December 14, 2017

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