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Osprey Raptor Review

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4.7 Rating based on 365 reviews
Osprey Raptor
We have checked 365 reviews of the Osprey Raptor. Having checked all the reviews, the weighted average rating is 4.7 out of 5.

Average rating 4.7 based on 365 reviews
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Reviewers like these things about Osprey Raptor

  • Most people said that is a great size pack with super versatality for day long hiking.
  • They said that the bag has great storage capacity and can carry good amount of stuffs inside.
  • Many reviewers are happy to mention that the pack comes with good size bladder for hydration system.
  • The testers of the bag said that it is very comfortable to wear with good padded shoulder harness.
  • A user said that it is advantegeous to have a unique toolwrap in the bottom compartment to carry trekking gears.
  • Another user said that he is using the bag for 3 years now without a single leak.
  • Many of the buyers are happy to have hip belt pockets which they used for smaller objects for easy access.
  • Some buyers said that the ventilation of the pack is very good and helped them keep dry and comfortable while on trail.

Reviewers don't like these things

  • Some users said that the pack is little heavy compared to others on the same range.
  • A buyer said that he hip pockets are not zippered and stuffs can fall out.
  • Another buyer said that the shoulder harness is not adjustable.


Osprey Raptor popularity compared with 9057 other bags. The Raptor is a very popular bag.

The barchart to the right shows how the popularity of the Raptor have developed from 2008 to 2017.

Selected Reviews

Bike Radar
Ric McLaughlin
Posted 2 May 2015
This is a great all-day pack for those who enjoy stowing the essentials as well as having some room to play with. If you want to give racing a go, the Raptor is light enough and more than tough enough to start hunting for valuable seconds too; it’s a complete performer.
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Bike Radar
Josh Patterson
Posted 1 April 2014
The Osprey Raptor 10 is well-designed pack that is ideally suited to mountain bike rides lasting 2-4 hours.
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Utah Outside
Jared Hargrave
Posted 23 May 2013
Overall, it seems Osprey has thought of everything a mountain biker could ever want or need in a pack. It’s also available in 14 and 6 liter sizes.
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Bike Radar
Russ Burton
Posted 7 September 2010
An excellent pack with some great features but the back system may not be to everyone’s liking.
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Bike Radar
James Huang
Posted 27 May 2010
Superb pack design and comfort with an excellent bladder to boot.
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4 All Outdoors
Jenn K.
Posted 13 May 2010
I think this pack is a great first attempt by Osprey to target the mountain biking community. I will be excited to see future generations of the Raptor line. I am currently considering purchasing a smaller Raptor for short rides and even going up a size for long, cold, night rides.
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Bike Radar
Justin Loretz
Posted 24 December 2009
We really like the ?t of the Raptor: it’s right up there with the best from CamelBak and Hydrapak with a ?rm con?dent feel, regardless of load.
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DimensionsHeight20 in (50.8 cm)
Width9 in (22.9 cm)
Length7-9 in (17.8-22.9 cm)
Weight1.4-1.6 lb (0.6-0.7 kg)
Price range$$

Based on 20 reported specs.


  • Hip belt
  • Hip belt pockets
  • Hydration compatible
  • Tool pouch
  • Reflective
  • Stretch mesh
  • Sunglasses pocket
  • Helmet carry
  • Compression straps
  • Sternum strap
  • Adjustable torso
Actual features depend on model


Check how much you can pack in the different Osprey Raptor models:

Osprey Raptor vs similar bags

Camelbak MULE

Camelbak MULE

  • Rated slightly worse (4.4 vs 4.7 based on a total of 474 reviews)
  • Capacity -1 L
Osprey Escapist

Osprey Escapist

  • Slightly better rated (4.7 vs 4.7 based on a total of 1,586 reviews)
  • 6 models available, capacity -1-30 L
  • Average volume/weight ratio 26 L/kg
Osprey Manta

Osprey Manta

  • Rated slightly worse (4.6 vs 4.7 based on a total of 452 reviews)
  • 2 models available, capacity 20-34 L
  • Average volume/weight ratio 22 L/kg
Osprey Raven

Osprey Raven

  • Slightly better rated (4.9 vs 4.7 based on a total of 446 reviews)
  • 3 models available, capacity 10-14 L
  • Average volume/weight ratio 18 L/kg
Osprey Syncro

Osprey Syncro

  • Slightly better rated (4.7 vs 4.7 based on a total of 1,043 reviews)
  • 4 models available, capacity -1-8 L
  • Average volume/weight ratio 12 L/kg
Osprey Talon

Osprey Talon

  • Rated equal to Osprey Raptor (both 4.7)
  • 7 models available, capacity -1-6 L
  • Average volume/weight ratio 33 L/kg
Osprey Viper

Osprey Viper

  • Slightly better rated (4.8 vs 4.7 based on a total of 606 reviews)
  • 5 models available, capacity -1-9 L
  • Average volume/weight ratio 17 L/kg
Osprey Zealot

Osprey Zealot

  • Slightly better rated (4.8 vs 4.7 based on a total of 496 reviews)
  • 4 models available, capacity -1-13 L
  • Average volume/weight ratio 14 L/kg


Ranks 16 compared with the other Osprey bags
Ranks 76 compared with other backpacking backpacks
Ranks 70 compared with other hiking backpacks
Ranks 36 compared with other hydration packs

Bag photos from Amazon.co.uk (backpack).

Last updated on April 15, 2018

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