Osprey Ultralight Zip Review, Pros and Cons

Osprey Ultralight Zip is rated 4.5 based on 6 reviews

Feature Summary

Osprey Ultralight Zip Organizer
  • Four interior zipper pockets and two slip pockets. One exterior zipper pocket.

Reviews Summary

Here’s what the reviewers think about the Osprey Ultralight Zip:

Reviewers like these things about the Osprey Ultralight Zip

  • Many users find this bag very useful in organizing essentials in a pack.
  • Other reviewers love how they can hang it and easily access contents in the bag.
  • Users recommend this bag to anyone looking for something compact and efficient storage for essentials.
  • A lot of users thought the design is good and smart.
  • Some users thought it’s a very nice compact toiletry kit with a snap-away clear bag they can use for liquids.
  • Other reviewers loved how they can access one compartment both when the bag is unfolded and folded up, providing easy access on items without the hassle.
  • Many users praise it for its built-in semi-rigid frame which makes carrying and putting things in easy.
  • Some reviewers thought it’s a much better alternative than the bulky toiletry bags.
  • fits all the essentials and prevents them from taking unnecessary items.
  • Others enjoy the presence of the internal mesh pocket that holds a variety of things such as floss,pills,q-tips,etc.
  • Many users find it great for camping toiletries with lots of storage for different things.
  • Some reviewers exclaimed it’s one of the best travel cases they had.
  • super lightweight,tons of storage and zippered compartments.
  • Breathable mesh,craftmanship and vivid color are also favorite features of the bag.
  • Others find the hanging hook and mirror a nice touch.
  • One user described this bag as magical.
  • like Hermione’s bag that magically holds a million things.
  • Many reviewers love how its stretchy material allows for flexibility and cramming in suitcase corners.
  • Super lightweight, decent storage space,well thought-out design,solid construction and detachable section are cited as the main reasons for recommending this bag.

Reviewers don’t like these things

  • Some users thought the bag was okay but smaller than expected.
  • Other users thought it’s a good travel organizer but too short and narrow.

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