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Outdoor Research bags Reviews and Buyer's Guide (Jan 2019)

Top 5 list of the best outdoor research bags is based on 193 reviews.
1Outdoor Research DurableOutdoor Research Durable
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4.2020 reviews
2Outdoor Research IsolationOutdoor Research Isolation
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4.1930 reviews
3Outdoor Research Dry SummitOutdoor Research Dry Summit
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4.1546 reviews
4Outdoor Research UltralightOutdoor Research Ultralight3.9047 reviews
5Outdoor Research RangefinderOutdoor Research Rangefinder3.6531 reviews
How we rate the bags

We have checked 193 reviews, so we can show you the weighted average rating of all the bags.

Using the average ratings, you can check what all the reviewers think instead of just viewing the subjective opinion of one specific reviewer.

It's much simplier to find the best bags that way.

About the Brand

3.98 based on 193 reviews
Having checked and analyzed 193 reviews, we rate the outdoor research brand 3.92 stars out of 5.

83% of the Outdoor Research reviews are good or excellent, while 6% of the reviews are poor or bad.

Looking at the 9 checked Outdoor Research bags, the best rated Outdoor Research bag is the Outdoor Research Durable with a 4.20 rating. The worst rated bag is the Outdoor Research Rangefinder with a 3.65 rating.

Excellent (70%)
Good (13%)
Average (5%)
Poor (2%)
Bad (4%)

4 More Outdoor Research Bags

Classic Outdoor Research bags and models that haven't yet got enough reviews to be ranked.

Outdoor Research AirpurgeOutdoor Research Airpurge
Outdoor Research LevitatorOutdoor Research Levitator
Outdoor Research ElevatorOutdoor Research Elevator
Outdoor Research AntimatterOutdoor Research Antimatter

Last updated on January 22, 2019