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Nomad Tom Wahlin

We’re based in Detroit, Michigan and have been reviewing packs & other travel gear since January 2017. We believe the best trips start with quality gear, regardless if you’re traveling for business or pleasure.

What kind of bags do you review?

We’re mainly focused on Urban, one bag travel bags with an emphasis on living a remote lifestyle. We’re not necessarily focused on “new” bags. We’re most focused on the “best” bags with high durability that will stand the test of time.

While we strive for variety, we do believe in paying more for something that will last. And prefer brands with a good, ethical production process at a price point that makes sense for its lifeline.

Nomad Tom Wahlin

How do you review the bags?

We use each pack for at least two weeks before doing a formal review and sometimes longer. We also continue to test products, and update our usage timeline per review as we test for longer. It becomes easier to assess whether a bag will last long based on the quality of materials used, but in order to get the full user experience, we believe in real-world use before sharing our thoughts.

Nomad Tom Wahlin

What are your favorite bags?

We don’t really have any “favorite” bags, as that constantly evolve as we review more, and we don’t show favoritism towards brands.

Nomad Tom Wahlin

How do people use your reviews?

We help folks make informed decisions on whether or not they’d like to purchase gear through real-world testing and detailed reviews. We think it’s best to be as detailed as possible to help folks with their investments.

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Mission Workshop Fitzroy by Tom Wahlin, posted 5 November 2017 (Source)
Peak Design Everyday by Tom Wahlin, posted 28 September 2017 (Source)
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Mammut Seon Cargo 35 by Phil Oliver, posted 4 August 2017 (Source)
GoRuck GR2 by Tom Wahlin, posted 10 June 2017 (Source)
GoRuck Field Pocket by Tom Wahlin, posted 11 May 2017 (Source)

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