The Adventure in You Founders Share How They Pack Light to Travel the World

Hey there! We're Tom and Anna, the two mischief makers behind our travel blog, Adventure in You. I am from the Philippines and Tom is from Wales. We both met while we were backpacking Southeast Asia and have been together ever since. How and why did you get into adventuring and traveling? As mentioned, we[...]


Lisa from Girl about the Globe Shares How She Organizes Her Bags When Solo Traveling

I am Lisa, a forty-something divorcee who has changed her life and left everything for a life back on the road. I have a Journalism Degree and run a website called, Girl about the Globe, a travel resource site for solo female travellers, promoting conscious travel. My aim is to show that solo travel isn’t[...]


Italian Solo Traveler Michela Fantinel Shares Her Best Tips for Packing and Travelling

I’m Michela, Italian born and bred, but with an European background: 12 years spent living in Germany, one year in Austria, two years in UK and seven months in Spain. I love foreign cultures and languages, that’s why I learnt to speak fluently four languages: English, German, Spanish and Italian. In 2010 I created Rocky[...]


Qualified Mountain Leader and Fossil Hunter Martin Curtis Shares His Best Packing Tips

My name is Martin Curtis. I’m a Qualified Mountain Leader and I live and work on the Jurassic Coast here in the UK. I’m an Ambassador for the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site and a guide at Jurassic Coast Guides. I take visitors on walking and fossil tours and spend my spare time fossil hunting[...]


MTB World Champion and Olympian Alison Dunlap Shares How to Become a Better Mountain Biker

Alison Kerry Dunlap. 48 yrs old. I was born in Denver, CO and have lived in Colorado Springs since 1987. I graduated from The Colorado College in 1991 with a degree in Biology. I live in the Springs with my husband of 18 years and our seven year old son. I am a very easy[...]


61-Year-Old British Hill Walker Glyn Dodwell Shares His Smart Packing Tips

My name is Glyn Dodwell, I am 61 years old and I run the blog Hill-Walking For The Over 60s. But I am not just a blogger, I lead from the front spending most of my spare time hill-walking on the lovely chalk downs of southern England and the mountains of Wales. My interests have[...]


Going Awesome Places Founder William Tang Shares How He Packs His Travel Bags

My name is William Tang and I'm a travel blogger and creator from Toronto, Canada. I'm going to be home for the next little while but hoping to start planning for 2018 soon which will be exciting. Travelling is my big hobby but on top of that I'm a professional photographer which I am able[...]


Online Entrepreneur Mark Whitman Shares His Best Tips for Packing Light

My name is Mark Whitman. I was born in Cape Town, South Africa, where I spent the first 24 years of my life. After my bachelors, I left South Africa to pursue further education at Cambridge University in the UK. I started my career in London, working as a management consultant. After six years in[...]


Freelance Writer and Photographer Sean Jansen Shares His Best Organized Packing Tips

My name is Sean Jansen, I am from San Clemente, California and I am a writer, photographer, athlete, and seasonal worker. I move constantly with the seasons and am currently in Bozeman. Montana. I grew up surfing, an activity I still enjoy today. However, I have indeed shifted a bit to the mountains where I[...]


Marie from BigTravelNut Shares Her Simple Packing Tips for Solo Travelers

My name is Marie-France Roy. I’m originally from Montreal, Canada, but I’ve been living in Toronto for almost 30 years now. I started travelling solo in 1992 and it’s become my preferred way of seeing the world (60 countries visited so far). I’ve been publishing a travel blog called BigTravelNut for the last four years,[...]


Full Time Travel Blogger Michael Turtle Shares His Best Travel and Packing Tips

I’m Michael Turtle and I’m from Sydney in Australia. I’ve been travelling full time and running my travel blog for more than six years now. Before that, I worked as a journalist and producer for TV and radio stations in Australia. I’ve always had a passion for travel and even before I did this professionally,[...]


How This Dutch Climber Manages Her Extreme Vertigo While Rock Climbing

Hey! My name is Roanne, I am a writer, a social scientist and a groupie of the outdoors. Rock climbing and hiking in beautiful places of the world make me very happy and very tired – mostly a combination of the two. Both as a researcher and as a climber I’ve been fascinated with the[...]


How British Adventurer Nathan Millward Travelled from Sydney to London on a Motorcycle

My name's Nathan Millward, I'm 37 years old and originally from a mining town called, Mansfield in the East Midlands of the UK. I now live a hundred miles down the road in a small city called, Worcester. For a living, I work in the motorcycle industry. I road test new bikes, publish my own[...]


at the Marathon des Sables

World Class Ultra Runner Jo Meek Shares All About Gear, Training and Staying Organized

My name is Jo Meek. I am from Great Britain and that is where I am living right now. I am married (nine years this month!) and have the pleasure of owning a border terrier who is now the ripe old age of 14! I have two main loves that take up my time: My[...]


Yogi Aaron Shares His Passion For Yoga and Travel Plus His Top Packing Tips

My name is Yogi Aaron, and I am a yoga teacher, and now own a beachfront yoga retreat on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. I was born in Victoria, Canada. Later, I ended up living in Vancouver, which is where I tell people I am originally from. I was lucky to have an adventurous[...]


The Insatiable Traveler Susan Portnoy Recommends Her Top Three Bags for Easy Travel

My name is Susan Portnoy. I am Communications consultant and former Michigander, who’s lived in New York City so long I feel like a native. Three years ago, what began as a hobby but is now something more profound, I created The Insatiable Traveler—a travel/photography blog that chronicles my adventures at home and around the[...]


Climbing Mt Rinjani in Lombok, Indonesia (1997)

Travel Writer Mark Moxon Shares His Best Packing Light Tips and How to Stay Organized While Traveling

My name is Mark Moxon, and I've been a web-based travel writer since 1995, some four years before the word 'blog' was invented. I was a digital nomad for three years back in the mid-1990s, before anyone knew what a digital nomad was, and I'm still travelling, walking and writing, though at a rather more[...]


Travel Dudes Founder Melvin Böcher Shares How to Pack and Organize Your Travel Bags

I'm Melvin, the founder and CEO of Travel Dudes and COO of iambassador. With Travel Dudes we are one of the top travel influencers online. On Twitter there are over 270.000 followers and we get on over 8.500 Twitter lists recommended. That's top 3 in travel! The Facebook page got as well over 120,000 fans[...]


This Filipino Couple Will Fly for Food – and Now They Share Their Best Packing Tips

Hey everyone! We’re JB and Renée, the Traveleaters behind Will Fly for Food. We’re based in our native Philippines now, but we both spent a good portion of our lives in the US. When we aren’t traveleating, I work as a location-independent graphic/web designer while Ren is a domestic engineer (aka housewife). I’m the quiet[...]


Female Adventurer and TV Producer Tara Foster Shares Her Best Packing Tips

Hey guys! I’m Tara and I’m a TV Producer by trade. I’m an American by birth and Australian by choice! Right now, I’m travelling around Europe! I’m a massive fan of travel and consider it one of my hobbies! I also like to write the crazy stories about my life on my blog I’m[...]


The Founders of Budget Your Trip Share How They Finance All Their Travel

My name is Bryan Tighe, and I am a software and web developer and avid traveler. My wife, Laurie, and I are the co-founders of We are from North Carolina, where we currently live and run the company. Obviously, we enjoy traveling, but we also enjoy photography, running, design, gadgets, and spending time with[...]


Belgian Travel Blogger Shares How She Packs and Organizes Her Travel Itineraries

I'm Sofie and I was born and raised in Belgium where I currently still live with my partner. Currently, though, I'm answering these questions from a Riad in Marrakech, Morocco, where I'm spending a week visiting a friend who lives here. The one thing I love to do most - surprise - is explore new[...]


Benjamin (me) skimming stones on a Norwegian lake

British Product Designer Benjamin Davies Shares How to Travel as a Photography Hobbyist

I am Benjamin Davies, a photography hobbyist from Brighton, UK. I study product design at Brighton University and I’m constantly on the look for new photography explorations! You’ll usually find me sketching some designs while listening to ODESZA and drinking coffee. How and why did you get into photography and traveling? I was extremely privileged[...]


Polar Adventurer Ann Daniels Shares What Gear to Pack for Arctic Expeditions

My name is Ann Daniels. Mainly, I’m a Polar adventurer but spend a lot of my time speaking to Corporate companies about leadership and overcoming challenges to achieve results. I’m originally from Bradford, West Yorkshire and got into Polar expeditions at a later age after having triplets. I love what I do and consider that[...]


Stefan and Sebastien at the Puu Jih Syh Temple, Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo, August 2015

Nomadic Gay Couple Shares How They Organize Everything from Bags to Business Class Travel

We are gay couple Stefan and Sebastien. Stefan is from London, originally Greek Cypriot. Sebastien is from France. We met in London in 2009 at the GAY bar in Soho and have been together since. In 2014, we quit our lives and jobs in London to travel the world together. Nomadic Boys is our travel[...]


TV Host and Producer Nikki Noya Shares How to Make a Career in Travel

My name is Nikki Noya, I am a co-host of the Jet Set and also produce the Fit to Fly segments for the show. I am a former volleyball player and certified nutritionist/trainer. I live between South Florida and the Berkshires with my family. We love all sports and exploring is our favorite family activity.[...]


in The Acropolis of Athens, Greece

American Dancer Kelsey Glennon Shares How to Travel the World as a Performing Artist

I’m Kelsey Glennon and I am an Actor’s Equity dancer and performing artist. I also write freelance and (occasionally) blog. I am currently based out of Orlando, FL, but plan on transitioning to living and working remotely in 2018. My favorite thing to do when I travel is to find live music at a cozy[...]


American Adventurer Chase Barfield Shares How to Live on the Road with Your Family

My name is Chase Barfield. I am originally from South Georgia, United States. I am currently in the Florida Panhandle. Just finished a 3-year journey to live and explore the contiguous 48 United States. I like to explore, hike, go to the gym, snorkel/scuba and watch movies. As for my personality, I am fairly outgoing,[...]


British Adventurer Jason Rawles Shares His Adventure Tips And Passion For Positive Social Change

Hello! I’m Jason Rawles and live in the UK but you may also find me in places like Nepal, Africa or the Alps. There are two parts to my world and what I do. The first part is running a business that helps people achieve their adventure or business aspirations. The second part is using[...]


in Machu Picchu, Peru

Travel Writer Barbara Weibel Shares Her Best Bag Organization Ideas

My name is Barbara Weibel. I am a travel writer and photographer, and the Owner/Editor of the blog, Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel. In addition to travel, writing, and photography, my interests include hiking, Yoga, meditation, geology, archaeology, and reading. How and why did you get into traveling? My passion for travel began at[...]