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Pro Climber Will Stanhope Shares His Best Climbing Advice and Favorite Gear

I'm Will Stanhope - a professional rock climber and ACMG guide based out of Squamish BC, Canada. I got into climbing with my Dad when I was about 8 or 9. My Dad and his best buddy, Brad Forster, started climbing in the local climbing gym in North Vancouver. Their interest waned after a few[...]


How Ultra Runner Serge Girard Keeps Running Around the Planet

My name is Girard Serge. I retired from the finance world at the age of 61. I am married and I have three children. I am from the Normandy in France and I love running. How and why did you get into running around the world? In 2015, I tried to go around the world[...]


in New York City, USA

Travel Blogger Ashley Smith Shares Her Best Travel Tips and Her Favorite Packing Tools

I'm Ashley Smith and I'm a travel blogger/freelance travel writer. I'm originally from Memphis, Tennessee, USA but now call Boston, Massachusetts my very cold home. You can usually find me hiking, canoeing, museum-ing, trying desperately to learn a new language, or failing miserably at Zumba. But let's be honest, you can always find me in front of[...]


Norbert in Vestmannaeyjar Islands

How to Quit Your Architect Job, Live on the Road and Travel to over 100 Countries

I'm Norbert Figueroa, originally from Puerto Rico. I'm an adrenaline junkie at heart, so I'm always looking for new thrilling experiences. I worked as an architect in New York City for five years until 2011, when I decided to quit my job to travel the world for a year. That one year has now become[...]


Alexis and Christian

Tiny House Road Trip! This Couple Has Traveled More Than 40,000 Miles With Their Tiny House

I’m Alexis Stephens, co-founder of Tiny House Expedition, a traveling documentary storytelling and community outreach project. Our goal is to inspire others to redefine home and rethink housing. We passionately advocate for greater social and legal acceptance of tiny housing through educational events, resource sharing and thought-provoking storytelling. My partner, Christian, and I are filmmakers[...]


Ultimate Waterman World Champion Zane Kekoa Schweitzer Shares His Best Stand Up Paddling Tips

My name is Zane Kekoa Schweitzer. I am world champion Waterman - 15x world title holder including 2x Ultimate Waterman World Champion and Ocean Enthusiast and aloha environmental Ambassador! I am from Maui, Hawaii. I am currently in Denmark representing Hawaii at the ISA World Championships and defending my title from my gold metal in[...]


ACMG Full Alpine Guide Sarah Hueniken Shares Her Top Tips for Ice Climbing and Mixed Climbing

My name is Sarah Hueniken. I work full time as an ACMG Alpine guide running my own business called, Sarah Hueniken Guiding, and instructing and guiding rock and alpine trips in the summer and ice and mixed climbing in the winter. I live in Canmore Alberta but originally came from Ontario, Canada. I moved to[...]


How Long Distance Skater Harrison Tucker Trains for 24 Hour Skateboard Races

My name is Harrison Tucker. As my parents would say, I am 17 going on 27. I was born and raised in the Big Apple (New York City). I also currently live in New York but that will change next fall when I hope to move to Boulder, Colorado. Besides skateboarding, I love to run,[...]


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Scottish Climber Robbie Phillips Shares How He Trains and Becomes a Better Climber

Hey guys, my name is Robbie Phillips and I’m a climber from Edinburgh, Scotland. To be honest, I reside anywhere my White Ford Transit is parked – this is my home on the road. At the moment, it’s parked below the Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the Dolomites (Northern Italy) as I’ve just been climbing[...]


It’s Time to Learn Why Emily Luxton Travels and How She Funds Her Lifestyle

Hi! My name's Emily Luxton, I'm a full time travel blogger and freelance writer from the south coast of England (Weymouth, specifically!). Right now, I'm in Nicaragua, a few weeks into a three-month backpacking trip around Central America. Naturally, I'm a massive travel addict and love exploring the world. I also love photography, writing, and[...]


How this Visually Impaired Kiwi Male Became a Double Paralympic Champion at the Age of 40

My name is Steve Bate MBE (Member of the British Empire). I’m a Para-Cyclist for British Cycling and ParalympicsGB, I race on the back of a tandem bicycle with my sight pilot, Adam Duggleby. This is because I have a visual impairment and it’s not safe for me to race on my own. I was[...]


In Iceland

Travel Photographer Annapurna Melllor Shares Her Best Tips on Traveling Light with Bulky Camera Gear

Hi there! My name is Annapurna Mellor and I am a 25-year old freelance travel photographer, writer and co-founder of ROAM Magazine. I live in Manchester in the UK, which is where I am now. Although I’m often off travelling the world, photographing for brands or magazines. When I'm home, I’m often editing, working on[...]


Runner Molly Huddle Explains Why You Should Never Give Up On Running

My name is Molly Huddle, I'm a professional athlete (track 10,000m/5000m and now road Marathons) who lives and trains in Providence, Rhode Island. I'm sponsored by Saucony, which allows me to focus 100% on testing my limits while racing! One of my favorite hobbies is painting my nails - I try to come up with[...]


This Danish Couple Are Youtube Vloggers and Travel 100 Days Every Year with a Small Baby

We are Maria and Morten Storgaard. We live in Aarhus, Denmark, and we work with Youtube and online marketing. We currently reside in Aarhus (our base), and we travel approx. 100 days per year. We shoot travel videos along the road. We have had our own e-commerce business with photo print first and later another[...]


Photo credit: Yang Biqing

Environmental Photographer Kyle Obermann Shares His Best Packing Tips for Photographers and Explorers

I’m an environmental photographer and explorer. I spend most my time in western China trying to build support for local conservation groups and change the way outsiders think of China’s wild. I’m originally from Austin, Texas, so even though I spend most of my time in the high mountains on the eastern edge of the[...]


Vanlife Star Hokey Pokey Shares His Best Vanlife Tips (Including How to Live in a Van with a Dog)

My name is Hokey Pokey and I'm from Georgia, USA. On most days, I write something, play fetch with my pup, Okey Dokey, and drive around in my van, known as Bulky Folkie. When I started writing this email I was in Northern California looking to partake in a seasonal cannabis-industry job. Now, I'm 3,000[...]


Cardiff Finish, United Kingdom. Photo credit: Arjun Bhogal

Arjun Bhogal Explains How He Spent 5 Years Walking Solo Across the World

My name is Arjun Bhogal, I suppose I'd be classified as an adventurer, but I also write and do some public speaking about my journey over the last five years. I'm originally from London, UK, but am currently living in Melbourne, Australia. As you could probably imagine my favorite activities are walking and messing around[...]


Farm near Cotopaxi (Ecuadro)

Location Independent Entrepreneur Explains How to Make Money Anywhere in the World

You don't need to keep working 9-5. If you really want to live a different life, it's possible to quit your job, start traveling and live a location independent life. Take Hendric Tay from Singapore. A couple of years ago, he quit his 9-5 job to travel the world. Today Hendric is a location independent[...]


Adventurer Andrew Siess Explains How to Cycle and Walk Around the World on a Tiny Budget

Name is Andrew Siess from St. Paul Minnesota, USA. Right now, I am in Saint Paul, Minnesota working construction jobs until adventure season starts in a month. Favorite activities are kickball, biking, canoeing, urban exploring, busking, going to the BWCA. I'm a stubborn, laid back, serious, joking, hard working, and slacker. How and why did[...]


Long-Distance Hiker Chris Townsend Explains His Best Tips on Adventuring and Packing Your Gear

My name is Chris Townsend. I’m a writer and photographer specializing in the outdoors. I live in the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. Whilst I love many outdoor activities, my favourite is long-distance hiking. How and why did you get into long-distance hiking? I was brought up in the countryside and as a child, enjoyed[...]


British Explorer Andy Browning Shares the Importance of Keeping an Adventure Journal

Hey! My name is Andy Browning, and I am an explorer, writer, expedition leader, and sometimes geography teacher from the UK. Originally from the Essex/London border, I am currently living in Lincoln in the East Midlands, but I like to move around lots as it gives me an insight into lots of different places. My[...]


2 Small Children Cannot Stop This Dutch Family from Living Nomadic

We are a Dutch family of four; Nanouk (mom), Joost (dad), Roan (toddler) and Evi (baby). We live in an RV and travel through Europe. We love this lifestyle because we can combine taking care of our kids and working with traveling and hiking. How and why did you become a nomad? Before our oldest[...]


in Alaska

George Meegan Shares His Best Adventuring Tips after 2425 Days of Walking

Hi. My name is George Geoffrey Meegan and I am an adventurer. My first adventure was being rescued by a dog who just would not budge away from a locked caravan. When they broke the door down they found a shocking sight -- a baby holding onto a dead mother. Her name was Pauline. Frieda[...]


How Gypsy Nesters Sold Everything and Traveled to 50 Countries After Their Kids Left Home

We are David and Veronica James and have spent the last 36 years together, ever since a boy from the heartland met a Valley girl on the west coast and took off to Nashville for a wild ride through parenthood and the music business. After sending three kids out into the big wide world, we[...]


The Founder of Travel Mamas Shares Her Best Tips for Traveling with Kids

I’m Colleen Lanin, founder/editor of I live in sunny (and HOT!) Scottsdale, Arizona, USA with my husband and two kids. I’ve also lived in Minnesota, Southern France and San Diego. I’m hoping to move to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico next year, but that will really depend on my husband’s employer. My hobbies are[...]


Sometimes we had to drag our cart trough the water to get to land.   (Walking 160 kilometers along the beach in the Netherlands 2014)

How Creative Adventurer Erwin Zantinga Keeps Inventing New Ways to Travel and Experience Adventure

Hi. My name is Erwin Zantinga. It was a hot summer night in July 1986 when I was born in Scheema, a little town in the north of the Netherlands. 31 years later, I find myself in the close by town of Groningen. From there on, I try to live an adventurous life by making[...]


Angela Maxwell Has Walked Alone for 3 Years. Now She Shares All Her Best Slow Travel Tips

My name is Angela Maxwell and I've been walking solo around the world for three years. I left my home in Oregon, USA to attempt a slow travel adventure across four continents, three of which I have completed. I have one continent left to complete my walk, which is home across the US. However, I[...]



33x Freediving World Record Holder Herbert Nitsch Shares His Best Freediving Tips

Gutentag, I am freediver Herbert Nitsch from Austria. Although I am born in this land-locked country, I am not often home in Vienna, because I enjoy traveling the world to freedive in remote and exotic locations. For those of you wondering what freediving is: Well, it’s just diving on a single breath of air. Each[...]


Tamara Gruber from We3Travel Explains How to Pack Your Suitcases and Travel Every Month

I am Tamara Gruber and I’m a travel blogger, podcaster, and Virtuoso Travel Advisor. I live in Rhode Island, USA with my husband and 13-year old daughter and we travel about once a month (sometimes a little bit more.) We really love cultural exploring, finding emerging destinations, enjoying some soft, family-friendly adventures, and finding really[...]


Location Independent Entrepreneur Johnny FD Shares His Best Tips for Getting Success on the Road

I'm Johnny FD and I'm a corporate cubicle slave turned scuba divemaster, muay thai fighter, and eventually location independent entrepreneur. My blog is I'm originally from California but have been living on the Canary Islands for the past three months. My hobbies include scuba diving around the world, competing in Muay Thai kickboxing, and[...]