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Patagonia Refugio 28 Review

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4.6 Rating based on 1,519 reviews
We read and checked 1,519 reviews from experts and users. Based on all the reviews, the weighted average rating is 4.6 out of 5.

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Here's what the reviewers think about the Patagonia Refugio 28 bag:

Reviewers like these things about the Patagonia Refugio 28

  • Users have noted that the Patagonia Refugio backpack has a generous main compartment with dump pockets, making it quick to organize things on the go.
  • Many of the reviewers commended the internal organization feature of the backpack for keeping electronics and other supplies.
  • Laptop users found it easy to store their gadgets due to a padded sleeve dedicated for laptops.
  • Other reviewers remarked on its sufficient comfort and support brought about by its back panel and shoulder straps.
  • Users recommend the bag for everyday use, for occasional hike and travel.
  • The presence of several pockets to store gears received praise from users, especially those who are into high-intensity activities.
  • Users liked that it can hold a variety of things well.
  • Other users commended its ability to store items safely and securely due to its zippered pockets.

Reviewers don't like these things

  • A reviewer thought that the bag might be smaller than expected.
  • Due to its relatively small size, a few reviewers felt that it could use more small pockets for small valuables.

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Patagonia Refugio 28 vs patagonia chacabuco

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Patagonia Chacabuco 30
Rating 4.4 based on 59 reviews
These backpacks contrast traditional and modern styles from Patagonia.

The Chacabuco is a traditionally designed backpack ideal for mountain climbing and long treks. It doesn't provide the same protection the Refugio might provide your electronics, but it's lightweight enough for the goods you'll need to bring with you. Buy it if you want to focus on enjoying a high altitude experience.

The Refugio gives you a level of protection you won't be able to find in the Chacabuco. It doesn't have the aesthetic value of the Chacabuco but it can give you laptop better protection. Buy it if you need to bring along some modern essentials.

The most popular Patagonia Chacabuco 30

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The North Face Borealis
Rating4.7 based on 17,288 reviews
Capacity28-28 l (1708.7-1709 cuin)
Weight2.6-2.8 lb (1.2-1.3 kg)

No photo available
The North Face Recon
Rating4.7 based on 13,260 reviews
Capacity17-31 l (1037.4-1892 cuin)
Weight0.9-2.7 lb (0.4-1.2 kg)

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Utah Outside
Jared Hargrave
Posted 5 September 2010
If you’re a hardcore outdoorsman thinking the Patagonia brand will get you a pack for an ascent of K2, you’ll be disappointed. But if you’re a student with lots of books, a parent that takes the kids down to the river walk, or someone who occasionally wanders the trails above town, then the Patagonia Refugio is probably all you’ll need, and it’ll make you look good doing it.
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Check how much you can pack in the different Patagonia Refugio 28 models:

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Average rating 4.6 based on 1,519 reviews
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