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Pelican Protector Reviews Summary and Buyer's Guide

Last updated July 4, 2019

based on 1,706 reviews

We have checked more than a thousand reviews and found 20 reasons to buy the Protector - and 2 reasons NOT to buy it.

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83% of the reviewers give the Pelican Protector a good or excellent rating!

Excellent (72%)
Good (11%)
Average (5%)
Poor (3%)
Bad (7%)


Reviews Summary

Here's what the reviewers think about the Pelican Protector:

Reviewers like these things about the Pelican Protector

  • A lot of users find it very useful as a carry on luggage and very accomodating of their gear.
  • Many owners said it's the best case that provides the best protection for their gear.
  • A lot of reviewers thought it's well designed and capable of carrying a lot of gear.
  • A number of photographers said it's the best way of transporting photo gear.
  • Many users are amazed with how sturdy it was after been thrown around, checked into aircraft holds, kicked and dropped, used as a seat and a step and generally given a serious amount of abuse.
  • Padded dividers are one of the most favorite features among users.
  • Some reviewers said that the Pelican Protector is the most durable and high quality cases ever.
  • Others described it as a hard wearing and reliable case.
  • Many owners chose this luggage for its ability to load huge amoun tof equipment and rock solid design.
  • Others said it's beautifully made with the highest quality and robust beyond all expectations.
  • Many reviewers find the presence of the optional lid mounted net storage very useful.
  • Some users love how the padded inserts allow good flexibility.
  • A lot of users love how it protects the content very well.
  • Some reviewers thought all the mechanical aspects of the case work like a dream, the handle slides out of the base in an instant and it wheels quietly and reliably over most terrains.
  • Sturdy, waterproof, robust, rigid, smooth wheels and huge capacity are cited as the main reasons for choosing this case.
  • Many photographers liike how it makes packing and organizing gear easy.
  • A lot of users thought it's a must have for every videographers and film makers.
  • Some reviewers find it an ideal toolbox for travel and can be easily padlocked to an immovable object.
  • Others thought the latch fastenings are solid and the case seals completely.
  • Some users find the integrated wheels and trolley handle very useful.

Reviewers don't like these things

  • Some users thought it's too expensive.
  • Others find the handle a bit wobbly.


Crowdsourced specs across all Pelican Protector models and sizes:

Weight iconWeight0.2-1.6 oz (0.1-0.7 kg)
Length iconLength3-6 in (8-15 cm)
Width3 in (8 cm)
Height6 in (15 cm)

The bag is recommended for these activities:



vs Pelican Bags

The Pelican Protector ranks #3 compared with the other Pelican bags.

1Pelican Storm
Pelican Storm
2Pelican Shield
Pelican Shield
3Pelican Protector
Pelican Protector
4Pelican Urban
Pelican Urban
5Pelican Sport
Pelican Sport

vs All Bags

The Pelican Protector ranks #1756 compared with all the bags we have checked.

1754Brunswick Edge
Brunswick Edge
1755Pelican Protector
Pelican Protector
1756Cotopaxi Nazca
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1757Timbuk2 The Division
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1758Fit & Fresh Jackson
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Vs Other Bags

Crowdsourced comparisons of the Pelican Protector vs 2 other, similar bags.

Many sources mention this feature
Some sources mention this feature

Pelican Protector vs Otterbox Commuter

Pelican Protector
Pelican Protector


Based on 1,706 reviews
Weight: 0.2-1.6 oz
Price: $

Otterbox Commuter
Otterbox Commuter

Based on 26,823 reviews

Weight: 0.1 oz
Price: $

  • The Protector is rated about the same as the Commuter.
  • In total, we have checked and analyzed 28,529 reviews of the two bags.
  • The weight of the biggest Protector is 1500% heavier than the biggest Commuter (1.6 oz vs 0.1 oz).

Both bags are available in these colors:

Only the Protector is available in these colors:

Only the Commuter is available in these colors:

The Pelican Protector is great for laptops and other electronics. Its suitcase design will make lugging around your laptop a snap as you go from your hotel to internet cafes or tourist spots.

Not everyone going on vacation wants to bring their laptop with them. Sometimes, you just want your phone and a few other goods to keep the experience as it needs to be. The Otterbox Commuter is perfect for those out there who might want to bring their phone and not much else.

Pelican Protector vs Pelican Storm

Pelican Protector
Pelican Protector


Based on 1,706 reviews
Weight: 0.2-1.6 oz
Price: $

  • The Protector is rated somewhat worse than the Storm.
  • In total, we have checked and analyzed 1,889 reviews of the two bags.

Both bags are available in these colors:

Only the Protector is available in these colors:

These Pelican cases will give your items all the protection they need. Both are crushproof, waterproof and dustproof.

The Protector latch has a stronger seal and is therefore considered stronger. Of the two cases, Pelican Storm is lighter – mostly due to the material that has made each case. Its body is constructed with HPX® high impact resin while the Protector is built with Polypropylene.

The major difference in accessories is seen within the bezel kits/panel frames. The Panel frames on the Protector are relatively easier to install than the Bezel kits of the Storm case.
Pelican Protector uses wheels with stainless steel pins while the Storm's wheels use alloy pins. Alloy metals can be corroded by salt water but stainless steel can’t.

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Last updated on July 04, 2019