Paul Magnanti, or Paul Mags for short, is as Boulder, CO based backpacker and has completed the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Continental Divide Trail (the “Triple Crown” of long-distance trails), as well as Vermont’s Long Trail, the Benton MacKaye Trail, and the Colorado Trail.

His most recent jaunt was a 600-mile+ walk through Utah on an undefined route with no name or snazzy initials, but was a lot of fun.

What kind of bags do you review?

I review backpacks that are lightweight, functional, and minimalist. I have reviewed about a dozen packs, but only after a season of use at minimum.

I will, on occasion, give initial impressions. Most packs are purchased with my own funds, but some were also given to me. I stay updated about new bags with perusal of backpacking forums and sites.

How do you review the bags?

Weight, craftmanship, and simplicity are my main criteria. I always field test as I do not personally feel a review is credible without many days and miles of personal use.

What are your favorite bags?

  • Daypack: Type II Utility pack by Gossamer Gear
  • Three season solo and day ski pack: ULA CDT
  • Heavier gear, winter pack, and guiding pack: ULA Catalyst

How do people use your reviews?

I am noted for my pragmatic take on gear and the real world use i put it through. My reviews are honest and trustworthy.

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