How to Pack Your Schwag and Carry Your Backpack like a President

Backpacker with president schwag

There is absolutely no doubt that the use of a backpack represents class and style. It means if you really want people to respect and hold you in high esteem, then you need to make use of a backpack for your next adventure. There are lots of features which it has got that makes it a better option when compared to the traditional travelling bag.

Most people have a problem making use of their backpacks the right way. They just can‘t seem to understand how to use their backpacks with lots of class and style to earn the respect of those around them. If you are amongst these people, then you have come to the right place. This is because the major aim of this post is to show you how to pack items inside your backpack that you will be making use of for the next adventure.

Here Is the Secret

It is possible you will get alot of items for free during the adventure you are going and can’t seem to understand how you can carry them along. There is no need to panic or get yourself worried as this post will show you everything that you need to know as regards packing all the free stuffs. You will not only discover how you can pack such items but also carry your backpack as a president. Talking about class at its best!

Making the Right Choice

This is very important and should never be ignored in any way. The reason for this is that the size of your backpack will go a long way to determine the amount of free items that you can carry. It can be frustrating in lots of ways to discover those items which you have been given in the course of your adventure can’t enter your backpack because it isn’t big enough.

You need to make a decision about the size of backpack to be used for such an adventure. They are of different sizes in the market. The bigger your backpack is in terms of size, the more items that you will be able to carry along.

Another thing that you need to remember is the fact that if you want to carry your backpack as a president, then you need one that has got a very slick and impressive design. This will make you stand out from the crowd. Get a backpack that is very attractive which can make you proud of in public. There is no doubt that this can make people hold you in very high esteem. It is all about being classy and a perfectly designed backpack never fails in this regards.

Arranging Your Items

If you really want to carry as many free items as you can get when going on an adventure, you will need to consider the way that items have been packed in your backpack. This is very important and can also determine the number of items that you will be able to carry around from one place to another. The better items are arranged, that is how more space will be available for you to store additional items.

For instance, always ensure that you are using the main compartment to store clothes while others can be used to pack items that are smaller but essential for the adventure. If you really want to master how to arrange your items very well in a backpack, it is important you do a little bit of practice. Don’t begin to jumble things the way you like as you will not have enough space to store items that you will be getting for free while on course for such an adventure.

Another thing you can do is ensure that you have reserved an extra space which you will use to store free items while embarking on such an adventure. This will at least save you the stress of having to arrange and rearrange items inside the backpack as you go on. Just try to make sure that every item is kept in each compartment in your backpack.

Getting Your Bag Layered Up

Although it is very important for you to create that extra space in your bag, another thing that you can do even further is to ensure that a layer is created inside such space. What this does is ensure that you aren’t mixing up the free stuffs you will be getting. You can have them stored according to their types through the use of layers and packing cubes. For instance, you can create a layer in the extra space based on the fragility of the free items, the rate that you want to be having access to them as you go on and lots of others.

An item that is fragile doesn’t need to be touched all the time which means other items will be accessed first before it. You can also put them according to their weight whereby the free items that have got lots of weight will need to be behind those ones which are light. This will enable you not to be bringing them out all the time when looking for something.

Avoid Packing Too Many Items

It is true that you want to carry as many items as possible but try to limit them. This can really prevent you from walking with class as the weight will begin to tell on you. Even if your backpack has got the best shoulder straps, it is very important that you don’t start carrying everything you see on your way. You could just be doing yourself more harm than good. All you have to do is look out for those items that don’t have value. You can sacrifice them for the ones which are more important.


Having seen the above, it is obvious that carrying free stuffs in the course of your adventure will always require you to get some important things done. They are the only way you can carry your backpack around as a president.

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