This Professional Brazilian Surfer Shares Her Best Tips to Get Better at Surfing

Surfer Bruna Schmitz Zaun

My name is Bruna Schmitz Zaun, I’m a professional surfer from Brazil, I currently live in Redondo Beach, CA with my husband Dane. I would say my hobby is to cook and host dinners with my friends. I love pilates and yoga, and I think I am friendly and I talk a lot (laughs).

Surfer Bruna Schmitz Zaun
Photo credit: Timmy Swallow

How and why did you get into surfing?

I started in the summer of 2000, my brother surfed, so he signed me and my sister​ up​ for summer surf classes at the local surf school in my hometown. I was 10 years old and I absolutely loved it right away​.​ I entered surf events when I was 11 and just never stopped from there.

My mom was my biggest fan. She would come watch me surf for hours when I started. I had amazing support from my brother and my childhood friends growing up. I had a group of guy friends that I would surf with, and that always pushed my level further because they would progress so fast I wanted to keep up.

Surfer Bruna Schmitz Zaun

How do you train and become better?

Surfing is a really hard sport. Growing up I would surf five hours a day pretty much every day. It​’​s a workout itself. I had coaching help along the way, but it​’​s more of a ​”​practice makes perfect​”​ kind of situation​. The more you surf, ​the more you get better.

I don​’​t compete anymore. I did for 12 years but then stopped when I was 23. I now travel and do campaigns for my sponsors and live this lifestyle I worked my whole life for.

The hardest part of surfing is chasing swells​. Going to look for good waves when there is swell to me is the most frustrating thing, but if you do score good waves — it​’​s so rewarding.

How do you eat and sleep?

I like clean eating​. ​I don’t follow a specific diet but I​’​m aware of what I put in my body​.​ I do like to adventure and eat yummy different things every now and then​.​ I love wine and I make sure I stay active so I can indulge when I feel like it. ​ ​I sleep around 7 to 8 hours a night​.​ I​’​m an early bird and ​go to sleep pretty early.

Surfer Bruna Schmitz Zaun
Photo credit: Andrew Marriner

How do you handle injuries and recovery

Injuries are so tricky because it takes a lot of patience. I’ve gotten hurt a couple times and I pretty much failed at recovery every single time. I get anxious to start surfing or working out and end up having a longer recovery. So the one thing I would say is patience​. It is better to get fully better than to jump into active life and delay the natural course of recovery.

How do you balance normal life with your sport?

Surfing is my life, it​’​s my job, my career and lifestyle. I like to balance with other interests in life but in the bigger picture, it’s pretty much in my everyday life.

Surfer Bruna Schmitz Zaun

What kind of board and gear do you use, and what has been your best sport purchase below $100?

I​’​m a shortboarder​ but I longboard when the waves are small just for fun. So my quiver consists of two longboards and around 15 to 20 shortboards. I use different boards depending on swell and I have a couple of wide fishy boards that are fun to ride as well.

Lately, I’ve been riding boards from this local shaper in Hermosa Beach, it’s called Mangiagli Surfboards. He hand shapes and glasses them out of his little shop down here, they are beautiful, you could hang them on a wall

Wilson HYPERion PowerX 1 Tennis Racquet $49,99. I love playing tennis​.​ I​’​m really bad at it but I like the workout. You can get two and play with a friend. =)

Surfer Bruna Schmitz Zaun

What is your best advice for new and experienced surfers?

For new surfers, don’t give up just yet. Surfing is a really difficult sport to learn and some people get discouraged to keep trying but just know it​’​s hard for everyone but once you get it​, ​it​’​s the best feeling in the world.

For people who have been surfing for years, do yoga and stretching so you can keep your body going as you grow old.

Surfer Bruna Schmitz Zaun

What will the future bring?

I would love to participate on the ​A​mazing ​R​ace with my husband! haha Just kidding​.​​ ​I don’t plan life too much​.​ I​’​m open for things and just manifest good thoughts and hope that I can achieve them.

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