Jenny from Round the World in 30 Days Shares Her Most Useful Packing Tips

RTW in 30 Days

My name is Jenny McIver-Brocious and I am a veteran road warrior. I’ve spent most of the past 20 years crisscrossing the globe racking up nearly 200,000 miles annually and countless hotel nights. In 2013, Money Magazine dubbed me the “Miles Maven” for my ability to turn those business travel rewards into an annual month-long luxury trek around the world. In 10 Round-the-World trips, I’ve visited and written about more than 165 countries on all seven continents. The first nine trips were solo endeavors but after marrying in 2015, Round-the-World 10 was my honeymoon with husband, Dave.

My book, The Grown-Up’s Guide to Globetrotting, helps other aspiring nomads plan Bucket List trips of their own. When not traveling, I reside in Atlanta, GA.

RTW in 30 Days

How and why did you get into traveling?

Not surprisingly, the inspiration for my first Round-the-World (RTW) trip struck while on a business trip to Miami in 2004. I came across an article in the travel section of the Miami Herald about a writer who had sold everything he owned and embarked on a year-long trip around the world. He took the trip using something called a round-the-world ticket, which I’d never heard of at the time. A little research quickly revealed that you could use miles to purchase a RTW ticket and I had a LOT of miles. From there, the idea was born!

I knew I couldn’t take a year but since I run my own event management business I thought I could spare a month during my slow season. I spent a full year planning that first trip and one year after reading the article that inspired it all, I was off on my “once in a lifetime” adventure. Over the course of 30 days, my ambitious itinerary included 15 cities in 13 countries and visits to the Pyramids, the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall.

Before the trip came to an end, I knew I would do it again. There was so much more of the world to see! That first trip turned into an annual adventure eventually covering all seven continents.

RTW in 30 Days

How do you prepare for your adventures and travels?

I plan my trips entirely online and I’ve gotten more adept at it with every trip. The amount of travel resources available online is simply amazing – the work of fellow bloggers has been especially helpful in my planning. I love to run and have incorporated 16 marathons on four continents into my travels over the years. Running is also one of my favorite ways to explore a new city.

RTW in 30 Days

How do you finance your travels?

For me, it’s all about the airline miles and hotel points. My airline miles (accrued from business travel) have purchased 10 business class around-the-world tickets. Without those miles, it would have been far more difficult – and the luxury of business class travel would have been impossible! For people without miles, there are a few great services that specialize in RTW tickets and they can be surprisingly affordable. My favorites are and

I’m able to run my business from anywhere most of the year as long as I have a good internet connection so that helps immensely with my ability to travel frequently.

Why is traveling important for you?

I love the freedom of travel. I travelled solo for many years and always loved it. But now that I travel with my husband I’ve discovered a whole new joy, seeing the world with someone I love.

RTW in 30 Days

How do you bring your things with you?

For all travel – business or pleasure – I have always traveled with only a carry-on roller bag and a backpack. With so many stops on a RTW trip, checking a bag was never an option. My bag of choice for many years was the Tumi Vapor International Carry-on. It was a terrific bag that lasted through 100+ countries with style. Recently, I upgraded to the newer Tumi V3 International Expandable Carry-On and I love it just as much.

Tumi has always been my favorite because of its classic style and ease of maneuverability – even on cobblestone streets!

RTW in 30 Days

How do you organize things in your bags?

Since space is at a premium, I plan pretty carefully. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t go. I pack just the basics and plan to do laundry along the way. My Tumi bag is divided into two compartments inside so it’s easy to organize clothes on one side and shoes, accessories, toiletries, etc on the other.

Waterproof isn’t a major priority for me. But if I’m going to be spending a lot of time on water activities during a particular trip, I do travel with a waterproof bag to protect my electronics.

RTW in 30 Days

Any gear you wish you had brought with you from the beginning?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my travels, it’s that I rarely wish I’d packed more but I often wish I’d packed less. So I try to simplify as much as possible.

What has been your best travel-related purchase below $100?

My Lewis N. Clark Global Travel Adapter with dual USB. Just $25 and it keeps me powered up all over the world.

My other favorite travel gear is my Nikon 5300 DSLR camera.

RTW in 30 Days

What will the future bring?

Our next trip starts in a few days! We are headed down to the Caribbean to do a live-aboard sailing course. We plan to add international sailing trips to our travel adventures in the years to come!

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  1. Excellent, really enjoyed reading this. Although you do luxury and I do budget the thinking is the same. Next week I’m o ff on RTW#14. Hope you are still keeping the running going. regards to Dave, (my son was in the military for 4yrs). All the best – Keith. P.S. I’ve booked a “flyer” for next October: LGW-SIN-MNL-SFO/OAK- LGW. 20,570 miles in 5 days, 1 night in SIN and 2 in SFO, 4 flights for £610 (about $850)., plus the BART fare SFO-OAK.

    • Wow, RTW #14, that’s awesome, Keith!! I really do need to plan another RTW soon. For now, our next big trip will be Portugal in May. Dave and I are going to need a “flyer” like that this year to keep our status with Delta, what a deal! Safe travels to you! – Jenny

      • Hi Jenny, thanks for replying. You’ve probably been to Portugal before and just to say my family and I love it there – great people. My eldest granddaughter and her boyfriend went all over the country last September and really enjoyed it. I met Jess Blaikie in London recently and her and husband Tim are 2 young New Zealanders who are REAL travellers (you know what I mean). She is on FB wearing a snorkel mask and based in “Brisbane, Queensland, Australia”. She’s also at: with an interesting blog on China. I haven’t been to St Lucia so it was good to see your postings on the island. All the best – Keith.

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