Run Gum Co-Founder Nick Symmonds Explains the Importance of Consistency in Sports

Runner and Climber Nick Symmonds

My name is Nick Symmonds, I am two-time Olympian and the CEO of Run Gum. I’m 33 years old and currently living in Eugene, Oregon though I was raised in Boise, Idaho. I’m also an Eagle Scout and love anything outdoors.

How and why did you get into your sports?

Growing up in Boise I was a really active kid. I played a lot of organized sports, but also spent a ton of time outside with my dad. I didn’t start running competitively until I was 13 and went out of the cross country team.

Why is your sport important for you?

I think fitness in general is important to me. No matter your preferred form of exercise (swim, bike, run, ski, surf, etc) I think getting at least 30 minutes each day does tremendous things in terms of making life better.

Runner and Climber Nick Symmonds

What have been the best and most difficult parts of your sports?

Running took me around the world and gave me a good dose of confidence when I needed it. I have raced in over 30 countries. I also travel a lot for mountaineering, and it provides me with a good dose of humility!

The most difficult part of pro running was dealing with selfish people. Drug cheats, greedy administrators, etc. They ruined the sport for me. The most difficult part of pro mountaineering is finding a way to pay for it. Some of the mountains on my list cost tens of thousands of dollars to climb!

Runner and Climber Nick Symmonds

How do you eat and sleep?

I pretty much live off two big meals each day. I workout all morning so I almost never eat breakfast and I rarely snack. That means I have to get all my calories in at lunch and dinner. I sleep almost exactly eight hours each night and my number one rule of training is never wake up to an alarm. 9 out of 10 nights I am able to do that.

How do you handle injuries and recovery?

Not very well unfortunately! I cross train a lot with swimming and biking. I also really believe in hands-on therapy and try to see my physio for two hours each week.

Runner and Climber Nick Symmonds

What is your best advice people new to running/climbing?

Work towards consistency before you work towards volume. Too often people try to be the runner or climber they dream to be on day one. Inevitably they go too hard and are totally spent the next day. Start out slow and work towards consistency (running every day) before you work on crushing an hour run.

Runner and Climber Nick Symmonds

How do you prepare for events/races?

Lots of rest! Well, at least as much as I can force myself to take. I try to take at least one rest day a week, but I am not very good at sitting around.

How do you finance your sports?

Sponsors! Seriously, so thankful for mine. I’d never have made an Olympic team or climbed the highest mountains without great corporate sponsors.

How do you balance normal life with training?

I devote two hours every morning to training. I like to get it out of the way early so that I have the rest of the day to focus on all the other things that need my attention.

Runner and Climber Nick Symmonds

What has been your best sport purchase below $100?

Run Gum! This caffeinated gum has helped me run faster and climb higher. It is a lightweight, affordable product for anyone in need of an energy boost. It can be purchased at

During my pro running career I was always looking for something that could give me a leg up on my competition. Legal stimulants presented a way to get a quick and efficient boost that could mean the difference between winning and losing a race. The challenge was to find a way to get these stimulants into the body without the need to swallow anything. Using chewing gum as a delivery vehicle for the stimulants allows for faster absorption in a compact, lightweight package. The naming processes took months, but Run Gum is a name that connotes a sense of movement and energy. It is a product born from running, but perfect for anyone on the go!

My best friend and coach, Sam Lapray, was so excited about the idea that he became my business partner and helped me bring Run Gum to market. We are 50/50 partners in the business. My family and friends were excited about the concept and encouraged me along the way. They are also some of our best brand ambassadors!

Runner and Climber Nick Symmonds

How do you bring your things when training and what other favorite gear do you have?

I throw everything into a Brooks Running backpack typically. I really believe less is more when it comes to training and try not to get too bogged down by all the gear available on the market. A good pair of shoes, some water, and a pack of Run Gum can get me through any workout Coach throws at me!

I love my Brooks Running shoes. I like to train in the Launch 4. They are lightweight, but also very durable.

Runner and Climber Nick Symmonds

What will the future bring?

I am going to run my debut marathon in Honolulu on December 10th! I would also like to climb the 7 Summits (the tallest mountain on every continent) and hope to begin that project sometime in 2018.

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