Pro Running Coach Andy Mouncey Shares His Best Tips on Ultra Running

Andy Mouncey is the resident training expert for He is author of three books including So You Want To Run An Ultra. He runs long for the challenge and fun of it and has been a professional coach working across business-education-sport-lifestyle since 2000. He lives with his family in […]

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Scottish Adventurer Jamie Ramsay Shares His Best Packing Tips for Running and Cycling Around the World

My name is Jamie Ramsay and I was born and bred in Scotland. My life is spent pursuing whatever endurance challenge is available. Most tend to be running related but trekking with camels, cycling across continents or wild swimming are all welcomed. Right now, I am in London preparing for […]


World Class Ultra Runner Jo Meek Shares All About Gear, Training and Staying Organized

My name is Jo Meek. I am from Great Britain and that is where I am living right now. I am married (nine years this month!) and have the pleasure of owning a border terrier who is now the ripe old age of 14! I have two main loves that […]


Peter Kostelnick Explains How to Combine Your Demanding Day Job with Running Across America

Hello! My name is Peter Kostelnick. I’m a financial analyst by day and ultrarunner by morning and night. I’m from Boone, IA, and have lived my entire life in Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska in the United States. Right now, my wife and I live in Hannibal, MO. I love to […]


How Adventure Runner Richard Bowles Runs Across the World’s Most Remote and Dangerous Nations

My web presence states that I’m most famously known for my world-record running projects, covering wilderness mountain trails that span nations 1,000 kilometres to 5,500 kilometres in length, navigating crocodile-infested rivers, traversing desert war zones, negotiating with lunatics with shotguns, showered in rock and ash from an exploding jungle volcano. […]


How Ultra Runner Serge Girard Keeps Running Around the Planet

My name is Girard Serge. I retired from the finance world at the age of 61. I am married and I have three children. I am from the Normandy in France and I love running. How and why did you get into running around the world? In 2015, I tried […]


Runner Molly Huddle Explains Why You Should Never Give Up On Running

My name is Molly Huddle, I’m a professional athlete (track 10,000m/5000m and now road Marathons) who lives and trains in Providence, Rhode Island. I’m sponsored by Saucony, which allows me to focus 100% on testing my limits while racing! One of my favorite hobbies is painting my nails – I […]


Runner Tom Denniss Shares How He Ran 26,000 Km Around the World in 622 Days

Hi. My name is Tom Denniss. I have developed a technology that converts the energy in ocean waves into electricity. I work at commercializing that technology. I grew up in Warilla, a suburb of Wollongong, about 100 km south of Sydney, Australia and I am currently living in Sydney. I […]


This 94-year Old Has Just Finished Running Coast to Coast Across the US

My name is Ernest (Ernie) Andrus. I’ve been running 5 & 10 K”s, one 17 K, 2 half marathons, 7 200 mile relays and coast to coast across the US. I ran my first half marathon when I was 87 and my first 200 mile relay at 88. I finished […]

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How Runner and Budget Adventurer Adam Parkison Plans, Organizes and Funds His Adventures

My name is Adam Parkison, aka “Jungleboy.” I am a 28 year old freelance outdoor/travel writer and photographer. I like to move fast and light through the wildest places I can find, documenting what I see with words and pictures. I am also a competitive ultrarunner, which keeps me in […]