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How Top Endurance Athlete and Coach Anna-Marie Watson Trains for International Ultra-Running Races

Hello Mighty Goods Community. Lovely to virtually meet you – I’m Anna-Marie. I generally switch up my strapline introduction dependent on who I’m speaking to, it’s either “Hello, I’m an endurance athlete passion for coaching; or performance coach with a borderline endurance sports habit/obsession; who approaches work and life in […]

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Juju the Trail and Mountain Runner Guide Explains Everything about His Training and Racing

Am juju Jay. I’m a trail and mountain runner guide and trainer for all ages. I live in Glendalough in Wicklow mountains here in Ireland where I train myself and others everyday. Am from Dublin, but moved to Wicklow to be closer to the open mountains where I’m now living […]

September 13, 2017 × 4 comments

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The Running Bum Trains and Races While Living a Minimalist Vanlife on the Road

My name is Morgan Sjogren, but most friends call me Mo. I’m originally from Riverside, CA (SoCal) but most recently the Eastern Sierras before hitting the road in February to explore the South West. I’m currently in Eastern Utah/Western Colorado/Northern Arizona–basically wherever the wind blows me in this region. I […]

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Run Gum Co-Founder Nick Symmonds Explains the Importance of Consistency in Sports

My name is Nick Symmonds, I am two-time Olympian and the CEO of Run Gum. I’m 33 years old and currently living in Eugene, Oregon though I was raised in Boise, Idaho. I’m also an Eagle Scout and love anything outdoors. How and why did you get into your sports? […]

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Pro Distance Runner and Coach Neely Gracey Shares Her Training Schedule

My name is Neely Gracey and I am a Pro distance runner for Adidas living and training in Boulder, CO. I have a personal coaching business called, Get Running, and I currently coach 70 runners from all over the country. In my spare time, I enjoy playing with our Viszla […]

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The Fastest Backward Runner in the World Explains How He Trains to Win

I am Thomas Dold, I was born and live in the Black Forest in Southern Germany. I have no 9 to 5 job, I am 24h/day in business, but some of my friends would say I never work :-). I love what I am doing and therefore it does not […]

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OCR Jeff Cain Reveals the Three Hardest Parts of Obstacle Course Racing

Obstacle course racing (OCR) is one of the hardest forms of running around. Not only you have to run as best you can, but you also have to conquer an endless number of obstacles on your way through the race! In this interview, we talk with OCR racer Jeff Cain […]

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Ultra Runner Stephanie Howe Violett Shares How to Embrace Losses and 4 Keys to Handling Injuries and Recovery

Every athlete has a different take on dealing with losses. Some may be completely sad and low-spirited for days while others may hardly be affected at all. So how to be happy again after losing a competition? Read on and learn what ultra runner Stephanie Howe Violett has to say! […]

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This Female Ultra Running Coach Will Teach You How To Finish What You Start

It’s super important to be able to finish what you start. To be able to keep going when things get hard and all you want to do is go home. In this interview, running coach Meghan Arbogast shares how she learned to keep going and finish what she start. Meghan […]

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Shut Up and Run – How Running Can Keep You Looking and Feeling Young and Strong

Running definitely has a lot of health benefits. For Shut Up And Run blogger Beth Risdon, she believes that running is one great way to make her feel young and strong (despite being 50 years old!). In this interview, you will find out how running has taken Beth to beautiful […]

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