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I’m Alice Morrison. I am Scottish but am currently living full time in Morocco. I came to run the Marathon des Sables and liked it so much I stayed. I am the Editor of ultra running website RunUltra and I am a full time adventurer and author.

What kind of bags do you review?

I have been reviewing bags for quite a while now, ranging from running ones which I do for RunUltra to cycling ones and hiking bags too. At RunUltra we like to make sure we are bringing our community all the best new kit so we get a lot of hydration packs and expedition packs coming through from companies. I also buy a lot of kit for my own adventures.

How do you review the bags?

I take the reviewing really seriously as it could help someone buy a bag that is really good for them. A bag is a big purchase and costs quite a lot of cash, so it is important to try and give us much information as you can.

I always test out a bag over a period of time – a couple of runs just doesn’t cut it – and over a couple of different types of terrain and in different weather conditions. Then I look at and score it out of ten on: design, features, performance, value and overall.

What are your favorite bags?

The million dollar question! First of all, I would advise anyone who is buying a bag to try it on and if possible stuff it with stuff in the shop to see how it fits.

For running, there are some fabulous brands out there: OMM, Salomon, Nathan to name a few and I have just been trying out an Orange Mud bag which I liked.

For cycling, Camelbak got me 1200km from Cairo to Cape Town and so they are my top choice.

For hiking. I’m still looking for my perfect pack but I have my eye on an Osprey Ariel or Atmos, and the North Face Banchee.

How do people use your reviews?

I hope that all our reviews on help the runner find something that will suit them. There are so many things to consider – volume, weight is this for racing or for training, what gender are you, what build are you – that it can be a bit of a minefield choosing.

We want to be fair to both the companies who work so hard to get it right and the runners who need a great bag for them. Yes, we do get some fanmail which is always really really nice and we also get quite a few follow up questions, which we also love!

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