Reviews Summary

73% of the Samsonite LIFTwo reviews are good or excellent!

Excellent (54%)
Good (19%)
Average (6%)
Poor (7%)
Bad (10%)

Here's what the reviewers think about the Samsonite LIFTwo:

Reviewers like these things about the Samsonite LIFTwo

  • A lot of users enjoy how the wheels move smoothly through all airports even carpeted ones.
  • Many reviewers thought it's made of strong durable fabric.
  • Some users find its storage capacity amazing.
  • Many users appreciate its light weight and expandability.
  • Some reviewers find the craftmanship great and the size large enough for a 2-4 day trip.
  • Many travelers like how it fits perfectly on overhead bins.
  • Some users noticed how the handle slides up and down easily.
  • Others find its separated compartments well designed.
  • A lot of users are happy with how easy it is to pull around and lift.
  • Lightweight, easy to maneuver, flexible, functionality and great design are cited as the reasons for recommending this luggage.
  • Some reviewers like the easy access to the main compartment.
  • Others find the internal and external strap very useful in keeping the items in place.
  • Due to its durability, users recommend this luggage to those hard on their suitcase.
  • Some reviewers bought the bag for its utility, reliability and durability.
  • A lot of owners are pleased that it has very strong rubberized corner protectors which guards it from wear and scratches.

Reviewers don't like these things

  • Some reviewers said the zippers are a bit stiff.
  • Other users said the wheels don't roll well.


Crowdsourced specs across all Samsonite LIFTwo models and sizes:

Weight iconWeight6.3-9.9 oz (2.9-4.5 kg)
Length iconLength21-29 in (53-74 cm)
Width15-20 in (38-51 cm)
Height9-13 in (23-33 cm)

Popular Models

Samsonite LIFTwo 21

33% choose the Samsonite LIFTwo 21

33 %
Colors and combinations:


Weight iconWeight6.3 oz (2.9 kg)
Length iconLength21 in (53 cm)
Width15 in (38 cm)
Height9 in (23 cm)

Samsonite LIFTwo 29

33% choose the Samsonite LIFTwo 29

33 %

Weight iconWeight9.9 oz (4.5 kg)
Length iconLength29 in (74 cm)
Width20 in (51 cm)
Height13 in (33 cm)

Samsonite LIFTwo 25

33% choose the Samsonite LIFTwo 25

33 %

Samsonite LIFTwo 21 vs LIFTwo 29

The two most popular Samsonite LIFTwo models are the LIFTwo 21 and the LIFTwo 29, so let's compare them:

Popularity and Prices

The same amount of people are interested in both models. 33% of the people interested in the Samsonite LIFTwo choose the LIFTwo 21 and 33 choose the LIFTwo 29.

Weight and dimensions

The weight of the LIFTwo 21 is 3.6 kg (127 oz) lower than the weight of the LIFTwo 29.

LIFTwo 21LIFTwo 29

If we look at dimensions, the LIFTwo 21 is 8 in (20 cm) longer than the LIFTwo 29 (21 vs. 29 in). It's 5 in (13 cm) wider (15 vs. 20 in), while the height of the LIFTwo 21 is 4 in (10 cm) less than the height of the LIFTwo 29 (9 vs. 13 in).

Features and Colors


vs Samsonite Bags

The Samsonite LIFTwo ranks #21 compared with the other Samsonite bags.

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23Samsonite Cruisair
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vs All Bags

The Samsonite LIFTwo ranks #1958 compared with all the bags we have checked.

1956Tory Burch Ella
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1957Samsonite LIFTwo
Samsonite LIFTwo
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