School bag weight calculator

We have heard a lot about children carrying school bags that are too heavy, so we have made a calculator that can help parents find out if their children are carrying too much weight back and forth to school.

This is super important as our children risk hurting their backs at a very early age if they carry too much weight in their school bags.

Detailed instructions are shown below the calculator.

About your child
0 0 0
The calculated weight includes the weight of the bag itself (0.6 kg/1.1 lbs)
Items in the school bag
Textbook (thick schoolbook)
Pencil case
Lunch box
Computer (laptop)
Gymbag (with clothes and towel)
Water bottle
Toy (small ball, doll, teddy bear)

Start by setting the gender and age of your child below to the left. Afterwards fill the school with stuff from the list below to the right.

The weight next to the age of your child is the assumed weight of your child. If your child is smaller/bigger than the weight shown, you might want to change the age so the weight shown match your child better.

The numbers in the circle are:

  • The weight of the school bag as a percentage of your child’s own weight. A school bag weight of 10% or less of your child’s own weight is recommended. Anything above 20% is dangerous and everything should be done to avoid this much weight on your child’s back.
  • The weight of the school bag in kg and lbs, including the weight of the bag itself (0.6 kg/1.1 lbs).