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82% of the Tamrac Express reviews are good or excellent!

Excellent (57%)
Good (25%)
Average (12%)
Poor (2%)
Bad (1%)

Here's what the reviewers think about the Tamrac Express:

Reviewers like these things about the Tamrac Express

  • Some users thought it has an attractive mix of colors.
  • A number of users said it has very good construction inside and out.
  • Many photographers are impressed with how it fits multiple lenses, spare batteries, lens caps, cleaning kit, sd cards, camera, speedlite, few filters and Samsung tablet inside.
  • Some reviewers noticed how the strap fits comfortably on their shoulder and across the chest with the bag on their hip.
  • Others like how the velcro underneath the front flap makes the flap additionally secure and reduces the strain that would be put on the plastic clip.
  • A number of users like the presence of internal vertical partitions that attach at top and bottom with velcro as they make adjustments on the partitions possible.
  • Others appreciate the presence of three padded horizontal partitions that can be moved up and down in the bag's three compartments and reattached with velcro.
  • A humber of owners find it well-organized, well-padded and comfortable to carry.
  • A lot of users love how it keeps everything secure and accessible at the same time.
  • Many users find the Velcro inserts flexible for most purposes, as it enables the users to configure them to their liking without any tricks.
  • Many users love the presence of two additional flaps on the top of the interior that do a good job keeping light rain and sand out of the bag when it's closed.
  • Others like how the adjustable padding allows the interior to be tailored to fit components.
  • Some users are impressed to see it highly resistant to tears and snags.
  • Others particularly love the clamps that keep the top from opening and spilling.
  • Many users thought the dividers, held in place by velcro, are easily moveable and can be configured to hold the camera in a lens down position.
  • Outside side pockets make a water bottle a safe option too according to some users.
  • Many users find it great for upcoming spring and summer photo adventures.

Reviewers don't like these things

  • Some users find the outside pockets too small.
  • Others are disappointed to find no rain cover included.


Crowdsourced specs across all Tamrac Express models and sizes:

Weight iconWeight0.2-1.5 oz (0.1-0.7 kg)
Length iconLength6-13 in (15-33 cm)
Width3-10 in (8-25 cm)
Height6.5-10 in (17-25 cm)


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If you'd hope to be carrying a couple of spare memory cards, maybe a battery, and some sandwiches which the crusts cut off along with your camera, then this really isn't the case for you. If however you enjoy travelling light and aren't all that bothered about carting additional accessories about separately, then this product fits the bill perfectly.

Posted 3 June 2008 by Gary Wolstenholme - Read full review

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